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Charging the Mound: Moyer's Complaints

Closers are the worst

Charging the Mound: Erickson and Liss Talk Baseball

Hitting Winners

Charging the Mound: Fantasy Baseball Innovation

Has our game become less about predicting the career arcs of players like Bryce Harper and more about gaming the system?

Charging the Mound: Derek & Jeff Talk Baseball

Derek VanRiper thought that he was getting Fit Panda, but instead he's been a Sad Panda.

Charging the Mound: Charging the TJS

Derek VanRiper is pretty steamed about Jose Fernandez's elbow injury, the latest to hit his NL LABR team. He fills in for Chris Liss this week and discusses the TJS epidemic and its fantasy implications.

Charging the Mound: The Super Two Madness

Why aren't more fanbases up in arms about teams manipulating the service time of top prospects like Gregory Polanco, when not having them up hurts them in the short term?

Charging the Mound: Selling Low on Harper

Chris Liss completed a trade with Jeff Erickson for Bryce Harper live on our weekly video segment. They talk about it in this week's article, along with a handful of other baseball topics.

Charging the Mound: Charging the Outliers

What price do you put on outliers like Charlie Blackmon and Dee Gordon? Jeff and Chris discuss them among others in this week's edition.

Charging the Mound: Liss and Erickson Talk Baseball

What starting pitchers can we trust no matter what happened in their last outing?

Charging the Mound: Erickson and Liss Talk Baseball

Daily Fantasy vs. Season Long, plus Dee Gordon, Matt Kemp, Ryan Braun and other needle-movers two weeks in.

Charging the Mound: Liss and Erickson Talk Baseball

Whose value has changed in the season's first week?

Charging the Mound: Erickson and Liss Talk AL Tout Wars

"Chance favors the prepared mind" - Steven Seagal

Charging the Mound: Chris Liss and Jeff Erickson Talk Baseball

Are elite starters like Adam Wainwright undervalued?

Charging the Mound: Charging the Press Box

Chris and Jeff take on the issue of anonymous sourcing, then close with their top 15 lists for 2014.

Charging the Mound: Ride the Hot Streak?

Does Justin Upton's recent surge make him more likely to play well in tonight's game?

Charging the Mound: Where We Went Wrong

Bryce Harper fell far short of Chris Liss's expectations this year, hurting him significantly in multiple leagues. Was this a design flaw, or just grabbing the wrong player? (WITH VIDEO)

Charging the Mound: Dominoes Falling

Chris and Jeff discuss Ryan Braun and the Biogenesis suspsects, the Matt Garza trade, the slumping Nats and fit in a little rant. (WITH VIDEO)

Charging the Mound: The Two-Hour Nap

Mariano Rivera's eighth-inning appearance was one of the few events from the All-Star Game was one of the few events that registered during the bubble that is the All-Star break.

Charging the Mound: All-Star Charging

Can you really buy low on Starlin Castro? Are you interested in the All-Star game at all? If not, what would it take to make you interested in the game? That and more, from Chris Liss and Jeff Erickson. (WITH VIDEO)

Charging the Mound: It's A Long Season

Could Brett Lawrie be a second-half post-hype sleeper? Can we put Yasiel Pug's sensational start into historical context? Chris Liss and Jeff Erickson discuss those topics and more.

Charging the Mound: Midseason Values

Manny Machado has been great so far, but Chris Liss suggests that he's a tad overrated in our fantasy circles. (WITH VIDEO)

Charging the Mound: Fantasy MVPs, Targeting AVG and Streaming SPs

Andrew Martinez sits in for the vacationing Jeff Erickson.

Charging the Mound: Literally Charging

Jeff and Chris review the week's events, including the brawl between the Diamondbacks and Dodgers sparked by the plunking of Yasiel Puig.

