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MLB Barometer: One-Year Risers: Pitchers

Derek VanRiper delivers his weekly MLB Barometer, exploring the pitchers that have undergone the biggest rise in value over the last year -- like Mariners closer Edwin Diaz.

MLB Barometer: One-Year Risers: Hitters

Derek VanRiper turns his weekly Barometer toward evaluating hitters on the rise, like Mariners outfielder Mitch Haniger, who currently sits second in the majors with 62 RBIs.

MLB Barometer: Don't Sit Idle

Carlos Correa is under the the microscope this week as Derek VanRiper looks at another batch of risers and fallers around the league.

MLB Barometer: Breaking Bryce

What's behind Bryce Harper's recent struggles? DVR takes a closer look in his latest installment of the MLB Barometer.

MLB Barometer: What's Next for Andujar?

Miguel Andujar's advanced hit tool could help him avoid prolonged slumps as big-league pitchers find ways to get him out in the months ahead.

MLB Barometer: The Sun Always Rises

Derek VanRiper delivers his weekly risers and fallers in the MLB Barometer, zeroing in on Indians infielder Jose Ramirez.

MLB Barometer: Risers & Fallers

Derek VanRiper explores his risers and fallers in this week's edition of the Barometer, recommending Cards righty Alex Reyes, who looks great after recovering from Tommy John surgery.

MLB Barometer: The Best Player We Never Talk About

There are several interesting stories with the 2018 Phillies, which appear to be overshadowing a big season from Cesar Hernandez.

MLB Barometer: Bounce Back for Berrios?

Jose Berrios has been struggling after an excellent beginning to 2018. Derek VanRiper searches for answers in this week's installment of the Barometer...

MLB Barometer: New Arms on the Scene

Derek VanRiper explores his risers and fallers in this week's edition of the Barometer, recommending outfielder Corey Dickerson in his new digs in Pittsburgh.

MLB Barometer: One Down, Five to Go

Derek VanRiper delivers his weekly risers and fallers, kicking things off with D-Backs outfielder A.J. Pollock, who tore it up in the season's first month.

MLB Barometer: Risers & Fallers

Derek VanRiper gets into his risers and fallers for the week, kicking things off with Cubs middle infielder Javier Baez, who's now gone yard seven times this season.

MLB Barometer: Risers & Fallers

Derek VanRiper is sorry he doubted Didi Gregorius and for missing out on Nick Pivetta's potential breakout in this week's edition of the MLB Barometer.

MLB Barometer: Risers & Fallers

Derek VanRiper breaks down his weekly risers and fallers, pinpointing the Yankees' Giancarlo Stanton as one of the slowest-starting elite fantasy assets 10 games into the season.

MLB Barometer: The First Month Is the Hardest

Derek VanRiper offers advice on navigating the first month of the season, which is the most difficult for fantasy owners to manage. Plus, this week's Risers and Fallers, including the A's Marcus Semien.

MLB Barometer: Eyes on the Prize

Derek VanRiper reviews his NFBC draft and looks ahead to Opening Day as players like Colorado's Gerardo Parra jockeying for playing time.

MLB Barometer: Adapting in Auctions

Derek VanRiper describes how he adapted to the fluid environment of his recent Tour Wars auction that left him with Shohei Ohtani, along with highlighting this week's risers and fallers.

MLB Barometer: Early Draft Season Helium

Derek VanRiper looks at which players are feeling the effects of helium in early spring drafts, and which have had their balloons pop. Is helium warranted in the case of Atlanta's Ozzie Albies?

MLB Barometer: Curtain Call

Vlad Sedler delivers his MLB Barometer for the very last time this season, turning his focus to the league's best hitters and how they project to fare heading into 2018.

MLB Barometer: Looking to 2018: Starting Pitchers

Vlad Sedler uses his MLB Barometer this week to bring us his

MLB Barometer: Waiver Wire All-Stars

Vlad Sedler tees up his MLB Barometer again this week, focusing on the best waiver-wire adds of the season -- like Rangers third baseman Joey Gallo.

MLB Barometer: Down to the Wire

Vlad Sedler brings us his first MLB Barometer of September, turning an eye toward the fantasy stretch run while getting into his weekly risers and fallers.

MLB Barometer: Cut Bait on Dead Weight

Vlad Sedler shows why dead weight has no place on a roster with just five weeks left in the season, which means re-considering spots filled by injured players like James Paxton.

