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Circling the Bases

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Circling the Bases: Around the League

Yasiel Puig was benched for his defense on Wednesday. Ray Flowers talks about that and a number of other observations inspired from Wednesday's play.

Circling the Bases: Around the Horn

Yasiel Puig has cooled off considerably from his initial scalding rate. Ray Flowers discusses how to make that information actionable in this week's article.

Circling the Bases: Trend Analysis

Ray Flowers puts Mark Trumbo under the microscope. Do second-half splits matter?

Circling the Bases: Starting Pitcher Case Log

Stephen Strasburg is among the starting pitchers that goes under Ray Flowers' microscope this week.

Circling the Bases: Two Way Players

Ray Flowers fetes CarGo's 20-20 achievement and discusses others close to reaching that milestone this year, and talks about a few of the bigger names on the trade deadline rumor mill.

Circling the Bases: Potential Innings Limits

Matt Harvey is supposed to be limited to 220 innings this year. Ray Flowers believes he won't be allowed to go that high, and mentions other pitchers that might have an innings cap this season.

Circling the Bases: Better or Worse?

Guess who has outperformed Manny Machado this year? He makes Ray Flowers' list of players performing worse than you might think.

Circling the Bases: Come to Truth Day

Ray Flowers passes judgment on five players operating in a fashion opposite that we expected. He says to buy Starlin Castro now.

Circling the Bases: Don't Meddle With Medlen

Ray Flowers assauges the concerns of Kris Medlen's fantasy owners that are worried about Medlen moving to the bullpen once Brandon Beachy returns.

Circling the Bases: What's Wrong With Verlander?

Ray Flowers tackles Justin Verlander's disappointing season so far. Is it really all about the velocity?

Circling the Bases: Oh R.A. Dickey

Ray Flowers discusses R.A. Dickey's disappoing debut with the Jays and hits the bullpen circuit.

Circling the Bases: What's Wrong With ...?

What's wrong with Nolan Arenado, Kris Medlen and Rickie Weeks? Ray Flowers suggests the problem primarily lies with our expectations.

Circling the Bases: Four Struggling Braves

Can Dan Uggla turn it around? Ray Flowers discusses him and three of his other struggling teammates in Atlanta.

Circling the Bases: Curious Cases

Ray Flowers sends a skeptical tone about Patrick Corbin and Didi Gregorius in this week's version.

Circling the Bases: Hamilton-itis

Josh Hamilton has been awful this season. Is there any reason to think the good times will return with the slugger? Also, can Starling Marte & Carlos Gomez keep up their hot starts to the season? Ray Flowers gives his thoughts.

Circling the Bases: Messy Bullpens

Mariano Rivera remains a timeless wonder, but there are many other shaky bullpens out there. Ray Flowers breaks it down and advocates for a new fantasy stat.

Circling the Bases: Bourn Still Searching

Michael Bourn still hasn't landed a job. Ray Flowers evaluates his merits.

Circling the Bases: Shaun Marcum, Brett Myers

Ray Flowers discusses the current pitcher free agent market, including recent signee Brett Myers and still unsigned starter Shaun Marcum.

Circling the Bases: Evaluating the James Shields Trade

Ray Flowers shares his opinions about the big Royals-Rays trade.

Circling the Bases: Winter Meetings Edition

Dan Haren agreed to a one-year deal with the Nats that could make them awfully intimidating.

Circling the Bases: Chapman and Broxton

Jonathan Broxton's signing with the Reds has Ray Flowers pondering what the team should do with Aroldis Chapman.

Circling the Bases: Melky Mediocre Next Year?

Ray Flowers is skeptical that Melky Cabrera can approach his 2012 rate stats with Toronto next year.

Circling the Bases: Carlos Marmol and Dan Haren

Carlos Marmol and Dan Haren were nearly traded for each other. Ray Flowers breaks down each pitcher's numbers.

Circling the Bases: Two Career Year Catchers

Ray Flowers discusses the career years from A.J. Pierzynski and Carlos Ruiz.

Circling the Bases: Second-Half OPS

Chase Headley's breakout season was fueled by a huge second half.

Circling the Bases: Second-Half ERA's

Clayton Kershaw had a 2.10 ERA over the second half of the season, making a strong push for the NL Cy Young.

Circling the Bases: On Closers

Ray Flowers discusses the year-end results from the 2012 closers pool, including another remarkable season from Craig Kimbrel.

Circling the Bases: Year-End Thoughts

Despite all the offseason turmoil, Ryan Braun has been the same player that he was last season.

