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Last Updated: Jul 12, 2024
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Elevate your Ohio sports betting adventure with the exclusive Betway Ohio promo code. This is one of the best Ohio sportsbooks promos available.

Use the links on this page to sign up with the Betway Ohio promo code to grab this sensational Big Game Super Boost bonus today. 

Betway Ohio Promo Code For July 2024

🎁 Betway Ohio Promo Code:Click "BET NOW"
🖊️ Betway Ohio Bonus Offer: Big Game Super Boost Offer
🏦 Betway Ohio Banking Methods: PayPal, Credit Cards/Debit Cards, Play+, ACH, and more
🍏 Apple App Store Betway Ohio App Reviews: 4.7/5 with 30k reviews
📲 Android Google Play Betway Ohio App Reviews: 4.4/5 with 4k reviews
🥇 Why Betway Ohio?Diverse betting, promotions, and security.
📆 Last VerifiedJuly 22, 2024

In terms of banking methods, Betway Ohio provides a variety of options for your convenience. These include debit credit cards, online banking, eCheck, PayPal, and Play+. Sign up through our Betway Ohio promo code link today to claim a Big Game Super Boost bonus offer now. This is one of the best betting promotions you can find in the Buckeye State, so create a Betway sportsbook account in Ohio now.

To learn all about the Betway Ohio welcome promo and everything the Betway Ohio sportsbook has to offer, continue reading this Ohio Betway online sportsbook guide.

How To Get A Big Game Super Boost Offer

Betway is an online gambling company that gained popularity internationally before coming to the United States. The company was founded in 2006, and first came to the U.S. in April 2021 when it launched in Colorado.

Now, Ohio sports bettors can sign up with the Betway Ohio promo code link to redeem an exclusive welcome offer that gives new users a Big Game Super Boost welcome offer today.

To claim the Betway sportsbook promo code in Ohio, you must be at least 21 years old and present in the Buckeye State. Simply sign up via the Betway Ohio promo code link on this page, make a minimum first deposit of at least $25, and place a first bet, up to $25, to get the Big Game Super Boost now. 

Redeeming Your Betway Ohio Promo Code Offer

It's easy to sign up for a Betway sportsbook account and redeem the Betway Ohio promo code offer.

Follow these steps to get started at Betway online sportsbook in Ohio. 

  1. Click our Betway Ohio promo code link. This will take you to the sign-up page. 
  2. Enter your identifying information, such as your name, email address, and physical address. 
  3. Deposit at least $50 to activate the Betway promo code offer. 
  4. Place your first bet of at least $50 to get a $200 bonus bet now. 

Betway Ohio Promo Code Terms And Conditions

As with all promotional offers, there are terms and conditions that are required when redeeming a bonus. These are the key terms and conditions of the Betway Ohio promo code offer.

You must be at least 21 years old and in Ohio to claim the welcome bonus. A minimum first-time deposit of at least $50 is required. Once funds are in your new Betway online sportsbook account, the first bet of at least $50 that you place must have odds of -300 or longer (i.e. -220, +100, +300) to get the $200 bonus bet. Your first bet must settle within the first seven days of creating a new Betway sportsbook account in Ohio.

Bonus bet credits are non-withdrawable. However, if you win money from wagers placed with bonus bets, you can withdraw those winnings immediately.

There are other terms and conditions for the Betway Ohio promo code offer, so make sure to read through them on the Betway sportsbook app or site before opting in to activate the Betway Ohio promo code.

Betting Options At Betway Ohio Sportsbook

Now that you know how to sign up for a Betway account at this top Ohio sports betting site, let's go over the many betting options and Ohio sports betting markets available at Betway Ohio sportsbook.

The sports betting market options available to its users helps set the Betway sportsbook app apart from other Ohio online sportsbooks. On Betway Ohio, there are many different sports betting markets, including moneyline, spread, total, player props, and so much more. Along with these standard bet types, Betway Ohio also features parlays, teasers, and live betting, which you can try out with the Betway promo code in Ohio.

Type of Bet Description
Moneyline Betting Just pick the winner of a game.
Totals (Over/Under) Guess if the total score of both teams will be over or under a certain number.
Point Spread Betting The favorite team must cover a spread to win a bet.
Player And Game Props Bets on specific outcomes in a game.
Parlays Combine multiple bets into one.
Combination Bets (Teasers And Pleasers) Like parlays, but you can adjust the line of each bet.
Futures And Specials Bets on future events or non-sports events.
Live Betting Bet on a game while it's happening, with changing odds and lines.