MLB Barometer: Six Weeks Left

Vlad Sedler explores the MLB landscape in this week's edition of the Barometer, honing in on Rougned Rodor of the Rangers as one of his risers with six weeks left in the season.

MLB Barometer: Finishing Strong

Vlad Sedler gets into his MLB Barometer again this week, this time sharing some tips about how to finish your fantasy season strong before discussing his risers and fallers.

MLB Barometer: Post-Trade-Deadline Risers and Fallers

Vlad Sedler explores the MLB landscape in this week's edition of the Barometer, highlighting the struggles of the Orioles' Mark Trumbo in the fallers section as his batting average continues to tumble.

MLB Barometer: FAAB Budget Management

Vlad Sedler tunes us into his MLB Barometer again this week, looking at the importance of managing your FAAB budget before getting into his risers and fallers.

MLB Barometer: Forecasting the Second Half

Vlad Sedler is back with his MLB Barometer after the All-Star break, as he looks toward the second half and which players are poised to help (or hinder) your fantasy squad down the stretch.

MLB Barometer: Digging the Long Ball

Vlad Sedler gives us his MLB Barometer one last time before the All-Star break, turning his focus to baseball's biggest boppers and their outlooks for the rest of the season.

MLB Barometer: Top Pitching Trios

Vlad Sedler dives into his MLB Barometer with June coming to a close, focusing on the majors' best starting pitching trios before getting into his regular risers and fallers.

MLB Barometer: Managing Your FAAB Budget

Vlad Sedler gets into his MLB Barometer again this week, this time turning his focus to the importance of managing your FAAB budget before diving into his risers and fallers.

MLB Barometer: Attention to Detail

Vlad Sedler shares his MLB Barometer, focusing on the importance of attention to detail when it comes to managing your fantasy roster before getting into his weekly risers and fallers.

MLB Barometer: The Importance of Starting Pitching Depth

Vlad Sedler drops his MLB Barometer, opening with focusing on the importance of starting pitching depth before diving into his weekly risers and fallers.

MLB Barometer: Two Months In

Vlad Sedler delivers his weekly edition of the MLB Barometer, kicking things off with thoughts on Mike Trout's injury before getting into his weekly risers and fallers.

MLB Barometer: Catching Lightning in a Bottle

It's MLB Barometer time again, with Vlad Sedler checking in this week about the importance of buying low on the waiver wire while the window of opportunity remains open.

MLB Barometer: Profit Off Rockies' Good Problem

Vlad Sedler's weekly look around the majors includes a peek at the good problem the Rockies will soon have, which could make it time for fantasy owners to start shopping Mark Reynolds.

MLB Barometer: Don't Give Up Yet

Vlad Sedler's latest Barometer describes the glories of DFS victory and checks risers and fallers, with Toronto's Jose Bautista falling into the latter category -- but it's not time to cut bait on him yet.

MLB Barometer: Judge, Jury, Executioner

Aaron Judge is off to a huge start for the Yankees, and Vlad Sedler likes his chances of clearing 30 homers in his rookie campaign. That and more in this week's Barometer.

MLB Barometer: Brave New World

Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman has been raking like a superstar, convincing RotoWire's Vlad Sedler that he's heading for first-round status in next year's drafts.

MLB Barometer: Don't Get Caught Chasing

In his latest Barometer, Vlad Sedler discusses the benefits of owning elite closers like the Dodgers' Kenley Jansen along with diving into this week's risers and fallers.

MLB Barometer: It's a Marathon

Vlad Sedler talks panicky owners off the ledge and identifies this week's Barometer risers and fallers, with the Mets' Yoenis Cespedes landing in the latter category.

MLB Barometer: One Man's NFBC

Vlad Sedler's first Barometer of the regular season follows his NFBC Main Event draft, which saw D-Backs star Paul Goldschmidt fall to him at pick 13.

MLB Barometer: Building Around Kershaw

Vlad Sedler's final preseason Barometer focuses on how to plan a draft around Clayton Kershaw and discusses the late-March shifts in pitcher ADPs.

MLB Barometer: Mining the Outfield

Vlad Sedler's latest Barometer breaks down the outfield by ADP, pointing out profit potential in players like the Royals' oft-injured Lorenzo Cain.

MLB Barometer: Values Around the Infield

Vlad Sedler discusses value options at second base, third base and shortstop, including the surprisingly underrated Nick Castellanos.

MLB Barometer: Preseason Tenets

In 2017's first edition of the Barometer, Vlad Sedler offers his advice for a successful draft season and dives into underpriced players at catcher and first base, like the South Siders' Jose Abreu.

