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Rotowire Injury Analysis: Fantasy Football Week 16

Week 16 Injury Analysis report is here although I am pretty sure most of your fantasy seasons have come to an end and a champion has been crowned.  However, there are some leagues that go until the very final week of the season although I personally am not a fan of these as it punishes teams who have players without a lot to play for in the final week.   This information instead may serve useful in any sports bets you may want to make or just simply for your interest in reading about sports injuries.

Matt Forte: Forte was forced out of last weekend’s game with yet another ankle injury.  He has certainly had his share of injuries and it is starting to become a bit of a liability if you’re a Forte owner or just a Bears fan.   He’s great when he’s on the field but the key words are “on the field”.  It’s not a good sign that he was spotted with a walking boot on following the game as this is clearly a sign of the significance of the injury.  Ankle sprains respond better to continued mobility and exercises rather than keeping them immobile in a boot, of course that is if the injury is less significant and the athlete can bear weight without pain.  The fact that Forte needs a boot makes me believe he is unlikely be in the lineup come Sunday and even if he is in the lineup, I do not expect the typical productive back we are used to seeing in Forte.

What does all this mean for your fantasy football team?  Probably nothing, your season is likely over but if you happen to have your finals matchup this weekend and have Forte, I hope you have a backup you can place in that roster spot. 
Once again, in attempt to stimulate some dialogue in the comments section, I will look for comments to discuss players of interest or questions you may have regarding any sports medicine topics that you are interested in that have effected your players for this week or even during the season. 

As always, wishing your players quick recoveries.

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Rotowire Injury Analysis: Fantasy Football Week 15

Week 15 Injury Analysis is up and there’s not a lot of new injuries to discuss so I’m going to make this a “Reader’s Suggestion Issue” in which I’m going to let anyone make a comment regarding what player’s they would like updates on and I will be given quick responses so that you can hopefully use the information to take down the crown in our league.

There is just one player that I would like to discuss since I am from San Diego and it has been a rough past few years being a Chargers fan especially when the ownership decided in the last offseason that staying with Status Quo was the answer…..that didn’t seem to work out too well.

Ryan Mathews:  In last week’s game, Mathews was forced out of the game with a type of injury that was all too familiar to him and all of the Charger’s fans…..a fractured clavicle.  Mathews missed the beginning of the season due to fracturing his right clavicle which was surgically corrected and allowed him to return to the Chargers with hopes for a breakout season that left fantasy owners with only 1 week of double-digit fantasy points in most standard leagues.  After all this disappointment for a team and a player with such high hopes entering this season, Mathews’ injury was the ending to a season that everyone would like to forget and brings it “full circle” as Mathews was placed on injured reserve with a fractured left clavicle. 

What does all this mean for your fantasy football team?  Of course this means he is no longer even in consideration for a start on your fantasy football team and will surely be dropped in all leagues.  The real question is….What does this mean for next season?  Two seasons ago, Mathews was considered a first tier running back on a Chargers team that would put up huge offensive numbers.  When this didn’t happen, it was believe that this year would in fact be the year that Mathews would be the fantasy stud everyone was hoping for…..obviously we know this didn’t pan out.  So will Mathews drop significantly next year?  Probably.  I think he has potential to actually be a “steal” next year and could be one of those sleepers but then again, he could end up on top of the bust list once again.  We’ll see what overhaul is done in San Diego and if there is any hope for a better season at the start of next season. 

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Wishing all your players quick recoveries,


Rotowire Injury Analysis: Fantasy Football Week 14

Welcome to the Week 14 Injury Analysis.  I assume all leagues are either continuing or starting playoff games next week so it will be important to know what you should do about the few players that suffered more significant injuries in last weekend’s games.  As always, feel free to leave comments about players I did not discuss or if you have comments on my analysis.

Robert Griffin III: Last weekend it looked like RG3 had his season ended when his leg violently swung in the air after taking a big hit and surely appeared that he would have a significant knee injury.  Somehow he escaped with only an apparent Grade I LCL injury.  Most people are familiar with the MCL (medial collateral ligament) injury that is on the inner part of the knee and this is much more common because it occurs when someone takes a hit to the outside of their knee.  However, the LCL (lateral collacteral ligament) is another ligament stabilizer of the knee but is located on the outer part of the knee and is less commonly injured because it is more difficult to get hit on the inner part of the knee or to hyperextend the knee which is what RG3 did when he suffered his injury.  As I have discussed in a previous report when discussing Fred Jackson’s LCL injury earlier in the year, many times it is not just the LCL that is injured and the other structures of the posterolateral corner of the knee are also injured as well.  Somehow RG3 was running again at practice with a knee brace today and although he has not participated in contact drills, it appears that he is going to be able to give it a shot on Sunday.  There is no doubt that he will probably be less effective as his mobility will hampered and it will be interested to see how he does if he takes any hits with his foot planted causing more stress on his knee but I would be surprised if he did not suit up given the fact that the Redskins who were once “just evaluating talent” for next year are actually in position to make the playoffs if they finish the season strong.