Read on for a further description of the different Betway sportsbook legal betting options.

Moneyline Betting

The simplest Ohio sports betting market at Betway sportsbook is the moneyline bet. Moneylines are simply picking the winner of a game or event. The favored team's odds will be listed as a negative number, such as -165. This means you would have to wager $165 on these odds to win $100, or $16.50 to win $10. The underdog will be listed as a positive number, such as +130. For these odds, a $100 wager would win $130.

Totals (Over/Under)

Betting a total or over/under is another incredibly popular Ohio sports betting market at Betway Sportsbook. This bet type is when you pick whether the two teams in a game will combine to score more (over) or less (under) than the point total listed by Betway Sportsbook Ohio.

For example, if you see a point total of 49.5 for a Cleveland Browns vs. Cincinnati Bengals NFL game, these teams must combine to score 50 or more points for the over to be the winning side of the bet. At Betway Ohio, you will be able to find totals for full games, halves, and quarters.

Point Spread Betting

Point spread betting is one of the most commonly talked about sports betting options across all sports. In order to bring action in on both sides of a game, the favorite is given a handicap, or spread, that it must cover to win a bet.

For example, if the Ohio State Buckeyes are 8.5-point favorites over the Michigan Wolverines, the Betway sportsbook app will list this as Ohio State -8.5 (-110). In order to win this bet, the Buckeyes need to win by at least nine points. On the other side, Michigan +8.5 (-110) would win if the Wolverines win the game or lose by eight or fewer points. Odds on point spread bets are typically set at -110 on both sides.

Player And Game Props

Wagers on in-game outcomes that have no affect on the final score of a game are considered prop bets. Game props are wagers based on teams or the game itself, such as the first-half point total, a race to 20 points, and whether or not a game goes to overtime.. 

Player props are wagers on an individual player's performance in a specific category. Some examples include Joe Burrow throwing for over/under 2.5 touchdowns, Donovan Mitchell scoring over/under 26.5 points, or Marvin Harrison Jr. scoring a touchdown in an OSU game.

Betting Parlays With Betway Sportsbook Ohio

A parlay is a betting option that combines multiple bets into a single betslip at Betway Sportsbook Ohio. Parlays have a higher potential payout, but a far less likely to hit than the more traditional bet types mentioned above.

A parlay bet is graded as a winner if each and every bet included individually wins. Each bet is called a leg and all legs of a parlay must win in order for you to cash a parlay. Parlays can feature moneylines, point spreads, totals, and prop bets. 

At Betway Sportsbook Ohio, you can place a parlay across multiple sports. An example of a parlay bet is the Reds-Guardians over 7.5 runs (-110), Ohio State -8.5 (-110), and Bengals moneyline at -165 odds. A $10 bet on this three-leg parlay would pay out +596 odds, or a profit of $59.58.

Combination Bets (Teasers And Pleasers)

Combination bets, such as teaser and pleasers, are also available to Ohio sports bettors on Betway Sportsbook. Similar to parlay bets, teasers and pleasers string multiple wagers together and all legs must win for the bet to cash. However, teasers allow you to move the line of each bet, collectively up or down, in order to make the wager seemingly easier to hit while sacrificing the odds and payout.

For example, a three-leg, six-point teaser would change the Bengals-Browns over 49.5 points (-110), Ohio State -8.5 (-110), and Cavaliers +2.5 (-110) to Bengals-Browns over 43.5 points, Ohio State -2.5, and Cavaliers +8.5 with +150 odds. 

A pleaser is the exact opposite of a teaser. You would collectively move the lines to make the bets harder to hit in order to gain increased odds and a potential larger payout.

Futures And Specials

Betway Sportsbook Ohio offers odds for both futures and specials as well. A futures bet is a wager on a future event or outcome. The most common example of a futures bet is championship odds, such as the Ohio State Buckeyes odds to win the College Football National Championship. Season-long awards, like the MVP and Coach of the Year are also futures bets. 

Specials are for events that aren't related to sports. Wagers on award shows, politics, and other non-sports betting options are available at Betway Sportsbook Ohio.