MLB Barometer: 2016 Busts to Target in 2017

Vlad Sedler wraps up the 2016 baseball season with a look at busts like the Dodgers' Yasiel Puig who could be bargains next year.

MLB Barometer: Was Aces High a Bust?

Vlad Sedler looks at how this year's popular draft strategy of picking multiple ace pitchers in the early rounds worked out. That and more in this week's Barometer.

MLB Barometer: 2016's All-Value & All-Bust Teams

Vlad Sedler names his All-Value and All-Bust teams for 2016. Jackie Bradley Jr. was an easy pick for the former, but who else outplayed their ADPs?

MLB Barometer: Is Betts No. 1 in 2017?

Vlad Sedler looks ahead to 2017 and how the first round of a 12-team fantasy draft might shake out. Is Mookie Betts the No. 1 overall pick?

MLB Barometer: Lessons Learned

Vlad Sedler offers up some lessons the fantasy baseball season has taught him this year and looks at this week's risers and fallers, including Arizona's Yasmany Tomas, who appears to have finally arrived as a hitter.

MLB Barometer: DFS Lessons Learned

Vlad Sedler shares what he's learned from successful DFS players and looks around the league for those heating up, like Colorado's Charlie Blackmon, and those cooling off.

MLB Barometer: Fantasy Trade Deadline Targets

Erik Siegrist looks at under-the-radar targets to help you in specific categories as your league's trade deadline approaches and is also amazed at the way Justin Verlander has turned back the clock.

MLB Barometer: Rougned Rising in Texas

Vlad Sedler's look around the majors includes Texas' Rougned Odor, who is quickly developing into a star. And at 22, he still has plenty of room for growth.

MLB Barometer: Navigating the Trade Deadline

Vlad Sedler discusses how to handle the trade deadline and still keep some FAAB money for the stretch run. That and more in this week's look at who's up and who's down in baseball.

MLB Barometer: Rotation Power Rankings

Vlad Sedler ranks all 30 major league rotations at the midpoint of the season and puts Jake Arriets and the deep, consistent Cubs rotation right at the very top.

MLB Barometer: It's All Right To Be Wrong

Erik Siegrist explains why being wrong isn't always a bad thing in fantasy baseball and notes that Matt Moore might finally be fully recovered from his Tommy John surgery.

MLB Barometer: Is the Piñata Party Over?

Vlad Sedler's runs down this week's risers and fallers, including the Yankees' Michael Pineda who has come a long way from his Michael Piñata days.

MLB Barometer: Assessing the Fantasy Outfield Pool

Vlad Sedler looks at the first-half winners and losers in the outfield, including Boston's Mookie Betts, who is on pace for more home runs than steals this season.

MLB Barometer: Assessing the Fantasy Player Pool

Vlad Sedler looks at the fantasy winners and losers at each position as midseason approaches, including first baseman Brandon Belt, who is the only Giant outearning his preseason ADP.

MLB Barometer: Nightmare Mess for Stanton Owners

Erik Siegrist ponders what to possibly do with Giancarlo Stanton, who's in an almost unprecedented slump, in this week's look at the risers and fallers around the majors.

MLB Barometer: Making Tough Lineup Decisions

Vlad Sedler explains his thought process on making difficult lineup changes when a team is loaded with depth. Will Adam Wainwright get the start over Marcus Stroman?

MLB Barometer: On the Bubble

Vlad Sedler talks about players often on the roster bubble in leagues with 10 or more teams, including Minnesota Twin Eduardo Nunez, who’s lately been one of the best free agent pickups.

MLB Barometer: Disconnect to Reconnect

Vlad Sedler talks about how temporarily disconnecting from data overload might help us make better fantasy decisions in this week’s Barometer, which also showcases Cameron Maybin’s return to Detroit.

MLB Barometer: Decisions, Decisions

After a painful Jose Berrios outing, Vlad Sedler reminds us to trust our instincts when it comes to setting lineups.

MLB Barometer: Striving for Stability

Vlad Sedler talks about the stability and camaraderie found in fantasy baseball, as well as who's on the upswing this week, including Cleveland's Danny Salazar.

MLB Barometer: Fantasy Baseball the Ichiban Way

Vlad Sedler explains how he stays disciplined with his approach to fantasy baseball, and he looks at risers and fallers like the Diamondbacks' Brandon Drury in this week's Barometer.

MLB Barometer: The Toast of Roto Town

Vlad Sedler analyzes what's behind the impressive play of Houston's Colby Rasmus, who's received many accolades in the early going.

