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Fantasy Articles Featuring Akinori Iwamura

Articles from RotoWire's fantasy archives that mention Akinori Iwamura's name.

MLB Draft Kit: Overseas Scouting Report

Masahiro Tanaka just agreed to a long-term deal with the Yankees. Patrick Newman shares his scouting report on Tanaka and speculates on future Japanese imports, while Peter Schoenke breaks down the incoming Cubans.

Fielkow's Law : Where Will Masahiro Tanaka End Up?

Legal expert Justin Fielkow examines the New Posting System With Tanaka in mind.

2011 A's Preview: Reconstructed Outfield

The A's have a brand new starting outfield in an attempt to bolster a struggling offense.

The Wheelhouse: Finding Market Inefficiencies

You probably overpaid for roses on Valentine's Day, Don't make the same mistake during your draft.

Coming From Japan: Overseas Baseball Primer: Japan

FAAB Factor- AL: Joba Chamberlain and Others

FAAB Factor- AL: Jeff Niemann and Others

The Lineup Card: Wade Into the FA Pool Once More

Transaction Analysis: Notable Moves this Week

The Lineup Card: Pena Heating Up

FAAB Factor - AL: Managing September Playing Time

The Lineup Card: The Machine

Albert Pujols is good against any pitcher, but he's especially dominant against Chris Capuano.

The Lineup Card: Pittsburgh's Pedro Arrives

Pirates top prospect Pedro Alvarez was called up for his big league debut on Wednesday night. Do Pirates fans now have more to be excited about than Primanti's?

The Lineup Card: Amping it Up