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Fantasy Articles Featuring Orlando Hudson

Articles from RotoWire's fantasy archives that mention Orlando Hudson's name.

White Sox's Team Preview: Come Sale Away

The successful transition of Chris Sale to the rotation was one of many reasons the White Sox exceeded expectations last season.

The Lineup Card: Jake Odorizzi Makes His MLB Debut

Wednesday Lineup Card: A Bulls-eye on Archer

Tuesday Lineup Card: Free Wily

Saturday Lineup Card: Mad About Marco

FAAB Factor - AL: September Roster Expansion

Jurickson Profar was by far the biggest name promoted among the AL September callups - but how much will he play?

The Lineup Card: X Marks The Spot

Saturday Lineup Card: Don't Sleep on Los Del V

The Lineup Card: Answer Your Query With Mayberry

Saturday Lineup Card: Blanco Drinks Your Melkshake

Friday Lineup Card: Grab Jay For The Rest Of The Way

Sunday Lineup Card: Padres' Street Closed Down

Tuesday Lineup Card: Are You Segura-bout Your Shortstop?

Friday Lineup Card: Everyone's Banged Up

Sunday Lineup Card: Better Call Paul

Monday Lineup Card: Lind Hot Since Call-Up

Saturday Lineup Card: Big Names Back From DL

Friday Lineup Card: Back In Action

Tuesday Lineup Card: Catching Help is Available

Transaction Analysis: Utley, Finally, Returns for Phils

In Some Depth: Leaving Las Vegas

Adam Lind is back with the Jays after a successful stint with Triple-A Las Vegas.

FAAB Factor - AL: Prospect Speculation, Catchers Return

Go get Wil Myers now, before the Royals figure out how they're going to make room to play him.

Saturday Lineup Card: KC Officially Ready to Sal-ivate

Friday Lineup Card: Mayberry Fields Forever

In Some Depth: Changes At The Hot Corner

Saturday Lineup Card: Injury News On Hamilton, Halladay, Holland, and Howard

Tuesday Lineup Card: Time to Jump on Oswalt

Friday Lineup Card: Interleague Under the Lights

FAAB Factor - AL: Getting Ready For Roy Oswalt

The Lineup Card: Felix Checks Out Fine