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Fantasy Articles Featuring Freddy Sanchez

Articles from RotoWire's fantasy archives that mention Freddy Sanchez's name.

The Lineup Card: X Marks The Spot

Friday Lineup Card: Howard's Return Looms

Friday Lineup Card: Mayberry Fields Forever

Friday Lineup Card: Interleague Under the Lights

In Some Depth: Manny Nearing Return

Owners who stashed Manny Ramirez away on draft day may finally begin to receive a return on their investment as his 50-game suspension ends this week.

Monday's Lineup Card: Blasted Capps

FAAB Factor - NL: Happening Times

FAAB Factor - NL: Trevor Bauer's Time Near?

Saturday Lineup Card: Good News for Royals' Perez?

Thursday Lineup Card: Dyson Cleaning Up In Center Field

Tuesday Lineup Card: Day Games, Nice!

FAAB Factor - NL: Scraping The Bottom

FAAB Factor - NL: Pedro Alvarez A Pirate Treasure Again?

Pedro Alvarez and his hot streak rank among the popular FAAB picks this week.

Friday Lineup Card: For Bell The Bell Tolls

Wednesday Lineup Card: Catcher on the Rise

Tuesday Lineup Card: Picking Up Parker

Monday Lineup Card: Pull The Hammer On Hammel

FAAB Factor - NL: Carlos Quentin On The Way Back

Carlos Quentin and Allen Craig headline some injured players on their way back to the majors.

Sunday Lineup Card: Cordero in Blue

Wednesday Lineup Card: Another Committee In Washington

Tuesday Lineup Card: Full Slate Under The Lights

Monday Lineup Card: Patriots' Day Edition

FAAB Factor - NL: Fishing For Saves In Miami, San Francisco

Brian Wilson is down in San Francisco and Heath Bell is struggling mightily in Miami. Potential replacements headline this week's NL FAAB stars.

In Some Depth: Backup Plan

Opening Weekend provides clues about how teams are getting by without their injured regulars. Ryan Eisner takes a look around the league.

Saturday Lineup Card: First Full Slate

Bernie On The Scene: Cactus League Recap

RotoWire's Resident Scout Bernie Pleskoff is bullish on Rockies closer Rafael Betancourt. Check out his thoughts from all 15 Cactus League squads from this spring.

FAAB Factor - NL: First FAAB Period Suggestions

Who should you be bidding on after the spring training fallout? Jan Levine has the answers.

Spring Training Job Battles: Countdown to Opening Day

Joakim Soria's season-ending injury has opened the door for a new closer in K.C., but who will win the job as Opening Day draws near?

2012 Cardinals Preview: Cardinals 2012: Unlikely Champs

The Cardinals may have lost Albert Pujols to the Angels, but they do get Adam Wainwright back.

2012 Giants Preview: Giants 2012: Can the Offense Produce?