Circling the Bases: An Unseen Solid Effort

Chase Utley has quietly been solid at the plate now that he's healthy again.

Circling the Bases: Melky's Gesture Doesn't Remove The Stink

Circling the Bases: Missing You

It's easy to forget what an impact we expected Brett Gardner to have this year. He'll return from the DL this week, though he won't be able to bat.

Circling the Bases: 2012 MLB Bullpen Disasters

Ray Flowers examines the risks in overvaluing closers in fantasy drafts and strategies in drafting the right players.

Circling the Bases: Players Defying Logic

Ray Flowers takes on Mike Trout's recent results.

Circling the Bases: Third Base Slugging

Adrian Beltre and Mark Reynolds have been lighting it up at the hot corner.

Circling the Bases: Matt Cain vs. Tim Lincecum

Matt Cain has fallen off since the All-Star break and Tim Lincecum has improved.

Circling the Bases: Stretch Run Suggestions

Need a helpful addition for September? Key players are evaluated for the rest of the season.

Circling the Bases: Cliff Lee's Remarkable Recent Numbers

Cliff Lee has a 37:1 K:BB ratio over his last five starts.

Circling the Bases: Sluggers Highlighted

Circling the Bases: Carl Crawford Next Year

Ray Flowers what Carl Crawford really has done while on the field the last two years.

Circling the Bases: How Colossal Is The Clout Of Trout?

Circling the Bases: Sample Sizes

Don't be too alarmed by Carlos Gonzalez's August swoon.

Circling the Bases: Nationals (Strasburg) Security Agency

How will the Nats handle Stephen Strasburg's workload down the stretch?

Circling the Bases: Evan Longoria is Back

Evan Longoria returns from the DL on Tuesday.

Circling the Bases: BABIP Review

Circling the Bases: Phillies Fire Sale

Ray Flowers breaks down the Hunter Pence and Shane Victorino trades.

Circling the Bases: Perez the Right Buttons

Circling the Bases: Slumping Sluggers

Circling the Bases: Don't Axfor(d) Much From John

Circling the Bases: Strasburg's Innings-Limit

Ray Flowers takes on the Nationals' policy on Steven Strasburg's workload.

Circling the Bases: Don't Miss the Mark

Circling the Bases: Might Mo Return?

Mariano Rivera's ACL tear has turned out to not be as bad as first feared.

Circling the Bases: O, Say Where Is Hardy?

Circling the Bases: Viva Aviles

Mike Aviles has been wonderful for those that grabbed him late in their drafts, but can he hang on?

Circling the Bases: Not Your Average Joe-y Bats

Circling the Bases: A.J. Burnett Among the Elite

A.J. Burnett would be considered among the elite but for one disastrous start at St. Louis.

Circling the Bases: Furcal Me, Maybe?

Circling the Bases: Five From Sunday

Now is the time to buy Josh Johnson.

Circling The Bases: Sun Going Down On Dunn?

Circling the Bases: Gardner's Wonky Elbow

Ray Flowers is dubious that Brett Gardner's self-diagnosis on his elbow is accurate.

Circling the Bases: The Enigma in Minnesota

Ray Flowers warns fantasy owners to refrain from putting their faith in Francisco Liriano

Circling the Bases: The R Word

Paul Konerko's batting average is already starting to decline, but Ray Flowers thinks that there's still a pretty deep drop remaining.

Circling the Bases: Are Stanton's Gains For Real?

Giancarlo Stanton's power outburst this month has been accompanied by a drop in strikeouts and a rising line drive rate. Are either of those two gains for real?

Circling the Bases: The Melk Man Delivers

Circling the Bases: Lawrie Falling Short

Brett Lawrie is running, but he's been a disappointment in the power categories so far.

Circling the Bases: Right in Line

Is Drew Stubbs an underperformer, or are his 2011 numbers a better indication of what is to come in 2012?

Circling the Bases: Throwing In the Towel?

Is it time to give up on chasing saves? If you bet on David Robertson to replace the injured Mariano Rivera, you might think that it's time.

Circling the Bases: Fore!

Josh Beckett irked Red Sox Nation by playing golf while rehabbing his injury this week prior to getting shelled by the Indians on Thursday night.

Circling the Bases: Concerns About A-Gone

Adrian Gonzalez is off to a slow start - Ray Flowers isn't surprised.

Circling the Bases: Chalkin' Up The Numbers

Circling the Bases: Big Papi Going Bonkers

David Ortiz had a .418 BABIP in the month of April.

