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Fantasy Articles Featuring Clayton Mortensen

Articles from RotoWire's fantasy archives that mention Clayton Mortensen's name.

Wednesday Lineup Card: Byrd Flies Over To Pittsburgh

Thursday Lineup Card: Be Like Mike

Sunday Lineup Card: Utility Man Extraordinary

Thursday Lineup Card: A Honed Leonys

Friday Lineup Card: Young Again

Wednesday Lineup Card: The Wheeler Report

Transaction Analysis: Bautista's Season Ends Early

The Blue Jays slugger will miss the rest of the 2012 season as he undergoes surgery to stabilize a tendon in his left wrist.

Thursday Lineup Card: Afternoon Baseball, Anyone?

Sunday Lineup Card: Going Rogue With Ruggiano

Thursday Lineup Card: El Caballo Gets Dealt

Monday Lineup Card: Corn On The Cobb

Bernie On The Scene: Draft Impact, Part VI

The Rangers turned Justin Smoak into Cliff Lee, and may have avoided being first-hand witnesses to a first-round bust in the process.

Friday Lineup Card: Check In On Stauffer

Thursday Lineup Card: Johnny Damon: Hot In Cleveland

2012 Rockies Preview: Rockies 2012: Spinning Their Wheels

The Rockies' series of moves in the last nine months seem to conflict with each other.

2012 Red Sox Preview: Red Sox 2012: Uncharacteristically Quiet Offseason

Monday Lineup Card: Take the Under

Weekly Pitcher Rankings: It's Good to be the King

Felix Hernandez gets two starts this week, and even though they come on the road, he's our No. 1-ranked starter.

Tuesday Lineup Card: Lookout for the Lee's

Weekly Pitcher Rankings: How the Sausage is Made

This week's Value Meter offers a peak behind the curtain to see just how is it that a Josh Beckett ends up as the top-ranked AL pitcher.

Thursday Lineup Card: Return of Youk?

Saturday Lineup Card: Promising Pitcher Surprisingly Available

Monday Lineup Card: The Price is Right

NL FAAB Factor: Sleeper Bound For LA?

Weekly Pitcher Rankings: Interleague Play Begins

The AL and NL intersect this week, creating some interesting pitching matchups, including Josh Johnson vs. David Price.

Monday Lineup Card: Greinke Makes First Start at Miller Park

NL FAAB Factor: Cueto Returns From Injury

Saturday Lineup Card: Wolf on the Prowl in Houston

NL FAAB Factor: Plenty of Relievers to Look At

Tuesday Lineup Card: In Ubaldo We Trust