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Regan's Rumblings: 10 Pitchers – Patience or Panic
5 days ago
Dave Regan looks at 10 pitchers off to slow starts to try to determine whether each case calls for patience or panic. Is it time to get nervous about Philadelphia’s Aaron Nola?
Regan's Rumblings: 10 Slow Starters – Patience or Panic?
12 days ago
Dave Regan analyzes 10 players off to slow starts, like A's infielder Jurickson Profar, to determine whether it's too early to get nervous.
Regan's Rumblings: Opening Week Observations
18 days ago
Dave Regan shares his observations of the early days of the baseball season, including a look at Cody Bellinger's new swing. Has Bellinger found his power stroke again?
Regan's Rumblings: 30 Players Who Could Outperform Expectations
25 days ago
Dave Regan picks one player per team who could get more playing time than expected and outperform his fantasy expectations, like Arizona's Jake Lamb.
Baseball Draft Kit: Building a Winning Pitching Staff
40 days ago
David Regan breaks down his methods for building a winning staff in his article for the 2019 RotoWire Fantasy Baseball Guide.
Regan’s Rumblings: Wrapping up 2018
206 days ago
Dave Regan examines his personal highs and lows of the season including the enjoyable play of rookie duo Ronald Acuna and Juan Soto.
Regan’s Rumblings: Chasing Categories
220 days ago
Dave Regan offers up player suggestions in specific categories in which you might be trying to make up ground at the last second, such as steals, where he’s suggesting Kansas City’s Adalberto Mondesi.
Regan’s Rumblings: Guys I Hit On ... And Guys I Missed
234 days ago
As the fantasy baseball season reaches its final lap, Dave Regan examines the players that were a hit, like AL Cy Young contender Trevor Bauer, and the misses.
Regan’s Rumblings: Second-Half Studs
248 days ago
Dave Regan examines players playing well after the All-Star break, including Mallex Smith, whom he’s not too surprised to see take a step forward given his youth and minor league track record.
Regan’s Rumblings: Trade Deadline Fallout
261 days ago
Dave Regan analyzes some of the more important trades that happened on July 31. Will going from the Al to the NL help former Rays starting pitcher Chris Archer?
Regan's Rumblings: On Manny and Some Top Prospects
276 days ago
Dave Regan gives readers the top 10 prospects he thinks will help fantasy owners down the stretch, starting with Toronto's Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
Regan’s Rumblings: 10 Biggest First-Half Stories
290 days ago
Dave Regan delivers his 10 Biggest stories for MLB’s first half, including his thoughts on Eddie Rosario being the Twins’ best hitter with 18 home runs and six stolen bases so far.
Regan's Rumblings: 30 Teams, 30 Answers
297 days ago
Dave Regan answers a pressing question for every team in this week's look around the majors. Which Rafael Devers will we see in the second half?
Regan's Rumblings: 2018 Surprises
311 days ago
Dave Regan analyzes the last two and a half months of baseball to find players exceeding preseason expectations, like Arizona's Daniel Descalso, who's on pace for career highs in all categories.
Regan's Rumblings: Predicting the Future with xFIP vs. ERA
323 days ago
Dave Regan looks at 10 pitchers on each side of the regression ledger, some who can expect better results the next four months and others who could struggle, like Chicago's Reynaldo Lopez.
Regan's Rumblings: 10 Things I Didn't See Coming
339 days ago
Dave Regan discusses the ways in which baseball has surprised him so far this season, including Astros pitcher Gerrit Cole getting exponentially better with his move to the AL.
Regan's Rumblings: 30 Teams, 30 Takes
353 days ago
Dave Regan looks at the status of every team and where they should go from here. Will the struggling Domingo Santana figure it out or have pitchers figured him out?
Regan's Rumblings: Is it Real or Just a Mirage?
360 days ago
Dave Regan analyzes 10 players who are off to good starts and renders a verdict on whether they can keep it up. What's the deal with Kyle Schwarber?
Regan's Rumblings: April Surprises
April 19, 2018
Dave Regan had to wait a few years, but his Goldschmidt-for-Bundy trade is finally paying off. Find out what else has surprised him in the first month.
Regan's Rumblings: Playing Time Problems
April 12, 2018
Dave Regan looks at players whose slow starts could cause playing time issues, including Ryan McMahon, who isn't finding enough at-bats in Colorado.
Regan's Rumblings: (Very) Early Season Takeaways
April 5, 2018
Dave Regan discusses items that have caught his eye in the (very) early going, including whether Brandon Belt's ever anticipated breakout is finally upon us.
Regan's Rumblings: 10 Storylines to Follow
March 29, 2018
Dave Regan explains why Joc Pederson making the Dodgers roster over Andrew Toles actually makes sense. That and more big stories as the season gets under way.
Regan's Rumblings: Hunting for Cheap Speed & Saves
March 24, 2018
Dave Regan looks for late-draft bargains that could deliver stolen bases and closers-in-waiting for could provide saves. Are 40 steals too much to expect from Mallex Smith?
Regan's Rumblings: 10 Players to Target
March 17, 2018
Dave Regan analyzes the players he is gravitating toward in his drafts this spring. Dansby Swanson might never live up to his No. 1 pick pedigree but at least he'll come cheap.
Regan's Rumblings: Wrapping Up 2017
September 27, 2017
Dave Regan checks in for the final time this season, using his rumblings to hand out some hardware to the majors' top players.
Regan's Rumblings: Things I Wonder About as the Season Winds Down
September 20, 2017
Dave Regan focuses his rumblings on things that he's wondering about as the 2017 campaign draws to a close, like whether this season's performance by Giancarlo Stanton is his new norm.
Regan's Rumblings: Late-season MLB Debuts
September 13, 2017
Dave Regan rumbles this week about a bunch of young players that have made their MLB debut in September -- like the Phillies' J.P. Crawford.
Regan's Rumblings: 2017 Overdrafts
September 6, 2017
Dave Regan uses his rumblings this week to explore baseball's biggest busts this season, like Giants starter Johnny Cueto.
Regan's Rumblings: Exceeding Expectations
August 30, 2017
Dave Regan uses his rumblings this week to explore a group of players that have significantly exceeded their preseason expectations, like Mets outfielder Michael Conforto.
Regan's Rumblings: Planning for 2018
August 23, 2017
Dave Regan focuses his rumblings on looking ahead to next year, exploring a handful of players worth targeting heading into 2018.