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Fantasy Articles Featuring Chris Shelton

Articles from RotoWire's fantasy archives that mention Chris Shelton's name.

MLB Barometer: Don't Get Caught Chasing

In his latest Barometer, Vlad Sedler discusses the benefits of owning elite closers like the Dodgers' Kenley Jansen along with diving into this week's risers and fallers.

MLB Barometer: Coming Back to Earth

Vlad Sedler's teams are off to a hot start, but are they as good as they've looked so far?

MLB Barometer: Twin Powers

The returns of Oswaldo Arcia and Josh Willingham have strengthened the Twins' lineup, as has the signing of Kendrys Morales.

The Wheelhouse: Go For Go-Go

The value of Carlos Gomez is one of many topics that came up at the FSTA Conference. Derek VanRiper takes a closer look.

Charging the Mound: Labels

Is Pedro Alvarez truly a streaky player? How exactly do we measure a player's streakiness, and how do we profit from it?

MLB Barometer: Why Manny?

Why did the A's sign Manny Ramirez anyhow? His potential debut with them is going to cause a huge playing time concern with little palpable payoff.

Charging the Mound: At What Point Does a Hot Streak Become a Breakout?

Many hesitated before buying into Jose Bautista two years ago, feeling certain he would come back to earth. How do we get in early the next time around?

2011 Mets Preview: Another Year As New York's "Other" Team?

FAAB Factor- AL: Nick Adenhart and Others