MLB Barometer: Walking the Tightrope

Vlad Sedler discusses the tightrope act that comes with giving up on drafted players for free agents in this week's Barometer, which also spotlights the rise of Jake Odorizzi.

MLB Barometer: It's a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Vlad Sedler issues a friendly reminder to stay the course with struggling players early on, in addition to breaking down his risers and fallers in Week 2.

MLB Barometer: Taking All Betts

Vlad Sedler's opening-week look at who's hot and who's not, includes Boston's Mookie Betts, who looks like the total package in just his second full season.

MLB Barometer: Keep an Eye on Edwin

Vlad Sedler has his eye on Edwin Encarnacion, who could end up a steal of the draft if his ADP keeps falling, provided he gets healthy, of course.

MLB Barometer: Analyzing ADP Risers, Fallers

Vlad Sedler looks at players who are shooting up the ADP charts this March, and others who are going in the opposite direction. Is there still profit to be made on a player like Trevor Story?

MLB Barometer: Listen Up, it's Story Time

Chris Bennett's look at who's rising and fall in spring training includes Colorado prospect Trevor Story whose time has come for the Rockies.

MLB Barometer: Looking for Bargain Pitchers

Vlad Sedler looks for bargain players like Baltimore's Kevin Gausman who have a good shot at outproducing their average draft position this season.

MLB Barometer: Looking for ADP Bargains

Vlad Sedler looks for bargain players like St. Louis' Matt Holliday who have a good shot at outproducing their average draft position this season.

MLB Barometer: Mistakes, I've Made a Few

Vlad Sedler casts a critical eye on this year's draft decisions and looks towards 2016

MLB Barometer: What's he Werth?

Vlad Sedler looks at who's rising and who's falling, including a hot Jayson Werth who has come on strong this month for the Nationals.

MLB Barometer: The Home Stretch

Ryan Rufe has some upgrades and downgrades to help you finish strong, featuring the amazing Seager brothers.

MLB Barometer: The Harvey Cap-tastrophe

Matt Harvey isn't the only pitcher who will have his workload scaled back in September, writes Erik Siegrist.

MLB Barometer: There's Always Next Year

Vlad Sedler is prepping for next year's drafts with a look at 2016's top pitching options.

MLB Barometer: A Little Patience

Vlad Sedler calls impatience the root of all fantasy strife - and Hanley Ramirez one of this year's biggest flops.

MLB Barometer: 2015 All-Value Team

Vlad Sedler looks at players who proved great draft-day values this season, including Mark Teixeria, and also offers up his risers and fallers for the week.

MLB Barometer: Summer Rentals

Vlad Sedler suggests some short-term pickups to give your team a boost this week, like the Angels' C.J. Cron.

MLB Barometer: Staying Focused

Vlad Sedler cautions against premature NFL obsession - you've got a baseball league to win!

MLB Barometer: Catching Up

Vlad Sedler ranks the best and worst MLB backstops for the second half of the season.

MLB Barometer: Room for Improvement

Erik Siegrist crunches the xFIP numbers looking for second-half pitching buys -- and sells. Which way does Matt Harvey fall?

MLB Barometer: Chicks Dig the Long Ball

Vlad Sedler projects the top home-run hitters for the second half. On which side of 40 will Baltimore's Chris Davis land?

MLB Barometer: Random Notes

Vlad Sedler thinks Brett Gardner has become the Yankees' leader, and other random notes.

MLB Barometer: The Dog Days

Vlad Sedler is not burned out on baseball, but the midseason doldrums have arrived about five weeks early this season.

MLB Barometer: Patience Rewarded

Jose Abreu is posting the sort of numbers that made him a first-round pick, and Vlad Sedler has noticed.

MLB Barometer: The Wait is Over

The Carlos Correa era begins, and Vlad Sedler is giddy with anticipation. Plus: Chris Archer and Gerrit Cole join the ranks of true elite SPs.

MLB Barometer: Would You Rather?

Vlad Sedler applies the principles of a middle-school game to crucial Roto decisions.

MLB Barometer: Too Close to the Sun

Last Week, Vlad Sedler was flying high. This week? The crash.

MLB Barometer: Coming Back to Earth

Vlad Sedler's teams are off to a hot start, but are they as good as they've looked so far?

MLB Barometer: RIP Trading

Stepping in for Vlad Sedler, Derek VanRiper wonders if trading is dead, while pondering the market value of Noah Syndergaard and offering up the weekly supply of risers and fallers.

