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SXM Highlights: Finding Value in Titans Chiefs Game

Liss & Jeff dive into the upcoming Titans Chiefs playoff game, looking for value.

SXM Highlights: Wild Card Team Worth Bankrolling In Playoff Drafts?

Jeff and DVR debate whether there is a wild card team worth bankrolling for your playoff drafts.

SXM Highlights: How High on Melvin Gordon for 2018?

Liss & Jeff debate how high we should be on Melvin Gordon in 2018.

SXM Highlights: Target Panthers in Week 17?

Liss & Jeff debate whether you should target Carolina Panthers in Week 17.

SXM Highlights: How to Handle Top RB's for Week 16

Jeff & DVR discuss Elliott's DFS pricing and other Top RB options.

SXM Highlights: Jimmy Garoppolo & Blake Bortles In Week 16?

Jeff & Liss debate what to expect from Garoppolo and Bortles in Week 16.

SXM Highlights: First Round WR's for 2018

Liss & Jeff debate which WR's should be drafted in the first round next year.

SXM Highlights: Seattle's Disappointing Week 15

Liss & Jeff vent over Seattle's disappointing Week 15 performance.

SXM Highlights: Finding Value: HOU at JAX

Liss & Jeff mine for value in Week 15's Texans at Jaguars matchup.

SXM Highlights: Rodgers Value for Week 15

Liss & Jeff debate the value of Aaron Rodgers, who returns this week from injury.

SXM Highlights: Are Systems More Important Than Players?

Jeff & Liss debate whether

SXM Highlights: Nick Foles Fantasy Value

Liss & Jeff discuss Nick Foles' fantasy value now that he's starting for the Eagles.

SXM Highlights: Value in Vikings Panthers Game?

Liss & Jeff debate Case Keenum, Christian McCaffery and others in this low over-under match-up.

SXM Highlights: Even more Josh Gordon

Liss & Jeff can't resist talking about Josh Gordon.

SXM Highlights: What is Keenan Allen's True Value?

Liss & Jeff debate Keenan Allen's true value for the rest of the season.

SXM Highlights: Can We Predict Patriot Player Fantasy Points?

Pianow joins Liss & Jeff to promote the positive predictability of Patriot points.

SXM Highlights: Finding Value in Rams Cards Game

Jeff & Liss search for value in the Rams game at Arizona.

SXM Highlights: Pick your Playoff QB's, K's & Defenses Now

Liss tells Jeff how to prepare NOW for the upcoming fantasy playoffs.

SXM Highlights: Doug Baldwin's Bad Week 12

Liss & Jeff express their frustration over Baldwin's bad week 12 performance.

SXM Highlights: Why Has Kareem Hunt's Production Fallen Off?

Liss & Jeff discuss why Kareem Hunt's production has dropped off after early season success.

SXM Highlights: Finding Value in Chiefs Giants Game

Liss and Jeff discuss what players from the Chiefs / Giants game you want on your fantasy teams in Week 11.

SXM Highlights: Get Pats In Your DFS Lineup

Jeff and Liss say this is the week to pay up for Patriots in your DFS Lineups.

SXM Highlights: Watch Out For The Saints Rushing Attack

Liss & Jeff describe the Saints new approach and the fantasy implications.

SXM Highlights: Previewing Saints at Bills

Liss & Jeff preview the Saints traveling to Buffalo. Is the Saints defense good?

SXM Highlights: Where To Rank Key Patriots At Denver?

Liss and Jeff are worried a bit about the Patriots playing at Denver this week.

SXM Highlights: Does Martavis Bryant Still Have Fantasy Value?

Has Pittsburgh's "tough love" turned Bryant's season around? Liss & Jeff discuss.

SXM Highlights: Who is the Fourth Best Player Right Now?

Liss and Jeff complain about the alleged first round studs remaining for Week 10 and beyond.

SXM Highlights: The Upside of Mobile Quarterbacks

Liss and Scott discuss the huge upside of QB's that can throw on the move.

SXM Highlights: Tim To Cut Pryor, Right?

Liss & Jeff discuss Terrelle Pryor's disappointing play, with surprising support from Liss.

SXM Highlights: Any Value in Denver QB's?

Liss and Jeff discuss Denver's dilemma with Lynch, Siemian and Osweiler.

SXM Highlights: Evaluating Watson & Hopkins after Sunday's Seattle Mastery

Liss and Jeff discuss the fantasy values of Deshaun Watson and DeAndre Hopkins after their big Sunday performances.

SXM Highlights: Is Matt Moore An Upgrade for Dolphins?

Is Matt Moore An Upgrade for Dolphins?

SXM Highlights: Sunday Night Patriots versus Falcons Preview

Liss and Jeff preview the unavoidable hype behind the Super Bowl rematch of Pats versus Falcons.

SXM Highlights: Is Jameis Winston a Good QB?

Liss & Jeff wonder if the Bucs' offense drops off with Winston out.

SXM Highlights: Lions at Saints Preview

Liss and Jeff preview Sunday's Lions at Saints match-up for fantasy value.

SXM Highlights: Impact Of The Adrian Peterson Trade

Liss and Jeff discuss the fallout from Peterson being dealt to the Arizona Cardinals.

SXM Highlights: Evaluating the Cardinals Offense

Liss and Jeff discuss expectations from the Arizona Cardinals offense after the team's loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

SXM Highlights: Rawls or Lacy in Seattle?