Live Betting With Betway Ohio

One of the most popular sports betting markets at Betway Sportsbook is its live betting option. Live betting, or in-game betting, is wagering on an outcome while the game is taking place, with both the odds and lines updating in real-time. This allows Ohio sports bettors to place wagers on outcomes that may not have been available prior to the game. Of course, it is also nice to bet on a game after seeing the game flow or an injury occur.

Teams To Bet On At Betway Ohio In The Buckeye State

Sports are a major part of the culture in Ohio. Many kids in the Buckeye State grow up playing sports and idolizing the Ohio State Buckeyes and the various professional teams that call the state home. These teams are some of the most popular betting options at Betway Sportsbook in Ohio.

Use the Betway Ohio bonus code or the Betway promo code offer in Ohio to wager on the following teams in the Buckeye State.

Cincinnati Bengals

NFL betting is most popular sports betting market in America, and Ohio is home to two NFL franchises. The Cincinnati Bengals have vaulted into one of the most exciting NFL teams recently, and Ohio bettors can wager on the Bengals Super Bowl odds, Joe Burrow's NFL MVP odds, Ja'Marr Chase's odds to win Offensive Player of the Year, and so much more. There are plenty of odds boosts and NFL betting bonuses available during the NFL regular season and playoffs as well.

Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns are another top NFL team in Ohio, with odds available on all sorts of sports betting markets. Whether you want to wager on the Browns' NFL futures odds to win the AFC North or you like Myles Garrett to take home the Defensive Player of the Year Award, these markets can be found on Betway sportsbook app. There are also odds posted for every single Browns game, allowing you to bet on spreads, totals, and NFL player props too.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Betway Sportsbook Ohio is partnered with the Cleveland Cavaliers, making it one of the best Ohio online sportsbooks to bet on the Cavs. There are many NBA betting options, including Cleveland's NBA championship odds, NBA player props for all Cavs games, and NBA futures for NBA awards markets throughout the season.

Cleveland Guardians

The Cleveland Guardians are one of two MLB teams located in Ohio with MLB betting options, including MLB player props, totals, and run lines, available for every game. There are also several MLB futures you can bet on using a Betway account, such as World Series odds and the AL Cy Young Award. With 162 regular season games, there are many opportunities to bet on the MLB and many ways to bet on each game.

Cincinnati Reds

While the Cincinnati Reds have largely struggled over the past several years, they continue to have a very dedicated and invested fanbase in Ohio. For this reason, betting on Reds odds is a popular choice at Betway Sportsbook Ohio. You can bet on the Reds' MLB odds for all of their games, NL Rookie of the Year odds, or a player prop like Jonathan India to hit a home run.

Columbus Blue Jackets

Betway Sportsbook Ohio has NHL odds for the Columbus Blue Jackets posted for all of the team's games. You could bet on the Blue Jackets on the puck line, take an over, or wager on the team's Stanley Cup odds. While NHL betting isn't as popular as some of the other major U.S. sports, the NHL player props market is a go-to option for hockey bettors. 

Columbus Crew

Ohio is home to a professional soccer team as well, with the Columbus Crew competing in the MLS. Betway Sportsbook Ohio has soccer betting odds for all MLS games, and there are multiple ways to bet on each game. You could bet on the Crew to win in regulation, pick over or under the total goals scored, or you could pick a player to score a goal in a specific contest. 

Ohio State Buckeyes

The Ohio State Buckeyes are the most popular college sports program to bet on in Ohio. Betway online sportsbook has odds available for many different college sports, as there are no restrictions on college sports betting in Ohio. You can bet on Ohio State to win the Big 10 Championship in college football or the men's basketball team to win the college basketball national title during March Madness.

Get To Know The Betway Ohio Sportsbook

Every online sportsbook is unique, providing users with exclusive odds, lines, and features via its app or site. Even if you're an experienced sports bettor, it's important that you get to know the Betway Ohio Sportsbook in order to get the most out of your sports betting experience after signing up with the Betway promo code in Ohio.

Below, we have laid out a few of of Betway Ohio Sportsbook's most popular features that you will get to experience with a new Betway account.