MLB Barometer: Sizzlers and Fizzlers

Vlad Sedler picks winners and losers from the season's first month, including Paul Goldschmidt, who looks primed for a career year.

MLB Barometer: Down the Rabbit Hole

Back to the grind with Vlad Sedler, who is impressed with Mark Teixiera's early-season production

MLB Barometer: Russian Roulette

Vlad Sedler is to bankroll management what Rob Deer was to place discipline.

MLB Barometer: Only Fools Rush In

Vlad Sedler -- and Elvis -- advise against snap decisions based on small sample sizes, like the slow start of Giancarlo Stanton.

MLB Barometer: Hahn Solo

Vlad Sedler looks for the breakout starting pitchers of 2015 who can be this year's Corey Kluber.

MLB Barometer: All-Undervalued Team

Vlad Sedler looks at players who are being overlooked this draft season, including breakout candidate Jake Marisnick.

MLB Barometer: A Wink and a Smyly

As draft season winds down, Vlad Sedler tells who's climbing the rankings and who's dropping.

MLB Barometer: Blue Bloods

Matt Kemp has caught fire at just the right time for the Dodgers. Will it be enough for them in the playoffs?

MLB Barometer: Old Huddy Duddy

Tim Hudson has been a serious second-half fader, and RotoWire's Vlad Sedler wonders whether there's a rebound left in him.

MLB Barometer: All Betts Are On

Mookie Betts is getting an extended run of playing time in September and taking advantage of it. He makes Vlad Sedler's 'Risers' list in this week's Barometer.

MLB Barometer: The Fiers and the Furious

Vlad Sedler overcomes his skepticism about Mike Fiers and relates how poorly most of the hyped rookies this year have played.

MLB Barometer: Get Carter

Scott Jenstad doesn't want to talk about his slumping A's (but does anyhow), explains how to excel in the end game of a league, and pumps the value of the surging Chris Carter.

MLB Barometer: Early Round Disasters

Scott Jenstad fills in for Vlad Sedler this week and laments his early round disasters in the NFBC.

MLB Barometer: Schedules Down The Stretch

Who gets stuck facing the loaded rotations like the Nats down the stretch more than other teams? Erik Siegrist finds out.

MLB Barometer: Minor Disappointment

Mike Minor has been a disappointment for many fantasy owners this season, including RotoWire's Vlad Sedler.

MLB Barometer: The Price is Wong

Vlad Sedler basks in the glow of the RotoWire company trip to Las Vegas and raises the status of Kolten Wong in this week's edition.

MLB Barometer: Cano vs. Rendon

Would you rather own Robinson Cano or Anthony Rendon the rest of the way? Erik Siegrist fills in for Vlad Sedler this week and suggests that the answer isn't as clear as it might seem.

MLB Barometer: Return of the Mac

Yovani Gallardo is one of 10 starting pitchers that Vlad Sedler believes will be better over the second half of the season.

MLB Barometer: Bourn Identity Crisis

Why isn't Michael Bourn doing more of what we see in this photo - stealing bases? Vlad Sedler downgrades Bourn's stock and talks about his midseason ranks in this week's article.

MLB Barometer: Flash Gordon

Alex Gordon's resurgence coincided with the Royals' win-streak that ended last week. He rates on Vlad Sedler's

MLB Barometer: The New Doc Halladay

Charlie Morton gets some appreciation from Vlad Sedler in this week's version, and he suggests that you continue to update your own projections at midseason.

MLB Barometer: Twin Powers

The returns of Oswaldo Arcia and Josh Willingham have strengthened the Twins' lineup, as has the signing of Kendrys Morales.

MLB Barometer: All Aboard the Jenrry Train

Jenrry Mejia has solidified the Mets' closer situation and merits an upgrade in Vlad Sedler's eyes. See who else makes his list in this week's Barometer.

MLB Barometer: Bargains At the V-Mart

Ryan Howard is showing all the signs of turning 35 this year and makes Vlad Sedler's downgrade list this week.

MLB Barometer: The New Bash Brothers

Brandon Moss, Josh Donaldson and a number of other A's have been meeting up at home plate on a frequent basis this season.

MLB Barometer: House of the Reyes Sun

Jose Reyes' fortunes have turned considerably brighter since this unfortunate slide last season in Kansas City. See who else makes Vlad Sedler's risers and fallers this week.

MLB Barometer: Rizzo de Mayo

Vlad Sedler celebrates the return of Jack Bauer and the emergence of Anthony Rizzo, and details his bidding on C.J. Cron.