Charging the Mound: The Biogenesis Edition

Chris Liss and Jeff Erickson discuss the gap between bid and ask on Ryan Braun and the other players listed on the Biogenesis ledgers. (WITH VIDEO)

Charging the Mound: Exorcism By Trade

Jeff Erickson finally had enough of B.J. Upton, and traded him at $.75 on the dollar. Was that the right price? Or is he really a buy lowest candidate?

Charging the Mound: Smorgasbord Week

Jeff Erickson and Derek VanRiper pick a number of items from the buffet this week, including Kevin Gausman's debut for the Orioles.

Charging the Mound: Breaking the Needle

Jean Segura has been a top-five offensive fantasy player this season. Has he broken the needle? How do we value him going forward? (WITH VIDEO)

Charging the Mound: Evaluating In the Moment

Matt Harvey has forced us to evaluate whether he belongs in the top tier of pitchers perhaps before we have enough of a sample size to properly make that evaluation. (WITH VIDEO)

Charging the Mound: When Disaster Strikes

Jason Heyward is one of many injured players for Chris Liss's faltering Y! F&F squad. What do you do when your team is in shambles early in the season?

Charging the Mound: How to Rank Injured Players and Prospects - With Video

When is a top prospect like Will Myers not worth the roster spot?

Charging the Mound: Liss and Erickson Talk Baseball - With Video

Will Giancarlo Stanton come around?

Charging the Mound: Sell Low, Buy Lowest - With Video

Jeff Erickson struggles to move Roy Halladay for 35 cents on the dollar.

Charging the Mound: What to Make of a Diminished Thing (With Video)

How worried should we be about players like Roy Halladay, Tim Lincecum and CC Sabathia?

Charging the Mound: The Ones That Got Away

Chris Liss and Jeff Erickson take stock of their portfolios and discuss the players on whom they regret missing out.

Charging the Mound: Regrets and Ranks

Where do you slot Giancarlo Stanton for 2013?

Charging the Mound: Where Are the Bags?

Stolen bases are down in baseball this year, particularly among the elite stolen base guys like Michael Bourn.

Charging the Mound: Keeper League Thoughts

Mike Napoli's injury triggered a selling opportunity for Chris Liss in a keeper league.

Charging the Mound: Next Year's Rankings Today

Where does Mike Trout rate next year?

Charging the Mound: What Didn't Happen At the Trade Deadline

The Twins were mostly inactive at the trade deadline, holding onto Justin Morneau among others.

Charging the Mound: How Do We Know When a Breakout Portends Long-Term Stardom?'s Jonah Keri guest-writes and breaks down Chris Sale (pictured), Mark Trumbo and others

Charging the Mound: Labels

Is Pedro Alvarez truly a streaky player? How exactly do we measure a player's streakiness, and how do we profit from it?

Charging the Mound: Vegas Version

How much will you pay on the dollar to get Evan Longoria?

Charging the Mound: What's Wrong With ...

We start off discussing some of the disappointing players of the season, then discuss midseason rankings.

Charging the Mound: Praise for Dwayne Murphy

Jose Bautista is at it again, and there's many other Jays on fire too. Should hitting coach Dwayne Murphy be feted on the same level of the elite pitching coaches?

Charging the Mound: Jonah Keri Makes a Guest Appearance

Trading early can net you a big profit. Also, we talk about some of the early surprises, plus the Rockies' four-man rotation plan.

Charging the Mound: Advanced Stats Outliers

Scott Pianowski stars in a guest role in this week's Charging the Mound. Among the players discussed include Matt Cain and how his overall results fly in the face of advance metrics.

Charging the Mound: Panic Time on Upton?

Is now the time to trade for Justin Upton?

Charging the Mound: Do We Still Trust Starting Pitching?

Has Roy Halladay's injury shaken your faith in starting pitching?

Charging the Mound: Most Valuable Keeper Commodities

Mike Trout is up to stay with the Angels and performing great.

