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2nd Best WR
Posted by schoenke (3224 days ago)
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After Larry Fitzgerald, who's your No. 2 WR?

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bristercj commented 3220 days ago
I agree with nqleichman. Brady and Moss could be deadly. I also think that A. Johnson will take the final step towards becoming a household name. Maybe its just me but I was alitte shocked to see G. Jennings and T. Owens names on this list over guys like Edwards and Marshall.
***Edited at 5/25/2009 11:21 AM PT***
HeirToKetwerp commented 3222 days ago
He had a shaky year last year, but I believe Braylon Edwards deserves to be in this discussion too.

Brandon Marshall merits consideration as well.
ngleichman commented 3223 days ago
Too quick to forget about Moss. If Brady returns, they gotta be the most lethal duo around.
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