MLB Barometer: Cruz'n Along

Nelson Cruz has settled in nicely with the Orioles and makes Vlad Sedler's Risers list this week.

MLB Barometer: Sad Panda

Pablo Sandoval is off to a slow start and is on Vlad Sedler's list of fallers in this week's Barometer.

MLB Barometer: Ventura Two-Step

Velocity hounds love Yordano Ventura, and that love intensified after a great first start against the Rays. He gets two starts this week. See who else Vlad Sedler gave a thumbs up or thumbs down to this week.

MLB Barometer: Patience Is a Virtue

Vlad Sedler debuts on RotoWire. He discusses Giancarlo Stanton's hot start, the need to be patient and to avoid some of the early season Fool's Gold that's out there.

MLB Barometer: Happy Real Opening Day

Clayton Kershaw's back inflammation has Howard Bender really concerned. See who else has caught his eye heading into the start of the season.

MLB Barometer: Ventura Highway

Yordano Ventura and his 100 mph fastball have won the Royals' fifth starter's job. See who else has seen his stock climb in Howard Bender's initial Barometer of the season.

MLB Barometer: Looking Ahead to 2014

Howard Bender's final Barometer of the 2013 season takes a look at a handful of players whose stock rose or fell for 2014, including the Mariners' Hisashi Iwakuma, who finished the season in style.

MLB Barometer: This Is It

Manny Machado has a bright future, but he's really slowed down this September.

MLB Barometer: Who the (Heck) Are These Guys?

Howard Bender shines the spotlight on some unlikely September heroes, including the Orioles' Danny Valencia.

MLB Barometer: Give Them a Hand

Hand injuries to Carlos Gonzalez and Starling Marte are preventing them from being factors in the stretch run.

MLB Barometer: Bittersweet

Matt Kemp's imminent return will create a domino effect in terms of sharing the playing time in the Dodgers' outfield.

MLB Barometer: Tough Decisions

You may have to make the difficult decision to cut Jose Bautista, pending on your league's depth, given how little time we have left this season.

MLB Barometer: Fading Starlin

Starlin Castro got benched midway through Saturday's game, punctuating a miserable 2013 season.

MLB Barometer: Digging Deep

Some recent transactions have changed the landscape for teams' rosters. Howard Bender tells you which changes can have a positive fantasy impact.

MLB Barometer: The Replacements

Howard Bender suggests a few alternatives for replacing injured players like Carlos Gonzalez or one of the suspended players in the Biogenesis scandal.

MLB Barometer: Contingency Plans

With the trade deadline approaching, you should be aware of players potentially getting dealt and what might result of those trades. You should also start preparing more for pitchers hitting innings limits like Matt Harvey.

MLB Barometer: Home Run Derby Curse?

Yoenis Cespedes has been sidelined with a wrist injury since winning the Home Run Derby on Monday.

MLB Barometer: Smoak On Fire

Justin Smoak has started to display some of the power potential many thought he had when he was drafted. Can he keep it up? Howard Bender discusses him and more this week.

MLB Barometer: LoMo Rising

Logan Morrison has played well since returning from the DL. Howard Bender gives him an upgrade and discusses the All-Star Game this week.

MLB Barometer: Herculean Clouts

Howard Bender tackles Chris Davis' big first half - how likely is he to approximate that production over the second half?

MLB Barometer: Falling Off

Dan Haren's struggles have continued to the point where the Nats had to put him on the DL. Howard Bender discusses Haren among his fallers this week.

MLB Barometer: Setbacks Everywhere

The Yankees got more bad news this weekend when Mark Teixeira pulled himself from Saturday's game with more wrist problems.

MLB Barometer: Bite the Bullet On Biogenesis

Howard Bender suggests selling low on Nelson Cruz and the other players on the Biogenesis ledgers.

MLB Barometer: More Bullpen Opportunities

Rafael Betancourt and Huston Street landed on the DL this week - their respective replacements feature prominently in Howard Bender's article this week.

MLB Barometer: Shoot That Poison Arrow

Fernando Rodney delivered another heart-wrenching blown save Saturday, but he hasn't lost his job as the closer yet. Howard Bender discusses Rodney among others this week.

MLB Barometer: The Dangers of Micromanaging

Daniel Murphy gets a positive mention in Howard Bender's column this week.

MLB Barometer: Read the Other Players

Howard Bender suggests to read the other players in your league when trying to get an edge. Among his recommendations this week is to hold steady on Allen Craig.