Charging the Mound: Player Envy

Which players create envy in you for not owning them? For a while, Chris Liss was envious of those who had a shot to own Matt Kemp, but he's moved on from that.

Charging the Mound: Sliding Away, Hamilton's Night

Josh Hamilton and Miggy Cabrera are discussing just how high Hamilton's four-homer game ranks among the all-time great nights in fantasy baseball history.

Charging the Mound: The Value of Clairvoyance

How much of an advantage would you have to know the results of the first month of the season, and avoid major injuries like that to Jacoby Ellsbury?

Charging the Mound: Trouble Spots

Gordon Beckham is off to yet another rough start.

Charging the Mound: Level of Dominance

Matt Kemp couldn't have gotten off to a better start. Is he the special type of player that can transcend the game?

Charging the Mound: At What Point Does a Hot Streak Become a Breakout?

Many hesitated before buying into Jose Bautista two years ago, feeling certain he would come back to earth. How do we get in early the next time around?

Charging the Mound: Liss and Erickson Talk Baseball

Are some players particularly injury prone, or is it just bad luck?

Charging the Mound: Erickson and Liss Talk Baseball

Both Liss and Erickson regret not having Yu Darvish on a single roster

Charging the Mound: Liss and Erickson Talk Baseball

Clayton Kershaw might be the No. 1 fantasy player this year, but a soft market for pitching drops him to Round 2

Charging the Mound: Tough Keeper Decisions

What do you do with Domonic Brown who might not even begin the year on the major-league roster?

Charging the Mound: Liss and Erickson Talk AL LABR

Liss threw out Justin Morneau with the opening bid for $7 and (purposely) got crickets.

Charging the Mound: Erickson and Liss Talk Baseball

Getting Ready for AL LABR

Charging the Mound: Erickson and Liss Talk Baseball

Joe Mauer was a bust this year - where does he slot among catchers for 2012?

Charging the Mound: Overcoming Platoon Splits

Curtis Granderson's remarkable season has been fueled by a breakout against left-handed pitchers.

Charging the Mound: Late Bloomers

John Mayberry Jr. and Javy Guerra are two players that have provided NL owners value despite entering the season with a very low profile.

Charging the Mound: Liss and Erickson Talk Baseball

Trading away Mike Stanton has cost Chris Liss in one of his expert leagues.

Charging the Mound: Angels Flying High

Ervin Santana has spurred the Angels to stick around in the AL West.

Charging the Mound: Very Little Closer Chaos

Heath Bell was one of the many potential trade targets not dealt at the deadline, leaving him free to exchange more awkward high-fives with his Padre teammates.

Charging the Mound: Half Measures

Bryce Harper is the best prospect in the game still in the minors. But is there a scenario when you should trade him?

Charging the Mound: Liss Gets Hosed By Posey, Twice

Buster Posey found a way to hurt Chris Liss twice in NL Tout Wars.

Charging the Mound: Erickson and Liss Talk Baseball

Players Who Are Tough to Rank

Charging the Mound: Robot Umpires

Jonah Keri fills in for Chris Liss this week and talks about trading for Dan Uggla and the need for robot umpires in baseball.

Charging the Mound: Who Should Sell?

Joakim Soria recovered in June after a miserable May. Should the Royals trade him now while they can?

Charging the Mound: The Case For Fewer Strikes

Could Ricky Nolasco benefit from throwing fewer strikes?

Charging the Mound: Cistulli and Liss Talk Baseball

Prospecting for under-the-radar help

Charging the Mound: Wrong at 30,000 Feet

Albert Pujols has eased his fantasy owners' fears in the last 10 days, so those that have preached patience might have been right about him. But when is the macro view wrong?

Charging the Mound: Trading Season

Justin Upton and the Diamondbacks are in first place in the NL West. What should they trade for, and how soon?

Charging the Mound: Setting the Narrative

Is Joakim Soria in trouble?

