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NFBC Trends: Speed Kills

Greg Ambrosius talks about the incredible drop in stolen bases and the vanishing group of 20-20 players in baseball. Could George Springer join that class this year?

NFBC Trends: The Art of FAAB

Scott Jenstad has been scrambling to replace the offense he thought he was getting from Carlos Beltran and Bryce Harper in the NFBC. In this article he explains his process in wading through the FAAB waters.

NFBC Trends: Beat DVR!

RotoWire's Ryan Rufe played in the Beat DVR league in the NFBC Online Championship - here's his review of the draft.

NFBC Trends: Saved By the Beltran

Scott Jenstad finished third overall in the NFBC Main Event last year. By a small measure of fortune, he missed out on Josh Hamilton this year, instead getting Carlos Beltran. See the rest of his team with his article.

NFBC Trends: Pre-Draft Thoughts

Scott Jenstad gives some general NFBC draft prep thoughts, and discusses the Billy Hamilton dilemma.

NFBC Trends: Draft Order Preferences

Even though most people are opting to choose from the first slot in their NFBC drafts, history suggests that you might have just as good of a chance at winning from the fourth or fifth slot with the likes of Andrew McCutchen.

NFBC Trends: Hating the Closers

Greg Ambrosius hates closers and the lack of stability at the position, and thus really is disappointed that Mariano Rivera has retired.

NFBC Trends: The Need For Speed

Stolen bases were at their lowest point since 2005 last year - what does that do to speed merchants like Jacoby Ellsbury and Billy Hamilton?

NFBC Trends: Penny Stocks

After a subpar 2013 campaign, Matt Cain is waiting in the shadows for you to take him in his bounceback season, Greg Ambrosius reports.

NFBC Trends: FSTA Draft Reactions

The NFBC's Greg Ambrosius took Billy Hamilton in the sixth round of the FSTA Experts draft last week.

NFBC Trends: King Felix's Wavering ADP's

King Felix is dropping in NFBC drafts right now due to reports on his elbow.

NFBC Trends: Ryan Braun, Blue Jays ADP

Ryan Braun has dropped to fourth or lower in four NFBC drafts since his name showed up on Biogenesis's ledger. But should that be the case?

NFBC Trends: Offseason Helium

Bryce Harper's ADP is on the rise this offseason.

NFBC Trends: FSTA Draft vs. NFBC ADP's

Steven Strasburg lasted all the way into the third round in last week's FSTA draft, far later than he's been going in most NFBC slow drafts.

NFBC Trends: Key Closer Situations

Carlos Marmol still has the Cubs' closer job, but how do NFBC drafters feel about him?

NFBC Trends: Looking at the Catchers

Are you willing to spend a first-round pick on Buster Posey?

NFBC Trends: The 2013 Rookie Class

Mike Trout's owners caught a windfall last year - is there any rookie in this year's class with that sort of potential?

NFBC Trends: Early Top 15 ADP's

Greg Ambrosius has returns from eight early NFBC-style drafts - what trends are starting to emerge?

NFBC Trends: The Judy's

Greg Ambrosius digs deeper on the stolen bases category.

NFBC Trends: NFBC Risers & Fallers

Brett Lawrie keeps going higher and higher in NFBC drafts.

NFBC Trends: The Catcher Dilemma

Are you willing to pay for a top tier catcher like Joe Mauer? Do you include Joe Mauer in that top tier? If not, who are some of your better alternatives?

NFBC Trends: ADP Reactions To Recent Moves

Michael Pineda has seen his ADP drop a few slots since his trade to the Yankees.

NFBC Trends: When the Music Stops

Can David Wright bounce back? Given how scarce third base is, when should you jump to grab him or another third baseman?

NFBC Trends: When Should Braun Go?

Ryan Braun recently went in the third round of a RotoWire mock draft. Where do you think he should slot?

NFBC Trends: The Year of the Pitcher II

Where are the elite starters going in early drafts?

NFBC Trends: Everyone's Sleepers

Brett Lawrie probably will be on every sleeper list at the start of the spring, but what will it really take to get him?

NFBC Trends: AFL Reflections

Greg Ambrosius talks about a few of the prospects that made an impression on him at the Arizona Fall League.

NFBC Trends: Top 2012 Rookies

Greg Ambrosius discusses eight 2012 rookies that will have an impact in the NFBC game.

NFBC Trends: You Can Win From Any Spot

If you take Clayton Kershaw early, how will you build your team around him? It might matter where you're drafting.

NFBC Trends: The First NFBC Draft

The first NFBC draft has already happened. Greg Ambrosius discusses the first round of that draft.