MLB Barometer: Time For Change

RotoWire's Howard Bender is losing patience with the Giants' Brandon Belt, who has been batting down in the eighth spot in the order lately.

MLB Barometer: Chooch Returns

Carlos Ruiz is back from his season-beginning suspension. Howard Bender discusses him among his 10 players of interest this week.

MLB Barometer: Push Through the Wall

Howard Bender advises Jason Heyward's owners to ride out his slow start to the season.

MLB Barometer: Opportunities Abound in Toronto

Jose Reyes' awkward slide has created a handful of changes for the Blue Jays. Howard Bender details those changes and more in this week's Barometer.

MLB Barometer: All the Right Moves

In many mixed leagues last year, Edwin Encarnacion was a very profitable early season free agent pickup. Who will bring a lot of value from the waiver wire this year?

MLB Barometer: The Waiting Game

Howard Bender preaches patience to start the season but there's reason to be concerned about Pablo Sandoval. Check out his solid pickup options for those who just can't wait for the regular season to begin to make moves.

MLB Barometer: Smoke Signals

In some instances, spring training smoke means fire. Howard Bender takes a look at Nolan Arenado and others who are an opportunity away from making an impact.

MLB Barometer: The Jerk

Jedd Gyorko is one of the big risers this spring as he's closing in on the starting job at second base for the Padres.

MLB Barometer: Regression or Rebound

Eric Nehs discusses what to make of Ian Kennedy for next season.

MLB Barometer: A Look Towards 2013

Eric Nehs starts his first look towards 2013 with this week's column.

MLB Barometer: September Surgers

B.J. Upton has been making this home run trot a lot more lately to salvage his overall numbers.

MLB Barometer: Not So Grand

Curtis Granderson is among the downgrades in this week's Barometer.

MLB Barometer: A's Anderson Acing the Test

Brett Anderson has looked great upon his return to the big leagues.

MLB Barometer: Harper's Slump

Bryce Harper has had a difficult last couple of weeks.

MLB Barometer: Tough Sledding For Santana

Johan Santana has struggled since his return from the DL.

MLB Barometer: Debut of a Prodigy

The Orioles surprised many by calling up Manny Machado this weekend.

MLB Barometer: Overdue Downgrade

Carlos Pena has had three miserable months in a row.

MLB Barometer: Vote of Confidence

Dan Uggla is going through a big slump, but we're staying patient with him still.

MLB Barometer: Time to Cut Losses?

Ryan Roberts is Among This Week's Downgrades.

MLB Barometer: Heyward Aloft

Jason Heyward is hitting more flyballs, much to his advantage.

MLB Barometer: Chase This Light

If the Padres deal Chase Headley before the end of July, he should see a significant increase in value moving out of Petco Park.

MLB Barometer: Big Erv in Big Trouble?

Ervin Santana keeps struggling with the gopher balls - can he recover?

MLB Barometer: Take A Holliday

MLB Barometer: Dickey The Great

MLB Barometer: Cooking In Oakland

MLB Barometer: Why Manny?

Why did the A's sign Manny Ramirez anyhow? His potential debut with them is going to cause a huge playing time concern with little palpable payoff.

MLB Barometer: Giancarlo Stanton Powering Up

Giancarlo Stanton looked downright tame to start the season, but a wild May has his power numbers among the league's best.

MLB Barometer: Verlander's Stock Keeps Rising

MLB Barometer: Dirks Rising In Detroit

MLB Barometer: Price Inflation

MLB Barometer: Angels Downgrade Walden

MLB Barometer: Ross Detwiler Moving Up With Capital Start

MLB Barometer: Down Goes Ellsbury

MLB Barometer: Change-Up Calvalcade

Johan Santana's filthy change-up is still making batters swing and miss.

MLB Barometer: Spring Training Risers and Fallers

Matt Thornton appears to have won the White Sox closer job, and RotoWire's Eric Nehs believes that Thornton will keep the job all season.

MLB Barometer: Reviewing Payne's Picks, Pans

Justin Masterson's strong finish last year carried over to 2011.

MLB Barometer: Be Wary of September Sits

Ryan Howard is among the veterans that could sit out multiple games over the last 10 days to get healthy for the playoffs.

MLB Barometer: Weeks' Week

Rickie Weeks is back in the starting lineup for the Brewers.

MLB Barometer: Beard Not Feared

Brian Wilson might not return this season.

MLB Barometer: Hanson's Rotator Cuff

Andrew Martinez downgrades Tommy Hanson this week - Hanson may not need surgery, but he still has a tear in his rotator cuff.

