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Bogfella's Notebook

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Bogfella's Notebook: Kids on Parade

Trevor Bauer makes Bogfella's list of young pitchers to watch.

Bogfella's Notebook: More Targets For Next Year

Adam Wainwright represents a class of pitchers that Bogfella likes to go after - established pitchers a full year removed from a significant injury.

Bogfella's Notebook: Keeper Decisions

Bogfella will bid adieu to Tim Lincecum after this season.

Bogfella's Notebook: September Viewing Tips

Andrew Bailey is finally giving us reason to find a picture with him in a Red Sox uniform.

Bogfella's Notebook: Wait Until Next Year

Bogfella looks at potential callups for September and beyond.

Bogfella's Notebook: Collection of Random Thoughts

Bogfella weighs in on a handful of different pitching topics.

Bogfella's Notebook: NL Bullpen Review

Chaos in Milwaukee, excellence in Cincinnati.

Bogfella's Notebook: AL Bullpen Review

Joakim Soria's spring training injury was the start of a chaotic spring for AL closers.

Bogfella's Notebook: More Traded Pitchers

Francisco Liriano now calls the South Side of Chicago his new home.

Bogfella's Notebook: Chips Beginning to Fall

Monday brought a flurry of trade activity, but is the Rays' James Shields one of the next big names on the move?

Bogfella's Notebook: Arms to Avoid

A.J. Burnett has found greener pastures in Pittsburgh, but Bogfella warns that it may not last.

Bogfella's Notebook: Futures Game Pitchers

Bogfella reviews the top pitching prospects that appeared in the Futures Game.

Bogfella's Notebook: The Bogfella Nine

Derek Holland is on his rehab assignment now and has caught Bogfella's attention.

Bogfella's Notebook: Pitchers on the Move?

Jair Jurrjens was frequently mentioned in trade rumors this offseason. Will the Braves still offer him around prior to the trade deadline?

Bogfella's Notebook: The King Remains the King

Bogfella took a good look at Felix Hernandez's recent start over the weekend and came away impressed.

Bogfella's Notebook: Is Liriano's Resurgence For Real?

Francisco Liriano has had a couple of good outings after a miserable start to the season. Is he viable going forward? His fastball command is the key.

Bogfella's Notebook: Two Pitchers Coming Off Great Games

What did Bogfella see in watching Johan Santana's no-hitter?

Bogfella's Notebook: A Matter of Trust

Phil Hughes got knocked around by the Angels on Monday night. What are Bogfella's thoughts on Hughes?

Bogfella's Notebook: Which Season is the Outlier?

Justin Masterson is still lacking an out-pitch against lefties.

Bogfella's Notebook: Go Time For Gallardo

Is Yovani Gallardo an ace?

Bogfella's Notebook: Hochevar Out of Synch

Luke Hochevar killed a lot of lineups last week with two disaster starts.

Bogfella's Notebook: Beware the Blowups

Examining Chad Billingsley's early results.

Bogfella's Notebook: April Performances

Bogfella is worried about Tommy Hanson's new delivery and the velocity that he's generating.

Bogfella's Notebook: Taking Notice

Tim Lincecum has started poorly - what can we learn?

Bogfella's Notebook: Early Closer Review

Bogfella takes a tour of the bullpens.

Bogfella's Notebook: What the Formulas Won't Tell You

James Shields' mechanical adjustments made a huge difference last season.

Bogfella's Notebook: Spring Training Eye-Openers

Bogfella is skeptical about Francisco Liriano's spring training rebirth.

Bogfella's Notebook: Bogfella's $1 Pitching Staff

Are you looking to compose a staff chock-full of $1 pitchers? Bogfella has some names in mind for you.

Bogfella's Notebook: Eight NL West Arms to Watch

Is Clayton Kershaw undervalued?

Bogfella's Notebook: Eight AL West Arms to Watch

Bogfella's Notebook: Eight NL Central Arms to Watch

Even in seasons where he wasn't returning from injury, Adam Wainwright has been consistently undervalued.

