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East Coast Offense
As William Munny said to Little Bill Daggett: Deserve's got nothing to do with it.
East Coast Offense
East Coast Offense
7 days ago
7 days ago
Sometimes the obvious pick is also the correct one. Derrick Henry (above) shows no signs of slowing down despite 784 carries the past two seasons.
East Coast Offense
East Coast Offense
14 days ago
14 days ago
Chris Godwin's fumble near the end of Thursday night's game (which almost cost Chris Liss an expensive survivor pool entry) helped him see randomness and luck in larger context.
East Coast Offense: 20 Bold Predictions
21 days ago
Chris Liss predicts either A.J. Brown or DK Metcalf will lead the NFL in receiving touchdowns this year.
East Coast Offense: Grading My Predictions
273 days ago
Predicting Van would outscore Justin Jefferson didn't entirely pan out.
East Coast Offense: The Team I Wish I Had Drafted
280 days ago
So what if I took a tight end at 1.1 and left you Christian McCaffrey at 1.2? Side bet, why absolutely. Name your price!
East Coast Offense: Does It Scale?
287 days ago
Do Ryan Tannehill and the Titans have a better shot for a deep postseason run than more conservative teams like the Colts and Steelers?
East Coast Offense: Don't Take Work Home
294 days ago
The best thing you can do if you made an error, like leaving Baker Mayfield on your bench this weekend, is to take the L and let it go.
East Coast Offense: Think It Through
301 days ago
Gigatron (DK Metcalf) had a huge game against the Eagles Monday night after being unfavorably compared to Calvin Johnson (Megatron) by former Lions head coach Jim Schwartz.
East Coast Offense: Thanksgiving Week
308 days ago
With so many unable to see family this Thanksgiving, it's important to go at least 2-1 against the spread. To that end, Chris Liss is leaning Steelers minus four.
East Coast Offense: Horse Before The Cart
315 days ago
Cam Newton and Patriots won an ugly slog against the heavily favored Ravens last week, avoiding mistakes and executing when it counted.
East Coast Offense: When To Fade The Base Rate
322 days ago
Sometimes the thing you should do generally (wait on quarterbacks) is not what you should do in a specific instance (draft Kyler Murray in the sixth round.)
East Coast Offense: Keeping It Real
329 days ago
Facing reality is an alternative to dwelling dejectedly on Jonathan Taylor's evaporating value.
East Coast Offense: What Actually Matters
336 days ago
Baker Mayfield looked like peak Drew Brees Sunday, but that's because he had all day to throw.
East Coast Offense: Enjoying The Jets
343 days ago
Sam Darnold and the Jets haven't been historically bad so far, but it's too late to turn the season around, so they might as well have fun with it.
East Coast Offense: The Golden Era Of Kickers
350 days ago
Justin Tucker is the greatest kicker of all time, but even an average kicker would be a Hall of Famer in prior eras.
East Coast Offense: The Mobile Quarterback Era
357 days ago
Mobile, athletic QBs like Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson were the right picks in recent NFL drafts, unlike some of their more polished counterparts.
East Coast Offense: Equanimity
364 days ago
Chris Liss' Dak Prescott-led NFFC Primetime team is doing well through three games and helping him better tolerate the teams and contests in which he's faring poorly.
East Coast Offense: Paying for QB and Kicker
September 22, 2020
With GOAT kickers like Justin Tucker now playing in the league's best offenses, the "wait-till-the-last-two-rounds-to-draft-a-kicker" dogma needs to be retired.
East Coast Offense: Zero RB, Zero WR
September 15, 2020
Chris Liss was excited about his zero-RB team, but unfortunately it's not only about finding the right running backs. His first pick, Michael Thomas, had a bad week and is now nursing a high-ankle sprain.
East Coast Offense: 20 Bold Predictions
September 8, 2020
Chris Liss predicts Dak Prescott will throw 40 touchdowns this season, now that he has CeeDee Lamb and Blake Jarwin in the lineup and Mike McCarthy's pass-heavy approach near the goal line.
East Coast Offense: Early 2020 Rankings
December 24, 2019
An influx of talented young receivers like Terry McLaurin makes the position deeper and tougher to rank than in years past.
East Coast Offense: The Team I Wish I Had Drafted
December 17, 2019
Taking Lamar Jackson in the second round would have generated significant side bets, but it's the Patriots defense in Round 4 that would have gotten your league-mates to go all-in against your juggernaut.
East Coast Offense: Evaluating Quarterbacks
December 10, 2019
Tom Brady's having a bad season by conventional metrics, but he's getting little help from his receivers, and he's largely avoiding negative plays.
East Coast Offense: When You're Completely Wrong
December 3, 2019
Jared Goff had more than 400 yards halfway through the third quarter in a rout of the Cardinals Sunday. Chris Liss had made Arizona his best bet.
East Coast Offense: Giving Reluctant Thanks
November 26, 2019
Chris Liss is grateful for his improbable wins in Week 12 when players like Ryan Fitzpatrick racked up needed points in garbage time.
East Coast Offense: Finding Meaning
November 19, 2019
A small handful of your decisions, like taking Lamar Jackson as your fantasy quarterback, have outsized impact on your results.
East Coast Offense: Making Peace With the Arbitrary
November 12, 2019
Chris Liss wasn't happy this summer when Saquon Barkley went one pick ahead of him, and he was stuck with Christian McCaffrey at pick two.
East Coast Offense: QBs Don't Usually Matter -- Part 2
November 5, 2019
It's not just the random backups more than holding their own, but left-for-dead veterans like Derek Carr and Ryan Tannehill showing almost anyone in a decent situation can have success in the modern NFL.
East Coast Offense: Net Points for Wild Cards
October 29, 2019
If net points were the criterion for Wild Card berths, Russell Wilson might be asked to throw the ball more often.