Betway Ohio Bonus Offers, Features And Promotions

Betway Ohio has lots of great bonus offers, features, and promotions that new users should be aware of when they sign up with the Betway Ohio promo code link on this page. The welcome promotion is the top bonus offer as new customers get $150 in bonus bets after registering with the Betway Ohio bonus code. You can bet on nearly any Ohio sports betting market using the Betway promo code, as long as the wager settles within seven days.

Additionally, Betway Sportsbook has daily odds boosts for you to explore. This boosts odds for specific bets, giving users more profitable odds on featured wagers each and every day. There are also bet-and-get promotions offered at Betway Ohio, which give you bonus bet credits when you wager a certain amount on a specific Ohio sports betting market.

Live Betting With Betway Ohio

Live betting with Betway Ohio is a top bet type because it gives Ohio bettors the option to place wagers on outcomes that were not available prior to the game. Odds and lines change in real-time, allowing you to bet while the game is playing out. From points props to next play results, there are many different live betting options available at Betway Sportsbook.

Betway Ohio Offers Same Game Parlays

You can create same game parlays on Betway Ohio which string together an array of bets from the same game into a single betslip. Same game parlays are known for bigger payouts, but also apply a larger risk to the wager. For example, you could create a Cleveland Browns same game parlay with a Deshaun Watson over 1.5 touchdowns (-110) leg along with Amari Cooper (+200) and Elijah Moore (+400) anytime touchdown props. With the odds on these three legs adding up to +2764, a $10 same game parlay would win $2,763.64.

Early Cashouts With Betway Ohio

The early cashout feature on Betway Sportsbook Ohio can be incredibly useful. This feature allows you to cashout your bet while the game is still in play, with the value of your cashout changing in real-time. This is a great option if you think you are on the wrong side of the bet, as you can cashout early and salvage some of your initial stake. Early cashout is also useful when playing multi-leg parlays, as you can cash out if you only have one leg left with great value, as you never know which leg may bust your parlay.

Betway Blog

Betway Blog is a cool feature for Ohio sports bettors. Every day, there are new articles added to the Betway Blog that include sports analysis with picks and best bets for that day. After signing up with the Betway Ohio promo code, be sure to check out the Betway Blog. 

Pros And Cons Of The Betway Ohio Promo Code

The Betway Ohio promo code gives new users a $200 bonus bet when they bet $50, making it one of the best offers available. While the Betway promo code provides access to a top Ohio sportsbook, there are clear pros and cons of any online sports betting site.

These are the most important pros and cons of Betway Ohio:

Pros Cons
  • Betway sportsbook app is straightforward to use
  • Betway Ohio offers a variety of sports betting markets
  • Easy sign-up process with Betway Ohio promo code
  • Good for both new and experienced bettors
  • Promo code offer: up to $250 in bonus bets
  • Visual appeal not as strong as other Ohio sportsbooks
  • Some users have reported geolocation errors when signing in

The Betway sportsbook app is a great choice for both new and experienced bettors, thanks to its easy-to-use interface and the wide array of Ohio sports betting markets available to bet on. Signing up is a breeze, especially when you take advantage of the Betway Ohio promo code. However, it's worth noting that Betway Ohio might not win any beauty contests compared to other Ohio sportsbooks, and some users have reported geolocation errors when signing in via the app. But don't let that deter you - the generous Betway Ohio promo code offer sweetens the deal, offering $200 in bonus bets. 

Funding Your Account Using The Betway Ohio Promo Code

Betway Ohio has many popular banking options available to fund your account when you sign up with the Betway promo code.

How To Deposit With Betway Ohio

Depositing with the Betway Sportsbook promo code in Ohio requires a minimum $10 deposit, which can be made using the following banking options.

  • Credit Card / Debit Card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover)
  • Apple Pay
  • Betway Play+ Card
  • PayPal
  • Online Banking via Mazooma
  • VIP Preferred eCheck

As you can see, there are a variety of easy and common payment methods in order to fund your new Betway sportsbook account. All of these methods are processed in a timely fashion.

Betway Ohio Withdrawal Methods

The Betway Ohio withdrawal methods are very much the same as the deposit options. They include. 

  • VIP Preferred eCheck
  • Online Banking
  • Betway Play+
  • PayPal
  • Credit Card

Betway Ohio Is Safe And Secure

If you use an online sports betting site in Ohio, you want to know that your personal information and money are safe and secure. We are happy to say that this is the case at Betway Ohio.

