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For Funsies: A New Way to Pick the All-Stars

For poops and giggles, RotoWire's statistics expert took a look at the All-Star selection process and offered up some interesting ideas about how to make things better.

Rebound & Rant: Opening Week

In the inaugural edition of Rebound & Rant for the 2014-15 season, RotoWire's Ken Crites goes over the questions that everyone is asking during the opening week.

Rebound & Rant: On the Road to the NBA

RotoWire's Ken Crites recorded his immediate reactions in a stream-of-consciousness blog. If you wish Jack Kerouac were an NBA blogger, this is your kind of piece.

NBA Blog: Checking in on the Donald Sterling Mess

RotoWire's Gary Brotman uses his perspective as an attorney to look at the Donald Sterling situation that currently plagues the NBA and Clippers franchise.

NBA Blog: Evaluating Playoff Production

Does playoff production carry over to the next season? Marc Roberts takes a look at Bradley Beal and Draymond Green's playoff production to determine if they'll carry their production into next season.

NBA Blog: Rebound & Rant - End-Of-Season Edition

In this edition of Rebound & Rant, Ken Crites reveals his pick for surprise fantasy hoops MVP

NBA Blog: Live NBA AAE Chat 11-12 PM

RotoWire's Managing Editor of NBA Content, Kyle McKeown, will be here to answer your questions from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Eastern Saturday, April 5.

NBA Blog: Rebound & Rant - Kyle McKeown Edition!

With NBA Editor Kyle McKeown hospitalized (he's day-to-day), Rebound & Rant columnist is forced to edit his own column. This could get ugly.

NBA Blog: Rebound & Rant - Zen Edition

In this week's Rebound & Rant, Ken Crites discusses Phil Jackson joining the Knicks and other NBA stories.

NBA Blog: Rebound & Rant

Ken Crites is back with another trip around the NBA.

NBA Blog: Rebound & Rant - All-Star Edition!

Ken Crites gives his two cents on NBA happenings heading into All-Star Weekend.

NBA Blog: Rebound & Rant

RotoWire's Kenneth Crites runs down Kevin Durant's performance against the Heat and the Bruise Brothers.

NBA Blog: Rebound & Rant

RotoWire's Ken Crites picks on Cleveland, explores Boston's starting frontcourt, and points out Terrence Jones increased comfort level in Houston.

NBA Blog: Rebound & Rant

RotoWire's Ken Crites welcomes the new year with a hope for healthier days ahead, and he's geeked the Unibrow is playing center.

NBA Blog: Rebound & Rant

When players return early from injuries, it's a truly joyous occasion.

NBA Blog: Rebound & Rant

A cranky Ken Crites fully commits himself to fantasy basketball with his fantasy football dreams all but shattered.

NBA Blog: Pace and Perceived Value

How much does pace affect fantasy value, and can you use advanced stats to help trade for players who are merely perceived as being less valuable than they really are?

NBA Blog: Rebound & Rant

Does Ben McLemore's quick ascension to the starting lineup hurt or help the young shooting guard, and did the Pelicans make a big mistake with Pierre?

NBA Blog: Week One Woeful Wonderment

In the debut of the RotoWire NBA Blog, Ken Crites chimes in on the first week of NBA action and its relevancy in fantasy.

NBA Blog: Sunday Recap

It's Monday morning, and RotoWire's Michael Corvo has all of Sunday's fantasy basketball news recapped for you in a beautiful blog.