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Could you have reasonably drafted a team so bad in March, that the addition of Mike Trout would have failed to save it?

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The Jays' Jose Bautista will no longer be third-base eligible for fantasy owners in 2013. Jack Moore takes a closer look at others losing value with lost eligibility this offseason.

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Moving out of Target Field and into U.S. Cellular Field makes Francisco Liriano one of the losers at the trade deadline.

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Stathead Sagas: Stats in the Bank

Players who start hot can have overly alluring statlines for weeks afterward. Don't pay for stats in the bank.

Stahead Sagas: Think Defense When Searching For Pitching

Defense isn't usually a consideration in fantasy baseball, but it should be: team defenses

Stathead Sagas: Why We Drafted Middle Relief

Mike Adams has been one of the best pitchers in baseball over the last few years, but he's passed over in standard leagues because he doesn't pick up saves. Not in my drafts.

Stathead Sagas: Good Luck Drafting for Batting Average

Joe Mauer should have a great batting average this year, but just how certain can you be?

Stathead Sagas: When Just Enough Isn't Enough

In order to find which power hitters are for real, we need to take a deeper look at how far their home runs actually flew.

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Brett Lawrie's Blue Jays were just one team to steal bases at a much higher clip in 2011.