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A Story Told in Tweets: NFL Week 1

Why bother actually watching the games when you can learn everything you need to know about Week 1 from a series of embedded tweets?

We’ll start with the less-than-thrilling Thursday opener, which picked up right where the Super Bowl left off in terms of entertainment value. Of course, it was a different story come Sunday — a high-flying mix of shootouts and blowouts.

The good news for Bears fans? No missed kicks. The bad news? They didn’t score any more points after a first-quarter field goal.

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Tweets from the Weekend: NFL Roster Cutdown Day

As much as I love a long-winded argument, I’ve increasingly come to accept that very few of my opinions require more than 280 characters of the English language. My sweet spot is somewhere between 140 and 280, so I’m eternally grateful (slight exaggeration) for Twitter’s expansion of their limit.

But that’s enough about me — the point here is brevity. And with that, I bring you the story of roster cut-down weekend in the NFL as told through tweets from RotoWire’s football writers:

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DraftKings advice for Thursday Night Football (Jags-Titans)

My weekly DraftKings article focuses on the site’s primary slate, which consists of Sunday games starting at 1:00 p.m. ET or later — no Thursday games, no London games and no MNF. But I usually still touch on the extended-slate contests, offering some words of advice, if not flat-out recommendations. Anyway, my article won’t be finished in time for Thursday’s kickoff, so here are some quick thought’s regarding the annual Jags-Titans TNF classic:

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Ladarius Green, Despite Major Concerns, Is a More than Worthy Draft Target


Undeterred by an ankle injury that required January surgery, the Steelers signed Ladarius Green to a four-year, $20 million contract in March, representing a rare splash in the free-agent market for a perpetually cap-strapped franchise that had just lost long-time starting tight end Heath Miller to retirement. Finally freed from Antonio Gates’ shadow, Green is a phenomenal athlete who has already emerged as a popular 2016 breakout candidate in fantasy circles, with his recovery generally being viewed as a non-issue after he played through the ankle injury for much of last season.

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