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Fantasy Articles Featuring Rod Barajas

Articles from RotoWire's fantasy archives that mention Rod Barajas's name.

FAAB Factor-NL: Countless Buying Opportunities

Pictured in happier (well, at least on the field) times in Tampa Bay, Carl Crawford surprised many by rehabbing his elbow enough to be ready for Opening Day.

The Wheelhouse: Wasted Opportunities

Infield flyballs are just as costly to a hitter as strikeouts. Dan Uggla generated plenty of both last season. Should you write off a rebound? Derek VanRiper takes a closer look at hitters wasting opportunities.

Pirates' Team Preview: On the Brink?

Can the Bucs break a 20-year losing streak in 2013?

Wednesday Lineup Card: Knock On Wood

Monday Lineup Card: Something To Like In Ike

MLB Barometer: Debut of a Prodigy

The Orioles surprised many by calling up Manny Machado this weekend.

Thursday Lineup Card: Afternoon Baseball, Anyone?

FAAB Factor - NL: Post-Deadline Edition

Johan Santana is among those featured this week.

Friday Lineup Card: Ride The Closer Carousel

Wednesday Lineup Card: Steady As He Gose

Friday Lineup Card: Back In Action

Sunday Lineup Card: Going Rogue With Ruggiano

Friday Lineup Card: Howard's Return Looms

FAAB Factor - NL: Bauer Power

Trevor Bauer is just one of the top prospects that gets Jan Levine's attention this week.

Friday Lineup Card: Grab The Cashner And Run

Circling the Bases: The R Word

Paul Konerko's batting average is already starting to decline, but Ray Flowers thinks that there's still a pretty deep drop remaining.

The Lineup Card: Felix Checks Out Fine

Monday's Lineup Card: Blasted Capps

Sunday Lineup Card: Juan ATLien

Tuesday Lineup Card: Another Arm Impressing in Baltimore

Sunday Lineup Card: Fishy Saves

Saturday Lineup Card: Harper Gets the Call

Tuesday Lineup Card: Picking Up Parker

Monday Lineup Card: Pull The Hammer On Hammel

Sunday Lineup Card: Cordero in Blue

Saturday Lineup Card: Time To Own Milone

Saturday Lineup Card: First Full Slate

Thursday Lineup Card: Opening Day 1.3

With a home matchup against soft-tosser Mark Buehrle, Joey Votto is well worth the price in daily salary cap games Thursday.

2012 Pirates Preview: Pirates 2012: 19 Years and Counting

Rounding Third: Jesus, I Like Him Very Much, But ...

Why Jesus Montero didn't land in our first RotoWire 200.