Tuesday Lineup Card: See Through The Smoak

Tuesday Lineup Card: See Through The Smoak

This article is part of our The Lineup Card series.

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Projected Starters – A look at Tuesday's matchups (all times Eastern)

Blue Jays (Jo-Jo Reyes - L) v Rays (Wade Davis - R), 6:40
Nationals (Livan Hernandez - R ) v Phillies (Cole Hamels - R), 7:05
Yankees (CC Sabathia - L) v Tigers (Brad Penny - R), 7:05
Giants (Ryan Vogelsong - R) v Mets (R.A. Dickey - R), 7:10
Astros (J.A. Happ - L) v Reds (Mike Leake - R), 7:10
Brewers (Marco Estrada - R) v Braves (Tommy Hanson - R), 7:10
Angels (Dan Haren - R) v Red Sox (Jon Lester - L), 7:10
Orioles (Bradley Bergesen - R) v Royals (Jeff Francis - L), 8:10
Twins (Francisco Liriano - L) v White Sox (Edwin Jackson - R), 8:10
Marlins (Anibal Sanchez - R) v Cardinals (Kyle McClellan - R), 8:15
Rockies (Jorge De La Rosa - L) v Diamondbacks (Joe Saunders - L), 9:40
Indians (Fausto Carmona - R) v A's (Tyson Ross - R), 10:05
Pirates (Jeffrey Karstens - R) v Padres (Mat Latos - R), 10:05
Cubs (Ryan Dempster - R) v Dodgers (Chad Billingsley - R), 10:10
Rangers (Alexi Ogando - R) v Mariners (Erik Bedard - L), 10:10

Day Game After a Night Game: None

Injuries - A brief look at players that have been missing time with minor ailments and their expected

Day-to-Day (includes players expected to make their return from the DL)

Travis Hafner, DH, CLE - (Foot) Looks like he will miss the upcoming series with the A's
Robinson Cano, 2B, NY-A - (Hand) Would like to play Tuesday
Daisuke Matsuzaka, P, BOS - (Elbow) Side session on tap, could start Friday
Jake Arrieta, P, BAL - (Hip) No issues after Monday's side session, should start Friday
Jose Bautista, 3B, TOR - (Neck) Left Sunday's game for precautionary reasons
Kevin Youkilis, 1B, BOS - (Hip) Returned to the Red Sox's lineup Monday
Jarrod Dyson, OF, KC - (Ankle) Sprained his right ankle while sliding Sunday
Tony Pena, P, CHI-A - (Elbow) Will not be available for the next few days

Carlos Lee, OF, HOU - (Ribs) Re-joined team Monday
Carlos Ruiz, C, PHI - (Back) Has not played since Wednesday
Jose Tabata, OF, PIT - (Hamstring) Rode a stationary bike Sunday

Players on the DL

Jake Peavy, P, CHI-A - (Shoulder) Will make a rehab start Thursday
Neftali Feliz, P, TEX - (Shoulder) Rehab assignment slated to begin Wednesday, could come off DL on Friday
Dallas Braden, P, OAK - (Shoulder) Played catch Monday
Delmon Young, OF, MIN - (Ribs) Headed to Florida for some rehab
Tommy Hunter, P, TEX - (Groin) Will throw three or four innings Wednesday
Evan Longoria, 3B, TB - (Oblique) Will return from the DL on Tuesday
Andrew Bailey, P, OAK - (Forearm) Will try to face live batters this week
Jayson Nix, 2B, TOR - (Leg) Has begun baseball-related activities
Aaron Hill, 2B, TOR - (Hamstring) Could return to the team later this week
Mitch Talbot, P, CLE - (Elbow) Will throw a bullpen session Tuesday
Philip Hughes, P, NY-A – (Arm) Tests for circulatory issues came back negative – still don't know what's wrong

Johnny Cueto, P, CIN - (Shoulder) Will throw for Low-A on Friday
Angel Pagan, OF, NY-N - (Oblique) Played five rehab innings Monday
Homer Bailey, P, CIN - (Shoulder) Will start Thursday
Donnie Murphy, SS, FLA - (Wrist) Placed on the DL on Monday
David Freese, 3B, STL - (Hand) Could be out for a month
Chase Utley, 2B, PHI - (Knee) Might start a lengthy rehab stint later this week
J.C. Romero, P PHI - (Calf)Threw a bullpen on Sunday, could come off the DL on Wednesday
Brad Lidge, P, PHI - (Shoulder) Felt good Sunday after playing catch Saturday
Joe Blanton, P, PHI - (Elbow) Will throw off flat ground Tuesday
Joe Thatcher, P, SD – (Shoulder) Might be able to pitch this season

Transactions - Players that have been demoted, called up, traded, released, you name it. We'll cover it here.

