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Fantasy Articles Featuring Evan Reed

Articles from RotoWire's fantasy archives that mention Evan Reed's name.

Saturday Lineup Card: Russellin' Some Feathers

Chris Benzine discusses his recommended pickup, the day's transactions, and takes a look at some value picks for Saturday.

Friday Lineup Card: Zunino For Power

Mike Zunino is one of the hottest hitters in the game over the last week...

Thursday Lineup Card: #LaStellar

Tommy La Stella is a #LaStellar value with an increasingly prominent role in the Braves' lineup.

Monday Lineup Card: Hamming It Up on the Big Stage

Speed maven Billy Hamilton will be promoted to the majors Monday.

Tuesday Lineup Card: Day of Reckoning

The hammer came down Tuesday, leaving many a successful fantasy owner in the lurch.

Monday Lineup Card: Rajai Runs Wild

Sunday Lineup Card: Utility Man Extraordinary

Saturday Lineup Card: New Shortstop In Seattle

Friday Lineup Card: The Price Is Wrong

Thursday Lineup Card: Coke Is Fizzling

FAAB Factor - NL: Post-Deadline Edition

Johan Santana is among those featured this week.

Sunday Lineup Card: Closer Watch Cooking in Oakland

Saturday Lineup Card: Unheralded Prospect Gets Call to A's

The Lineup Card: Time for an Encore

Fresh off a no-hitter, Matt Garza will look to continue his historical success against the Yankees on Saturday.

Sickels' Traded Prospects Analysis: Oswalt, Cantu and Tejada Trades

John Sickels discusses the prospects dealt in each major trade before the trade deadline.