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Fantasy Articles Featuring Juan Rivera

Articles from RotoWire's fantasy archives that mention Juan Rivera's name.

Thursday Lineup Card: Holding Betancourt

Bernie On The Scene: Starting Pitcher Rankings

Clayton Kershaw is the king of the hill in Bernie Pleskoff's starting pitcher rankings for 2013.

Spring Training Job Battles: Early March Update

Brian Pelowski takes a look around the league at job battles for all 30 teams -- including the fallout from Mark Teixeira's wrist injury.

The Wheelhouse: Wasted Opportunities

Infield flyballs are just as costly to a hitter as strikeouts. Dan Uggla generated plenty of both last season. Should you write off a rebound? Derek VanRiper takes a closer look at hitters wasting opportunities.

Yankees' Team Preview: Fiscal Austerity Plan?

Mariano Rivera returns this year, but the Yankees were very quiet on the free agent market this year.

Wednesday Lineup Card: Knock On Wood

Wednesday Lineup Card: Solano On a Hot Streak

Tuesday Lineup Card: Andrelton is Back

Friday Lineup Card: Going Back to Great Britton

Friday Lineup Card: K is for Knuckleballer

Tuesday Lineup Card: Colvin Thriving in Colorado

FAAB Factor - NL: Hanson Back in Business

Hanson Among Those Getting Healthy

Saturday Lineup Card: Blanco Drinks Your Melkshake

Monday Lineup Card: Frazier Putting Together Solid Season

MLB Barometer: Vote of Confidence

Dan Uggla is going through a big slump, but we're staying patient with him still.

Saturday Lineup Card: Astros, Jays Complete Massive Deal

Friday Lineup Card: Ride The Closer Carousel

Bernie On The Scene: Grading the Outfielders

Although he's on the DL, Jose Bautista is an increasingly rare commodity as an elite power bat in Toronto.

Wednesday Lineup Card: Steady As He Gose

Tuesday Lineup Card: Head Turner

In Some Depth: Crowd of Cards

Monday Lineup Card: Lind Hot Since Call-Up

Saturday Lineup Card: Howard Up, Pedroia Down

Transaction Analysis: Lee Lands in Miami

FAAB Factor - NL: Bauer Power

Trevor Bauer is just one of the top prospects that gets Jan Levine's attention this week.

Saturday Lineup Card: New Closer Up in Big Apple

Wednesday Lineup Card: He Looks Good Thome

Tuesday Lineup Card: Bauer Hour

Tuesday Lineup Card: Might Be Time for Rizzo

Wednesday Lineup Card: Roberts is Back