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Fantasy Articles Featuring Larry Drew

Articles from RotoWire's fantasy archives that mention Larry Drew's name.

NBA Waiver Wire: Week 5 Targets

Alex Rikleen takes a look at some of the week's top adds, including a revitalized J.R. Smith.

NBA Category Strategy: New Opportunity

With Bucks head coach Jason Kidd away after having hip surgery, John Henson, who is under 10 percent owned in many season-long leagues, has gotten an increase in playing time and is a decent source of blocks.

NBA Team Previews: Orlando Magic

The Magic are overflowing with great high-potential talent, but will they lean on their youth for development or try to claw out some wins by using their veterans?

NBA Team Previews: Milwaukee Bucks

Giannis Antetokounmpo is expected to improve on his successful rookie season, but are expectations for the Bucks' guard too high?

2014 NBA Rookie Projection: Jabari Parker

RotoWire's Marc Roberts looks at the best, average, and worst-case scenarios for No. 2 pick Jabari Parker in his second of a series of articles detailing the projected value of the top rookies from the 2014 NBA Draft.

Daily Games Cheat Sheet: Saturday

RotoWire's Adam Wolf helps you mine a backcourt landscape devoid of many viable options in Saturday's six-game slate.

NBA Barometer: NBA Accounting

It's tax season, and RotoWire's Eric Caturia points out where one can exploit all the breaks.

Daily Games Cheat Sheet: Sunday

There are seven games on the schedule for Sunday, and RotoWire's Michael Chua gives his best value plays of the night.

NBA Barometer: Keep Your Guard Up

If a particular guard is driving you bonkers, RotoWire's Eric Caturia points you in the right direction for a suitable, and profitable, replacement.

DFS Basketball 101: Finding Profit on FanDuel

Rathburn takes a look at the player pool on FanDuel to highlight solid Value Plays and Value Busts

DraftKings NBA: Value Plays for the Week

If you're looking for value plays, Dave Loughran has some players to watch for in daily games.

Daily Games Cheat Sheet: Saturday

With eight games on the slate, there's a good mix of options to choose from Saturday.

DraftKings NBA: Value Plays for the Week

After Wednesday and Thursday's games, we'll be on hiatus until next Tuesday, but Dave Loughran has some great picks for Wednesday night.

Daily Games Cheat Sheet: Friday

With 12 games on the slate, RotoWire's Michael Chua makes some daring picks to try and capitalize on using players who other users may not roster.

NBA Daily Games Strategy: New Year's Resolutions

Ersan Ilyasova has been a thorn in the side of yearly league and daily games players. Is it worth taking a risk on playing Ilyasova in daily games?

NBA Barometer: Dirk Revitalized

Dirk Nowitzki is playing like a first-round fantasy player this season.

NBA Waiver Wire: No Healing Factor

Kobe Bryant's pain tolerance may be like that of the X-Men's Wolverine, but Bryant doesn't have Wolverine's healing factor. Who gets the production Bryant leaves behind?

Category Strategy: Corbin's Jazz

Tyrone Corbin either needs to start playing his young players without restrictions, or the Jazz need to get someone in the coaching seat who will.

Daily Games Cheat Sheet: Friday

The Wizards are a sneaky defensive team against a terrible Bucks offense, while two of the best offenses face off in the Warriors and Rockets.

NBA Team Previews: Milwaukee Bucks 2013-14

With a whole host of new players on the roster. Who's going to have good fantasy value?

NBA Team Previews: Atlanta Hawks 2013-14

Al Horford is the man in ATL now, and Paul MIllsap may finally get real starter's minutes. Can DeMarre Carroll be of use in standard leagues?

NBA Draft Kit: Sleepers 2013-14

Whose value hasn't been accounted for yet? RotoWire's Eric Caturia breaks down all the Sleepers you should be targeting in drafts.

NBA Draft Kit: Coaching Tiers

If minutes are the most important stat in fantasy, than it's important to know which coaches run the most fantasy-friendly rotations and whether last year's trends will continue.

NBA Barometer: P.J. and Deron

Shannon McKeown (@RotoShannon) looks at the positive effect P.J. Carlesimo is having on Deron Williams and goes through the rising and falling value in fantasy over the last week.

NBA Barometer: A Coaching Change in Milwaukee

Shannon McKeown (@RotoShannon) dissects why Ersan Ilyasova will finally break out under the new coaching regime in Milwaukee and breaks down the Love and Varejao injuries.

NBA Draft Kit: Position Battles at Opening Tip

John Clemeno breaks down new developments for position battles as the season begins.

NBA Draft Kit: 2012 Eastern Conference Offseason Moves

Charlie Zegers goes team-by-team and breaks down the key moves in the Eastern Conference.

Category Strategy: Coaching Tiers

Which coaches have the best rotations for fantasy? RotoWire's James Anderson breaks it down.

NBA Waiver Wire: The Knucklehead Factor

Bad free throw shooting I can deal with. Knuckleheads I avoid.

2010 Atlanta Hawks Preview: 2010 Atlanta Hawks Preview