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First Pitch Arizona — Baseball, Food & Beer

Baseball season doesn’t have to be over the day after the final pitch of the World Series.

Thanks to the hard work of Brent Hershey and Ray Murphy of Baseball HQ, it isn’t.

Once again, we were spoiled by a great finale to the MLB season with the Astros’ seven-game triumph over the Dodgers. In the wake of last year’s incredible Game 7 between the Cubs and Indians, and now three years removed from Madison Bumgarner’s Game 7 heroics to push the Giants over the Royals in 2014, it seems impossible that baseball could give us more, and yet somehow, it does.

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MLB Position Eligibility Changes

One of the most interesting database projects that comes up each fall is sweeping for players whose position eligibility has changed. In many instances, players become eligible at more valuable positions for the upcoming year, and in others, players lose eligibility at a more valuable position. Some very low-end players with fewer than 20 games played at any position are omitted from the list, even though their default position on the site has been updated.

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Week 1 FAAB Review

Every Wednesday morning, the FAAB results from the Stopa Law Firm League are processed. This week was particularly busy since the auction took place in mid-July (during the MLB All-Star break) and a lot has changed around the league in the six-plus weeks since.

Here are the results…

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