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Trending Team of the Week

This week, let’s take a look at some players who have been trending upward over the last couple of weeks.

I’ll highlight one player at each of the five positions who has played well of late and could continue that trend in the coming weeks.

A few quick notes:

  1. While someone like Derrick Favors has excelled recently, he’s benefited from the absence of Rudy Gobert, and his value doesn’t appear sustainable, especially after Gobert returned to action Monday night. The list below does not include players who have seen an obvious bump in production due to an injury.
  2. The players that I will discuss are owned in most formats, so they are not guys you can go running to the waiver wire to pick up. They are players who, if you own, you could try to sell high on. Alternatively, you could try and buy low on these players if you suspect that their owner is not as high on them as they should be.
  3. Finally, I’ll list the players as a team — one player at each position. This way, it is easier to insert them in a position-for-position trade offer.

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The Weekly Stream

So we are one month into the season, and we are starting to see some consistency in both the teams and the players.
Hitting the waiver-wire is now basically a nightly ritual for at least one of my many teams, and something that causes me endless hours of first-world stress. We can have a look at some streaming options for this week, and hopefully they will help you to rest easy at night.

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The Weekly Stream

Three weeks down, 23 weeks to go.

So far, the season has thrown in a few surprises, some injuries, and a handful of breakout performances

This piece will glance into the future, taking a look at some statistical streaming options for you to consider to try and boost some of your numbers, as well as a few games to make sure you keep an eye on. I didn’t say to prioritise your life around these games, but I didn’t not say it either.

So let’s have a look at some players that might be available on your waiver wire. I’m going run through some names that you could take a look at if you are in need of a particular statistic. I’ll cover the main categories; points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, and three-pointers.

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Fantasy Hoops: Week 2 Shakedown

We’re a full two weeks into the season, and once we got over all the injuries, there was some spectacular basketball played.

This will be a quick overview of the second week of the season, discussing a range of players — some who have impressed and others who have sent us running to the waiver wire in a moment of pure frustration.

Let’s look at a handful of players who have impressed or disappointed thus far, as well as comb the wire for potential adds heading into Week 3:

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