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Mark Ellis has benefited considerably from a change of scenery.

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Chone Figgins has been the odd-man out for the Mariners after Dustin Ackley got the call.

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Hanley Ramirez is under a lot of scrutiny in Florida.

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The Twins are shaking up their lineup thanks to all of their injuries.

Line 'Em Up: Hosmer in the House

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A number of young players are making their marks. Can they keep it up? Travis Snider couldn't, and now he's back in the minors.

Line 'Em Up: Murphy's Law

Daniel Murphy is getting the lion's share of playing time at second base for the Mets now.

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David Freese is on a tear for the Cardinals.

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Hot spring training stats have given way to regular season realities.

Line 'Em Up: Taking An Early Holliday

Lane Rizzardini discusses the impact of two major injuries.

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Russell Branyan has earned a roster spot and perhaps an advantageous batting order position in Arizona.

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Will Ian Desmond benefit from batting in front of Ryan Zimmerman?

Line 'Em Up: Early Lineup Decisions

Drew Stubbs has already been named the Reds' leadoff hitter - for now. What does that mean for his fantasy value?