Liss and Jeff debate whether Thomas Rawls or Eddie Lacy will become the lead back in Seattle.

SXM Highlights: Bell Discusses Jones & Hyde Injuries

Stephania Bell Discusses Julio Jones and Carlos Hyde Injuries.

SXM Highlights: Get Some Steelers In Your Week 5 Daily Lineups

Liss and Jeff suggest grabbing some Steelers in Week 5.

SXM Highlights: The Pats' Defense, Where People Get Better

The Pats' D is revitalizing careers and launching rookies into stardom.

SXM Highlights: Is Andre Ellington a Fantasy Asset?

Liss and Jeff discuss whether or not Andre Ellington, on the DJ-less Cardinals, is a fantasy asset.

SXM Highlights: Season-Long Team D Advice

Liss & Jeff debate the best way to manage your Team Defense spot for season-long leagues, post Week 3.

SXM Highlights: Do Any Browns Have Fantasy Value?

Liss and Jeff debate whether or not anyone from Cleveland's roster has fantasy value. Joe Thomas?

SXM Highlights: What to Make of the Steelers' Offense

Jeff and DVR discuss the value of a few key Steelers after the their loss to the Bears in Week 3.

SXM Highlights: Stephania Bell Discusses David Johnson's Wrist Injury

ESPN's Stephania Bell talks with Liss and Jeff about David Johnson's serious wrist injury.

SXM Highlights: Joe Mixon & Christian McCaffrey Upside

DVR and Andrew Laird discuss RB situation for the Bengals and the Panthers.

SXM Highlights: Luck's Post-Surgery Analysis from Stephania Bell

Stephania Bell discusses Andrew Luck's surgery and injury history.

SXM Highlights: Defending OBJ

Liss & Jeff defend NYG star Odell Beckham Jr.

SXM Highlights: For the Love of PPR

Pianowski and Liss discuss why PPR rules improve fantasy football.

SXM Highlights: Early Round 1 Thoughts

Liss & Jeff discuss the shakiness of the 2017 first round draft candidates.

SXM Highlights: Impact of Fournette and McCaffrey?

Mario and DVR break down the top two drafted RBs: Leonard Fournette and Christian McCaffrey.

SXM Highlights: Championship Round Predictions

SXM Highlights: RW's Annual Playoff Draft

Don't miss RotoWire's Annual Playoff Draft. Listen to the first three rounds here.

SXM Highlights: Draft Strategies for Playoff Leagues

Liss and Jeff discuss draft strategies for playoff fantasy leagues.

SXM Highlights: Carr, Mariota & Lockett Injury Analysis

Injury expert Jeff Stotts joins Derek VanRiper & Mario Puig to give his short & long-term analysis for the recent injuries to Derek Carr, Marcus Mariota & Tyler Lockett.

SXM Highlights: Injury Watch for Championship Week

Jeff Stotts joins DVR to talk key injuries heading into Championship Week.

SXM Highlights: Giants' Dumb & Dumber Coaching Moves vs. Rams

Ben McAdoo and Jeff Fisher are driving Chris nuts.

SXM Highlights: Steelers vs. Dolphins Week 6 Preview

DVR and Mario preview the Steelers-Dolphins Week 6 match-up and discuss all the fantasy implications.

SXM Highlights: Brady Returns!

Derek and Mario discuss Tom Brady's return to the Patriots and its fantasy impact on the rest of the offense.

SXM Highlights: Stephania Bell Injury Update, Week 4

ESPN's Stephania Bell joins Jeff and Chris to talk about Gronk and other injuries.

SXM Highlights: Week 2 Injury Summary

Chris and Jeff summarize all the key Week 2 injuries before the Monday Night game.

SXM Highlights: Why Ben McAdoo Is The Worst

Chris and Jeff discuss Giants head coach Ben McAdoo's poor decisions and how it will impact the team for the rest of the season.

SXM Highlights: How to win low cost, high player pool GPPs

Davis, Chris and Jeff debate how to win low cost, high player pool GPPs.

SXM Highlights: Jamaal Charles' Injury History

DJ and DVR discuss Jamaal Charles' injury history and how it affects their 2016 expectations for Charles.

SXM Highlights: Dak Prescott's Value Following Romo's Injury

Nick and Mario debate Dak Prescott's fantasy value with news that Romo will be out for a while.

SXM Highlights: Is There Really A Need To Handcuff RBs?

Chris and Jeff debate whether or not to acquire handcuff RBs.

SXM Highlights: Assessing the Giants

Chris and Jeff assess the Giants after their first preseason game.

SXM Highlights: The Devonta Freeman Debate

Chris and Yahoo's Andy Behrens debate the value of Falcons RB Devonta Freeman heading into the 2016 season.

SXM Highlights: Josh Gordon is Back

Chris waited forever for Josh Gordon to return. He and Jeff debate what we should expect.

SXM Highlights: How Much Does Arian Foster Have Left in the Tank?

Chris and Jeff debate how much Arian Foster has left and how the Dolphins RB situation will play out.

SXM Highlights: The Rob Corddry Interview

HBO Ballers' Star Rob Corddry talks with Chris and Jeff.

SXM Highlights: Cobb and Tate

DVR and Mario debate the 2016 value of Randall Cobb and Golden Tate.