Activated from the DL
Allen Craig, OF, STL

Placed on the DL
David Freese, 3B, STL

Bryan Petersen, OF FLA

Sent Down
Alexander Cobb, P, TB
Dominic Brown, OF, PHI
Brian Bocock, SS, PHI

Closer Watch - A closer look at intriguing ninth-inning situations (check out our Closer Grid with the link to the left).

TexasArthur Rhodes blew the save against the A's on Monday. Neftali Feliz could be back by the end
of the week.

Key Matchups


Placido Polanco v Livan Hernandez - 19-for-52 (.365), 1 2B, 1 3B, 0 HR, 4:3 K:BB
Ben Francisco v Livan Hernandez - 4-for-12 (.333), 1 HR, 0:0 K:BB
Miguel Cabrera v CC Sabathia - 8-for-14 (.571), 1 2B, 2 HR, 3:3 K:BB (1.683 OPS)
Andruw Jones v Brad Penny - 15-for-45 (.333), 3 2B, 6 HR, 10:3 K:BB (.800 SLG)
Derek Jeter v Brad Penny - 9-for-18 (.500), 1 2B, 1:1 K:BB
Ryan Braun v Tommy Hanson - 6-for-15 (.400), 1 2B, 4 HR, 1:0 K:BB (1.267 SLG)
David Ortiz v Dan Haren - 7-for-22 (.318), 1 3B, 3 HR, 1:3 K:BB (1.218 OPS)
Mark Reynolds v Jeff Francis - 9-for-22 (.409), 2 2B, 2:1 K:BB
Derrek Lee v Jeff Francis - 7-for-12 (.583), 1 HR, 1:3 K:BB (1.500 OPS)
Paul Konerko v Francisco Liriano - 6-for-19 (.316), 2 2B, 1 3B, 2 HR, 6:7 K:BB (1.342 OPS)
Alexei Ramirez v Francisco Liriano - 10-for-20 (.500), 2 2B, 2:1 K:BB
Jim Thome v Edwin Jackson - 8-for-13 (.615), 1 2B, 2 HR, 2:6 K:BB (1.891 OPS)
Justin Morneau v Edwin Jackson - 6-for-14 (.429), 1 2B, 1 HR, 3:0 K:BB
Ryan Roberts v Jorge De La Rosa - 5-for-14 (.357), 2 2B, 0:1 K:BB
Orlando Cabrera v Fausto Carmona - 4-for-13 (.308), 1 HR, 1:2 K:BB (.938 OPS)
Andre Ethier v Ryan Dempster - 7-for-20 (.350), 4 2B, 1 HR, 1:3 K:BB
Marlon Byrd v Chad Billingsley - 4-for-10 (.400), 1 3B, 1:0 K:BB
Nelson Cruz v Erik Bedard - 4-for-10 (.400), 1 2B, 2 HR, 4:0 K:BB (1.100 SLG)
Michael Bourn v Mike Leake – 4-for-11 (.364), 1 2B, 5:1 K:BB
Adam LaRoche v Cole Hamels – 4-for-12 (.333), 1 2B, 3 HR, 4:1 K:BB
Ian Desmond v Cole Hamels – 4-for-11 (.364), 2 2B, 1 HR, 3:1 K:BB
Torii Hunter v Jon Lester – 6-for-16 (.375), 2 2B, 1 HR, 3:2 K:BB

CC Sabathia v Tigers - .239/307/.413, 12 2B, 1 3B, 8 HR, 51:21 K:BB in 247 PA
Jon Lester v Angels - .238/.333/.385, 13 2B, 2 HR, 22:18 K:BB in 151 PA
Dan Haren v Red Sox - .216/.271/.392, 10 2B, 3 3B, 5 HR, 47:12 K:BB in 194 PA


