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Staff Picks: Eagles, Jaguars, Giants, 49ers and Cardinals
The Staff likes Carson Wentz and the Eagles as 6.5-point home favorites against the Colts.
Survivor: Surviving Week 3
Unless you believe the Vikings will be 76-percent used (or higher), you're better off taking the chalk.
Beating the Book: Chris Liss Handicaps Week 3
Chris likes Blake Bortles and the Jaguars as 6.5-point home favorites against the offensively-challenged Titans.
SXM Highlights: Is There Reason to Worry About Kareem Hunt?
Liss & Jeff discuss whether we should be worried about Kareem Hunt's production through two weeks.
East Coast Offense: Analytics in Context
Rams QB Jared Goff threw for 354 yards in a game where the opposing team failed to score.
SXM Highlights: Still Bullish on Jared Goff
2 days ago
Liss & Jeff explain why Goff is a great fantasy play, despite the Rams' great defense.
SXM Highlights: What is Phillip Lindsay's Value?
September 13th
Liss & Jeff debate the ROS value for Phillip Lindsay.
Staff Picks: Bengals, Panthers, Jets, Jaguars and Giants
September 12th
The Staff likes Odell Beckham and the Giants as three-point underdogs in Dallas this week.
Survivor: Backing the Chalk
September 12th
Chris Liss likes Aaron Donald and the Rams at home against the visiting Cardinals, despite LA's nearly 40 percent ownership.
Beating the Book: Handicapping Week 2
September 12th
Chris Liss likes A.J. Green and the Bengals getting a point at home against the Ravens on a short week.
SXM Highlights: Is Kenny Golladay For Real?
September 11th
Liss & Jeff discuss Golladay's big Monday Night game and the implications for all three big Lion receivers.
East Coast Offense: The Sorry State of the Game
September 11th
Arbitrary roughing-the-passer calls like the ones against Carlos Dunlap Sunday are adding even more variance into the game and increasing the risk that outcomes are not decided on the field.
SXM Highlights: What Kamara's Sunday Says About The Saints
September 10th
Liss & Jeff discuss what Alvin Kamara's big Sunday says about the Saints' backfield moving forward.
SXM Highlights: Demaryius Thomas & The DEN Passing Offense
September 6th
Liss & Jeff discuss Demaryius Thomas & The DEN Passing Offense.
Staff Picks: Bengals, Texans, Dolphins, Broncos and Panthers
September 5th
The Staff likes Von Miller and the Broncos as three-point home favorites against the visiting Seahawks.
Survivor: Surviving Week 1
September 5th
Backing Drew Brees and the Saints at home against the Buccaneers who are without their starting quarterback.
Beating the Book: Handicapping Week 1
September 5th
Chris Liss likes Andy Dalton and the Bengals getting three points against the Colts in Indianapolis Sunday.
SXM Highlights: Gamble Again on Pryor?
September 4th
Liss can't quit Terrelle Pryor. Jeff let's him ramble.
East Coast Offense: 20 Bold Predictions
September 4th
Chris Liss likes Leonard Fournette to have a monster year now that he's healthy and in better shape.
SXM Highlights: Is Jarvis Landry Worth a 3rd Round Pick?
August 31st
Liss & Mario debate the merits of drafting Jarvis Landry in the third round.
SXM Highlights: Are We Undervaluing Jets?
August 30th
Liss thinks the Jets are being "severely undervalued". Jeff somewhat tempers Liss' rant.
SXM Highlights: Which Pats RB Should You Own?
August 29th
Jeff & Liss discuss which Patriots running back has the best chance of getting the bulk of the carries.
SXM Highlights: What Is Tyler Eifert's Fantasy Value?
August 28th
Liss & Jeff debate the fantasy value of oft-injured Tyler Eifert.
SXM Highlights: Which Jags WR Will Benefit Most From Lee's Injury?
August 27th
Which Jags WR Will Benefit Most From Lee's Injury?
SXM Highlights: 5th/6th-Round Draft Philosophy
August 23rd
Liss & Jeff discuss strategies for drafting come the fifth and sixth rounds.
SXM Highlights: Should You Gamble on O.J. Howard?
August 22nd
Liss & Jeff ponder whether or not O.J. Howard is worth a late round flyer.
SXM Highlights: Is There Anything To Like About Dallas' Passing Game?
August 21st
Liss & Jeff dissect the Cowboys' passing attack, which certainly has issues.
SXM Highlights: Is Derrick Henry Being Underdrafted?
August 16th
DVR & Liss discuss whether or not Derrick Henry is being undervalued in 2018 fantasy drafts.
SXM Highlights: Can John Ross Be a Legit WR2?
August 16th
DVR & Liss debate whether or not John Ross can rise to the occasion in Cincy.
Snarky 150: PPR Rankings with Obnoxious Commentary
August 15th
Luckily world peace doesn't depend on Julio Jones catching a TD.