MLB Barometer: Nobody (Messes) With the Jesus

Jesus Guzman is tearing it up for the Padres at first base.

MLB Barometer: Shut Down Warning

Young pitchers like Michael Pineda could get shut down early as their innings totals rise.

MLB Barometer: Hip To Have Kipnis

Jason Kipnis has thrived upon getting the full-time second base job for the Tribe.

MLB Barometer: Reach the Bourgeois

Michael Bourn ran off to Atlanta, leaving behind in Houston one of the best free agent options for the rest of the season.

MLB Barometer: Bargain Bin Maybin

Cameron Maybin is really finding his way with the Padres, at least on the road.

MLB Barometer: Closer Carousel

Between trades and blowups, we have multiple closer jobs changing hands this week. Also, Phil Hughes appears to be back on track.

MLB Barometer: E5 On the Rise

Edwin Encarnacion has come alive in the last few weeks.

MLB Barometer: Albatross!

Vernon Wells' contract remains terrible, but at least he's raised his game in the last month since returning from the DL.

MLB Barometer: Backed Into a Corner

The news on Roy Oswalt's back doesn't sound encouraging.

MLB Barometer: A "Fast" Riser

MLB Barometer: Slip-Sliding Away

Did Brett Anderson's reliance on the slider create his current elbow problems?

MLB Barometer: Selling Off Soriano

RotoWire's Kevin Payne intends to sell Soriano from his teams once he returns from the DL.

MLB Barometer: Blocking the Plate

Kevin Payne weighs in on the concept of blocking the plate in the wake of Buster Posey's injuries.

MLB Barometer: Stanton's Scary Power

Mike Stanton is on a power heater for the Marlins.

MLB Barometer: Yo Adrian!

If you're drafting today, where would Adrian Gonzalez go?

MLB Barometer: Thumbs Up

Carlos Pena is finally starting to hit for power after a thumb injury derailed him in April.

MLB Barometer: Too Late to Buy Low

Carlos Santana has homered in each of the last three games.

MLB Barometer: Tattooing the Ball

Ryan Roberts has gotten extra playing time at third base for the Diamondbacks and has thrived.

MLB Barometer: Changes In Minnesota

The Twins are off to a bad start - Joe Mauer is on the DL, and Joe Nathan just lost his closing job to Matt Capps after blowing the save Saturday against the Rays.

MLB Barometer: Job in Jeopardy?

Ryan Franklin suffered his third blown save Saturday night. Is his job in jeopardy?

MLB Barometer: Tough Day At the Jake

Did this Fausto Carmona pitch get tagged as badly as his Opening Day offerings against the White Sox?

MLB Barometer: Injury Issues Resolving

Brian Roberts has played extensively in the past week, alleviating concerns about his back and neck.

MLB Barometer: Question Marks on Closers

Can Joe Nathan bounce all the way back from his elbow surgery?

MLB Barometer: Silva Sliding in Spring

Carlos Silva appears to be losing a job battle for the Cubs' fifth starter slot.

MLB Barometer: Healthy Kinsler

Ian Kinsler looks fully healed this spring and is tearing it up so far.

MLB Barometer: Early Movers

Joel Hanrahan was named the Pirates' closer at the start of spring training.

MLB Barometer: A First Look At Changing Values

Do the advanced metrics accurately suggest that Justin Masterson is about to take off?

MLB Barometer: Tulowitzki On Fire

MLB Barometer: An Eye on the Future

MLB Barometer: The Clay is Red Hot in Boston

MLB Barometer: Lincecum Takes a Dive

MLB Barometer: Panda Watch!

Has Pablo Sandoval's poor showing this season been the result of a changing skill set, or just plain bad luck?

MLB Barometer: Vote For Pedro!‏

MLB Barometer: Trade to LA a Big Plus For Lilly

MLB Barometer: Accentuate the Positive

MLB Barometer: Perez Inherits Closer's Role in Cleveland

MLB Barometer: Nationals Will Limit the Greatness

The Nationals have decided how many innings they will let Stephen Strasburg throw this season. Find out what effect that decision has on his fantasy value.

MLB Barometer: Don't Give Up on Berkman

A Closer look at Berkman's line drive and fly ball rates suggest a turnaround.

MLB Barometer: Upgrading the Matts

MLB Barometer: Don't Worry About Teixeira

MLB Barometer: Top Prospects on the Rise

MLB Barometer: A Glance at the Home Run Leader