Jimmy Rollins v Livan Hernandez - 14-for-64 (.219), 2 2B, 4 HR, 6:2 K:BB, .242 OBP
Ryan Howard v Livan Hernandez - 5-for-27 (.185), 3 HR, 8:4 K:BB
Brandon Inge v CC Sabathia - 10-for-56 (.179), 1 2B, 1 HR, 15:6 K:BB
Ryan Raburn v CC Sabathia - 4-for-19 (.211), 2 2B, 6:2 K:BB
Jhonny Peralta v CC Sabathia - 1-for-14 (.071), 1 2B, 4:3 K:BB
Austin Jackson v CC Sabathia - 2-for-10 (.200), 1 HR, 6:0 K:BB
Mark Teixeira v Brad Penny - 3-for-13 (.231), 1 2B, 1 HR, 4:2 K:BB
Rickie Weeks v Tommy Hanson - 0-for-10 (.000), 3:0 K:BB
Jason Varitek v Dan Haren - 1-for-10 (.100), 1 2B, 5:0 K:BB
Dustin Pedroia v Dan Haren - 0-for-12 (.000), 5:1 K:BB
J.D. Drew v Dan Haren - 3-for-15 (.200), 1 2B, 6:0 K:BB
Kevin Youkilis v Dan Haren - 3-for-16 (.188), 0 XBH, 4:0 K:BB
Carl Crawford v Dan Haren - 7-for-29 (.241), 2 3B, 6:1 K:BB
Alexis Rios v Francisco Liriano - 4-for-21 (.190), 2 2B, 7:0 K:BB
Mark Teahen v Francisco Liriano - 3-for-17 (.176), 2 2B, 4:0 K:BB
Omar Vizquel v Francisco Liriano - 2-for-11 (.182), 2 2B, 2:0 K:BB
Kelly Johnson v Jorge De La Rosa - 2-for-10 (.200), 1 HR, 2:0 K:BB
Justin Upton v Jorge De La Rosa - 3-for-13 (.231), 0 XBH, 4:3 K:BB
Carlos Lee v Mike Leake – 1-for-12 (.083), 1 2B, 0:0 K:BB
Jose Lopez v Joe Saunders - 9-for-38 (.237), 2 2B, 1 HR, 0:3 K:BB
Jason Giambi v Joe Saunders - 2-for-10 (.200), 0 XBH, 3:0 K:BB
Carlos Gonzalez v Joe Saunders - 2-for-12 (.167), 1 2B, 4:0 K:BB
Aaron Miles v Ryan Dempster - 3-for-16 (.188), 0 XBH, 3:1 K:BB
James Loney v Ryan Dempster - 2-for-16 (.125), 1 HR, 0:0 K:BB
Alfonso Soriano v Chad Billingsley - 4-for-21 (.190), 0 XBH, 9:1 K:BB
Koyie Hill v Chad Billingsley - 2-for-10 (.200), 1 HR, 4:2 K:BB
Geovany Soto v Chad Billingsley - 1-for-10 (.100), 0 XBH, 3:1 K:BB
Michael Young v Erik Bedard - 5-for-30 (.167), 1 2B, 1 HR, 7:1 K:BB
Adrian Beltre v Erik Bedard - 3-for-14 (.214), 1 HR, 2:0 K:BB
Jerry Hairston Jr. v Cole Hamels – 2-for-14 (.143), 1 2B, 1 HR, 1:0 K:BB
Vernon Wells v Jon Lester – 6-for-31 (.194), 2 2B, 1 HR, 3:5 K:BB
Bobby Abreu v Jon Lester – 4-for-20 (.200), 2 2B, 4:4 K:BB
Howie Kendrick v Jon Lester – 3-for-19 (.158), 1 2B, 4:1 K:BB

Brad Penny v Yankees - .344/.404/.625, 10 2B, 1 3B, 8 HR, 23:13 K:BB in 146 PA

Recommended Pickup

Justin Smoak, 1B, SEA

I'm not really sure how Smoak is owned in fewer than 40 percent of Yahoo! Leagues. Sure, he's 0-for-7
over his last two games and sure, he disappointed many a Ranger fan, but Smoak a guy who was one of
the top hitting prospects in the league prior to the 2010 season and has a monopoly on playing time at
first for the Mariners. There's the argument that playing at Safeco Field will suppress his power, but he
already has two home runs in seven games there this season to go with a 1.004 OPS (albeit in 29 plate
appearances). Plus, hitting the ball out of Safeco is not impossible -- you just have to hit it harder (just
ask 2009 Russell Branyan). Catch Smoak before the post-hype becomes real-hype.

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Draft Street Lineup

C – Carlos Santana, $5,410
1B - Derrek Lee, $2,150
2B – Darwin Barney, $4,502
3B – Mark Reynolds, $4,146
SS – Alexei Ramirez, $3,848
OF – Michael Bourn, $5,475
OF – Ryan Braun, $11,283
OF – Andre Ethier, $5,887
UTIL – Miguel Cabrera, $9,017
UTIL – Placido Polanco, $8,972
SP – Dan Haren, $8,653
SP – Jon Lester, $8,909
SP – Chad Billingsley, $6,651
RP – Mariano Rivera, $3,536
P – Mike Leake, $2,951
P – CC Sabathia, $8106
Total: $99,496

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