Circling the Bases: Early Season Letdowns

Circling the Bases: Jurrjens' Urgency

Jair Jurrjens was sent down to Triple-A following his latest shellacking Monday night.

Circling the Bases: Hot and Cold Starts

An analysis of some of the players off to fast and slow starts in Major League Baseball this season.

Circling the Bases: Early Returns

Remember the spring training velocity concerns about Roy Halladay? Those aren't a concern any longer.

Circling the Bases: Is Cordero Worth Rostering?

Circling the Bases: One Man's Failure ...

How to take advantage of the early-season misfortunes of certain ballplayers.

Circling the Bases: Tout Wars Recap

Ray Flowers landed B.J. Upton as his most expensive hitter in the Tout Wars Mixed League draft.

Circling the Bases: Sleepers & Busts

Circling the Bases: E5 - Still Alive

Circling the Bases: Bitter Billingsley

Chad Billingsley has come up short on expectations this year.

Circling the Bases: Falling Off Stubbs Island

Ray Flowers examines Drew Stubbs' season.

Circling the Bases: Howling For Fowler

Dexter Fowler deserves your attention.

Circling the Bases: 28 Days Later

Kyle Seager quietly has been rather productive over the last 28 days.

Circling the Bases: Giving up on Gordon Beckham

Gordon Beckham has actually regressed this season.

Circling the Bases: Ellsbury Overpriced in 2012

Jacoby Ellsbury's improbable season will set expectation levels too high in 2012, according to Ray Flowers.

Circling the Bases: Cool Hand Luke

Luke Hochevar is on one of his good streaks - should you pick him up in your mixed league if he's stll available?

Circling the Bases: Soto Warming Up

Geovany Soto teased fantasy owners with his rate stats last year but has fallen short this year. Where will he end up?

Circling the Bases: Not At the Plate, Carlos

Ray Flowers breaks down Carlos Lee's recent resurgence.

Circling the Bases: Breaking Down Bonifacio

Don't get caught up in Emilio Bonifacio's recent hot streak.

Circling the Bases: Not Winning

Ubaldo Jimenez has just eight wins in his last 32 starts.

Circling the Bases: Alex Gordon's Revival

Ray Flowers illustrates how good of a season Alex Gordon has had.

Circling the Bases: Just Short of Elite

Ray Flowers looks at Jair Jurrjens' strong first half.

Circling the Bases: Kelly Johnson and Ricky Nolasco

Circling the Bases: Scouting the Surprising Scutaro

Circling the Bases: Breaking Down Ryan Roberts

Ryan Roberts has been an oasis in a sea of disappointment at the hot corner this year.

Circling the Bases: The Hammer

Ray Flowers breaks down Josh Willingham and Jason Hammel.

Circling the Bases: Aramis Ramirez's Disappearing Power

Ray Flowers takes an in-depth at Aramis Ramirez's dearth of power.

Circling the Bases: Cahill Denier

Ray Flowers is dubious that Trevor Cahill's current level is legit.

Circling the Bases: Royal Breakdown

Alex Gordon has started nicely, but how much can you bank on him going forward?

Circling the Bases: Cheap Average and Speed

Mike Aviles is making a nice play here, but it's his work on the basepaths that has drawn Ray Flowers' attention.

Circling the Bases: Taking a Little Off

Wade Davis has purposefully taken a little off his fastball.

Circling the Bases: Delmon Young Will Be Fine

Don't sweat Delmon Young's awful start.

Circling the Bases: Breaking Down Carlos Quentin

Carlos Quentin has started well - what can we expect from him going forward?

Circling the Bases: Breaking Down Brian Roberts

What does Brian Roberts' quick start do to his overall value?

Circling the Bases: Chris Iannetta vs. John Buck

Chris Iannetta is a good bet for a rebound, with a clearer path for playing time.

Circling the Bases: Is Josh Beckett Undervalued?

Ray Flowers discusses Josh Beckett's merits in comparison to where he's getting drafted.

Circling the Bases: Weeks vs. Zobrist

Is Rickie Weeks getting overvalued?

Circling the Bases: Trevor Cahill vs. C.J. Wilson

Trevor Cahill is getting drafted 100 slots ahead of C.J. Wilson. Is that proper?

Circling the Bases: Castro vs. Bartlett

Ray Flowers suggests that Starlin Castro is getting overdrafted for redraft leagues.

Circling the Bases: Making the Case For Chase

Ray Flowers joins RotoWire and makes the case for the Padres' Chase Headley.