Charging the Mound: Erickson and Liss Talk Baseball

Roy Halladay is an ace now, but there once was a time when he was dishing out Mazzaro-like beatings to his fantasy owners.

Charging the Mound: Pianowski and Erickson Talk Baseball

Chances are Matt Holliday got a hit from this swing.

Charging the Mound: Can You Sell Liriano Now?

What can you get if you're a Francisco Liriano owner trying to peddle him after his no-hitter?

Charging the Mound: When Does It Make Sense To Cut Losses?

Hanley Ramirez doesn't have a homer yet. Does it make sense to trade him or other elite slow starters now?

Charging the Mound: Erickson and Liss Talk Baseball

Jose Tabata is off to a fantastic start. Is it possible to sell-high on him and other fast starters?

Charging the Mound: Liss and Erickson Talk Baseball

Josh Beckett is back among the AL's second tier starters again

Charging the Mound: Erickson and Liss Talk Baseball

The Royals are running wild early on, something that could benefit players like Alcides Escobar, Melky Cabrera and Alex Gordon (above)

Charging the Mound: Players We Loaded Up On

Liss has Trevor Cahill on a couple of his mixed league teams

Charging the Mound: Erickson and Liss Talk Baseball

When it's perfectly okay to reach for a player like Drew Stubbs

Charging the Mound: Which Players' Breakout Potential Isn't Already Priced In?

Matt Wieters is a good breakout candidate this year, but he's not going that cheap

Charging the Mound: Erickson and Liss Talk Baseball

Liss let one of his perennial staples, Mariano Rivera, go for $22 in AL LABR and left the auction without a closer

Charging the Mound: Liss and Erickson Talk Baseball

High strikeout pitchers like Yovani Gallardo deserve an upgrade in an innings-cap league.

Charging the Mound: Erickson and Liss Talk Baseball

Even if Jose Bautista returns to earth, the Blue Jays should hit plenty of home runs

Charging the Mound: Liss and Erickson Talk Baseball

Both expect Cubs catcher Geovany Soto to thrive this year

Charging the Mound: Endgame Strategies

What should you be thinking about when planning your stretch run? Will the Padres give Adrian Gonzalez or any of their other starters more rest in September?

Charging the Mound: Next Year's Breakout Players

Chris and Jeff discuss who some of 2011's breakout players might be.

Charging the Mound: Next Year's Cheat Sheet

A Quick Look at Next Year's Top 30 - Where Should Carlos Gonzalez Rank?

Charging the Mound: After the Deadline

Could Manny Ramirez and others be moved after passing through waivers?

Charging the Mound: Bad Trades

Charging the Mound: The Middleman's Cut

Making the extra phone call or e-mail can pay big dividends on the trade market.

Charging the Mound: Players to Watch in the Second Half

Could Alex Gordon be a factor once he gets the call?

Charging the Mound: Bust Squad

Derek VanRiper and Jeff Erickson talk about their busts. Adam Lind captains the outfielders.

Charging the Mound: The Padres' Next Moves

The surprising San Diego Padres remain atop the NL West, and the NL generally. What moves should they make going forward?

Charging the Mound: What About Unearned WHIP?

Charging the Mound: Why Won't Teams Do the Right Thing?

The Royals have every incentive to call up Alex Gordon, but for some reason are holding off

Charging the Mound: What to Make of the Jays

Liss returns this week and asks what to make of Vernon Wells and the Toronto Blue Jays.

Charging the Mound: Where are You Headed?

Lessons Learned From Movies: Lessons Learned From Movies

Talking Trade: Talking Trade

Marginal Players: Marginal Players

Slow Starters: Slow Starters

Are Closers Worth It?: Are Closers Worth It?

Owning Players in Multiple Leagues: Owning Players in Multiple Leagues

Trending Players: Trending Players

How to Approach a Medium-Deep Draft : How to Approach a Medium-Deep Draft

Charging the Mound: Ranking of Top Five Picks