The signing of House Bill 29 by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine made Betway sportsbook legal in Ohio, meaning it is now a licensed sportsbook in the Buckeye State. The Ohio sports betting site has to follow strict rules and regulations, which ensure security and protection for its users. This is one of the massive differences between legal Ohio sportsbooks, like Betway Ohio, and offshore sportsbooks, which is why we recommend always choosing legal sports betting sites.

Betway Ohio Promo Code Compared To Other Ohio Sportsbooks

The Betway Ohio promo code offer is one of the best Ohio welcome offers on the market. With a bet $50 to get $200 in bonus bets welcome offer, new users can simply sign up and wager on an array of Ohio sports betting markets.

Ohio Sportsbook:Promo Code:Welcome Bonus:Minimum Deposit:
Betway OhioClick Here$200$50
Caesars OhioROTO1000$1,000$20

After using the Betway promo code to create an Ohio Betway account, you'll only have to make a $50 minimum deposit to reap the benefits of this great sign-up offer. To max out the bonus bet credit, however, you'll need to deposit and bet $50 when you sign up to grab $200 in bonus bets. 

This promotional offer compares favorably to other welcome offers for new bettors in Ohio. They're all very similar with the BetMGM Ohio Bonus Code ROTOBONUS offering new users a $1,500 first bet bonus and the Caesars Ohio Promo Code ROTO1000 providing a $1,000 first bet on Caesars. These top Ohio offers give new customers access to more bonus bet credits, but you'll also have to deposit more money in order to collect those bonus bet funds.

We highly recommend signing up with the Betway Ohio promo code and creating a new Ohio Betway account today.

Final Thoughts On The Betway Ohio Promo Code

Betway Ohio and the Betway Ohio promo code welcome offer are high-quality Ohio sports betting options. With an easy-to-use sportsbook app and site, Betway Sportsbook Ohio is a great option for new bettors. Betway online sportsbook also provides convenient banking options, lots of sports to bet on, and unique odds for Ohio sports bettors.

Sign up through our Betway Ohio promo code link to claim the $40 welcome bonus today. Simply click the "BET NOW" button, deposit at least $50, and place a $50 first bet on Betway Ohio. Once you complete those actions, you get $200 in bonus bets. 

This is one of the top Ohio online sports betting offers available so be sure to redeem the Betway Ohio promo code and place your first bet today.

Betway Ohio Promo Code FAQs

What is the Betway Ohio promo code?


The Betway Ohio promo code gives new users a $200 bonus bet when they place a first bet of at least $50. You must make a first-time deposit of at least $50 to be eligible for this welcome offer today.  

Can I bet in person with Betway Ohio?


While there are in-person Ohio sportsbooks, Betway Ohio is not one of them. This means that you cannot bet in person with Betway Ohio. However, you can bet via the Betway sportsbook app or online sports betting site after claiming the Betway Ohio promo code to get a $200 bonus bet when you bet $50. This allows you to bet on the go from anywhere in Ohio.

Is this Betway bonus code Ohio offer worth it?


Yes, the Betway bonus code Ohio offer is absolutely worth it. When you claim the Betway OH bonus code offer, you get a $200 bonus bet when you bet $50 today. It's well worth signing up today for Ohio sports bettors looking for a top-notch online sportsbook like Ohio Betway.

Do I need to use the Betway Sportsbook Ohio promo code?


Using the Betway Sportsbook Ohio promo code gives new users $200 in bonus bets, so it's advised to sign up via the Betway OH promo code link in this article. Simply follow the steps in this Betway Ohio promo code guide to collect your $50 bonus bet when you bet $50 now. 

What is the best Betway Sportsbook Ohio promo code in July 2024?


The best Betway Sportsbook Ohio promo code in June 2024 can be claimed by signing up through our Betway Sportsbook promo code link. This gives new users a $200 bonus bet with a first bet of at least $50 now. 

Can I have more than one Betway Ohio account?


No, you cannot have more than one Betway Ohio account, but you can have multiple Ohio sports betting accounts at different Ohio sportsbooks. After signing up for the Betway Ohio promo code welcome offer, you can register other sportsbook accounts and claim other Ohio promo code offers with the BetMGM Ohio Bonus Code ROTOBONUS and Caesars Sportsbook Ohio Promo Code ROTO1000.

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