Bogfella's Notebook: Eight AL Central Arms to Watch

Chris Sale has caught the Bogfella's eye.

Bogfella's Notebook: Eight NL East Arms To Watch

Bogfella's Notebook: Eight AL East Arms To Watch

Clay Buchholz is on Bogfella's radar this draft season.

Bogfella's Notebook: End Game Odyssey

Bogfella's Notebook: Bridging the Gap

It's hard for any team to measure the Phillies' depth in starting pitching, given that Cole Hamels (pictured), Roy Oswalt and Vance Worley are their third, fourth and fifth starters.

Bogfella's Notebook: Value Reflections

Ian Kennedy is a pitcher whose value spiked in 2011.

Bogfella's Notebook: Pitchers on the Do Not Draft List

Bogfella's pitchers-to-avoid list.

Bogfella's Notebook: The Bogfella Watchlist

Kids on Parade

Bogfella's Notebook: Pitchers of Note in 2011

Justin Verlander is the easy choice for most valuable AL pitcher. Who is Bogfellla's surprise pick for the NL?

Bogfella's Notebook: Top Arms for 2012

In this week's column, Brad shares what he looks for in an ace and sets the table for 2012.

Bogfella's Notebook: Pitching in Keeper Leagues

Stephen Strasburg is working his way back to the major leagues from Tommy John surgery.

Bogfella's Notebook: The Dynamics of Closing

What does Bogfella look for in a closer?

Bogfella's Notebook: Let's Make a Deal!

Beyond the movement of big names, sellers have to replace the pitchers they unloaded at the July 31 non-waiver deadline.

Bogfella's Notebook: Twelve Second Half Slippers

Jeff Karstens tops Bogfella's list of pitchers who could fall off over the second half.

Bogfella's Notebook: Twelve Arms For the Second Half

Derek Holland is a feast-or-famine pitcher currently on a roll.

Bogfella's Notebook: Fireballers At the Futures Game

Bogfella reviews some of the standout pitchers from the Futures Game.

Bogfella's Notebook: The Pitch Count Dilemma

Is the focus on limiting pitcher workloads making a difference?

Bogfella's Notebook: Adjust, Adjust, Then Adjust Again

Chris Carpenter has had to adjust his repertoire of pitches this season.

Bogfella's Notebook: The Double-A Report Card

Dillon Gee goes under the Bogfella's microscope.

Bogfella's Notebook: Potential

Bogfella's Notebook: The Organizational Context

Luke Hochevar alternately tempts then frustrates his fantasy owners.

Bogfella's Notebook: Throwing Too Many Strikes?

Bogfella heard a very interesting comment the other day referring to Phillies ace Cliff Lee. In essence, the comment suggested that Lee sometimes runs into trouble because he throws too many strikes. Is that possible?

Bogfella's Notebook: Recognizing the Ticking Time Bomb

How to identify when a pitcher is about to go on a bad stretch.

Bogfella's Notebook: It's the Little Things

Minor mechanical adjustments have yielded great results for James Shields this year.

Bogfella's Notebook: Seeing is Believing

The benefits to seeing your guy pitch.

Bogfella's Notebook: Power vs. Finesse

Bogfella discusses the nuances in finding power pitchers for your fantasy staffs, and talks about the mess that is Francisco Liriano right now.

Bogfella's Notebook: Like Fine Wine ... Better With Age?

Bogfella discusses age-and-level when scouting pitching prospects, and talks about Mat Latos' early-season struggles.

Bogfella's Notebook: Which Pitch Can Make You Rich?

Breaking down the various pitches in a hurler's arsenal.

Bogfella's Notebook: It's Not All Hit or Miss

You can learn a lot about a pitcher from the batters, including by the type of foul balls they hit.

Bogfella's Notebook: Go to the WHIP!

Why you should target low-WHIP pitchers, all things being equal.

Bogfella's Notebook: Command vs. Control

Francisco Liriano has had a rough spring. Is it in enough to be worried?

Bogfella Scouting Notebook: Opportunity Knocks

Bogfella Scouting Notebook: Role Playing