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SXM Highlights: Is Holland KC's Closer?
213 days ago
Is veteran reliever Greg Holland now the Royals' closer? Chris Liss thinks so. Jeff Erickson sees more of a committee, but both love him as a free agent pick-up.
SXM Highlights: Should We Be Worried About Corbin Burnes?
220 days ago
Chris Liss explains to James Anderson why we should keep an eye on Corbin Burnes after Saturday's rough outing versus the Pirates.
SXM Highlights: deGrom for MVP?
224 days ago
Should Jacob deGrom and his 0.62 ERA win the NL MVP? Chris Liss and James Anderson discuss on today's SiriusXM show.
SXM Highlights: What Is Baltimore's Plan for Adley Rutschman?
224 days ago
James Anderson explains to Chris Liss what James believes is the Orioles' plan for hot catcher prospect Adley Rutschman.
SXM Highlights: Jarred Kelenic's Slow Start With Seattle
227 days ago
James Anderson discusses Jarred Kelenic's slow start with Seattle. Chris Liss sees a trade opportunity.
SXM Highlights: Liss Says Pick Up Bobby Witt Right Now
233 days ago
Chris Liss explains to Jeff Erickson why NOW is the time to pick up Bobby Witt from your free agent wire. Jeff is less enthusiastic.
SXM Highlights: Alex Manoah's First Start and the FAAB Debate
237 days ago
On today's SiriusXM show, James Anderson and Clay Link discuss Alex Manoah's fantastic first career start. Manoah creates some very interest FAAB options.
SXM Highlights: Liss Says Trade for Luis Castillo
241 days ago
Chris Liss says now is the time to trade for Luis Castillo, despite his 1-7 record.
SXM Highlights: Sole Closer on Bad Team Better Than Half Closer on Good Team
245 days ago
Chris Liss and Jeff Erickson explain why a sole closer on a bad team, such as Ian Kennedy, is better than a half closer on a good team.
SXM Highlights: Corbin is Struggling, But Liss is Sticking With Him
246 days ago
Nationals starting pitcher Patrick Corbin is really struggling. But Chris Liss explains why he's sticking with him:
SXM Highlights: Larnach Gets His Shot
255 days ago
With Kirilloff and Buxton hurt, hot prospect Trevor Larnach will get an opportunity to shine in the Twins' outfield. Chris Liss and Jeff Erickson discuss the possible outcomes.
SXM Highlights: Intriguing Yuli Gurriel
266 days ago
Chris Liss and Jeff Erickson are intrigued by veteran first baseman Yuli Gurriel, who is playing well for the Astros.
SXM Highlights: Tatis Is Stealing Bases, Too
269 days ago
Sure, Fernando Tatis is knocking the cover off the ball. But he's also stealing bases. Chris Liss and Jeff Erickson elaborate.
SXM Highlights: Time to Cut Bumgarner?
282 days ago
After another poor start, is it time to cut Diamondback Madison Bumgarner? Chris Liss and Jeff Erickson discuss.
SXM Highlights: Cleveland Gave Up Too Early on Tyler Naquin
283 days ago
Reds OF Tyler Naquin is off to a hot start. It seems like Cleveland was too quick to give up on Naquin. Chris Liss and Jeff Erickson discuss.
SXM Highlights: Luis Urias Could Break Out
289 days ago
Chris Liss thinks 24-year-old shortstop prospect Luis Urias is ready to break out for the Brewers. Jeff Erickson sees the path for upside.
SXM Highlights: Young Talent Ready to Explode?
290 days ago
Chris Liss explains why he thinks many young guns, such as Seattle's Jarred Kelenic, are ready to explode on the major league scene.
SXM Highlights: Injury Concerns for Sixto Sanchez
294 days ago
Chris Liss is very concerned about Sixto Sanchez and his injured shoulder. Jeff Erickson is equally worried.
SXM Highlights: Nimmo A Bargain?
297 days ago
With Brandon Nimmo leading off for the Mets, Jeff Erickson thinks Nimmo could be a bargain. Liss has some doubts.
SXM Highlights: Breakout Year For Jared Walsh?
301 days ago
Jeff Erickson is very high on Angels' first basemen Jared Walsh. Chris Liss likes Jeff's logic.
SXM Highlights: Should You Wait On Catchers?
311 days ago
Chris Liss and Jeff Erickson discuss whether or not it makes sense to wait on catchers. For instance, can you rely on Salvador Perez?
SXM Highlights: Is Ozzie Albies Overrated?
316 days ago
Todd Zola and Chris Liss think ATL second baseman Ozzie Albies and his #33 ADP is wildly overrated.
SXM Highlights: Could Tyler Glasnow Win the Cy Young?
317 days ago
Chris Liss thinks TB pitcher Tyler Glasnow could win the AL Cy Young. Jeff Erickson pumps the brakes.
SXM Highlights: Is Garrett Hampson a Late-Round Steal?
318 days ago
Chris Liss took COL second baseman Garrett Hampson in the 18th round of his recent NFBC draft. Is Hampson a steal?
SXM Highlights: Is Yelich's ADP Destined to Rise?
325 days ago
Jeff Erickson and Todd Zola expect Christian Yelich's spring to have a big impact in his average draft position.
SXM Highlights: Bellinger's Shoulder Injury Is a Concern
330 days ago
Liss is concerned about Cody Bellinger's shoulder injury. Jeff does not care for his ADP (~15). They discuss.
SXM Highlights: Zola Likes Harper In 2nd Round
331 days ago
Chris Liss and Todd Zola discuss Bryce Harper going with the 20th pick in Monday's FSGA Champions Draft.
SXM Highlights: Jose Abreu And His Lack of Runs Scored
332 days ago
Chris Liss and Todd Zola discuss the appeal of Jose Abreu. Liss is concerned about his lack of runs scored. Todd sees reasons for optimism
SXM Highlights: No Specialist Lets You Punt Batting Average
337 days ago
Liss and Jeff stress how it's almost impossible to get a Batting Average specialist. You can't punt the category, and no one player in a trade can solve BA for you.
SXM Highlights: Keep Derek Fisher in Mind
338 days ago
Liss likes Derek Fisher's new opportunity in Milwaukee. The former Astro and Blue Jay has some nice minor league stats. Jeff agrees on the upside, especially in NL-only leagues.