What does all this mean for your fantasy football team? If you have RG3 as you quarterback, unless you have a stud to plug into your lineup then you should go with RG3 and hope for the best.  I wouldn’t expect a career day but he could still put up solid numbers….just don’t count on his rushing yards to be a factor.  And a quick note to RG3 if he’s reading, you need to take care of your body and hit the turf sooner feet first in the form of a slide otherwise I don’t know how long of a career you’re going to be able to have given the fact that you sustained a concussion earlier this year and you had a near miss with this knee injury.

Ahmad Bradshaw:  Bradshaw suffered a knee sprain in last weekend’s game but tried to come back into the game and fight thru the injury but was unable to do very much and also opened the door for Wilson who put on a performance that impressed anyone who was watching the game….and he even held onto the ball which we know made Tom Coughlin very happy.  Bradshaw is considered day-to-day with his knee sprain and there is not much more detail being provided about which ligaments were injured and the severity.  With this said, knee sprains usually take a few weeks to heal unless they are very mild.  On the other hand, Wilson performed so well and the Giants know how important Bradshaw is to the team if they plan to go deep into the playoffs that I don’t think they will push Bradshaw to play if he is not ready.

What does all this mean for your fantasy football team? I wouldn’t count on a big day from Bradshaw.  He may suit up (although I don’t think that he will) but I don’t think he will be very effective or that he will get more than 10 touches on the day making his upside very low.  Wilson looks to be the back to have for this weekend’s games and unfortunately for Bradshaw owners, if Wilson continues to shine then this will certainly cut into Bradshaw’s potential for the remainder of the season.

Dez Bryant: During the Cowboy’s win against the Bengals, Bryant suffered a fracture of this left index finger.  It doesn’t look good when you’re seeking second opinions on whether you can play thru the injury or need surgery to avoid permanent damage to the finger.  Even if Bryant does try to play, last time I checked it’s pretty challenging to make catches with a broken index finger.  Expect Bryant to serve more as a decoy of throws into his body as he will definitely not be a hands specialist the rest of the season no matter what option he chooses regarding management of this finger.

What does all this mean for your fantasy football team? Bryant should not be started in this upcoming week’s game because he may not even play and if he does I would imagine it would be more of a decoy role.  Plus, before you put your fantasy playoff hopes in his hands, you’ll definitely want to see if Romo can even get the ball in them. 

Fred Jackson: Jackson sustained another knee injury last weekend and this one seems to be the nail in the coffin to end his season.  While his MCL injury will not require surgery and probably will be healed in 3 weeks, the season is almost over and will not allow for any return to the lineup. 

What does all this mean for your fantasy football team?  It’s C.J. Spiller’s backfield now and his turn to prove he should be the lead back for the 2013-2014 season.


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Wishing all your players quick recoveries,


Rotowire Injury Analysis: Fantasy Football Week 13

Welcome to the Week 13 Injury Analysis.  Last weekend did not have many significant injuries to discuss other than Jordy Nelson reaggravating his hamstring.  Therefore, I will dedicate the majority of this week’s analysis to some education about concussions since there are several players trying to recover from this ailment including Michael Vick and LeSean McCoy while new players including Cecil Shorts of the Jaguars have been sidelined after suffering a concussion.

Jordy Nelson: Unfortunately Nelson left last weekend’s game after reaggravating his hamstring.  I can’t say I predicted this to happen, but I definitely suggested this as a real possibility even after he suffered an ankle injury that forced him out of the lineup a few week’s back.  In my Week 10 Injury analysis when Nelson was scheduled to come back for Week 11 games, I wrote “The only thing that is still in the back of my mind is how his hamstring is doing.  We didn’t really get to see him test it in the game he got injured and so although he has had now a couple more weeks to rest the hamstring, it is possible he may reaggravate it.”  There’s nothing to do about it now other than to recognize that the Packer’s are going to play it safe and with Jennings back and the Packers sitting pretty to make the playoffs again, they will surely avoid risking Nelson coming back too soon.

What does all this mean for your fantasy football team?  I expect Nelson to be out at least this week’s game and probably the following week.  We could maybe see him return in 3 weeks but continue to follow how they choose to manage him and if they continue to win the Packers could even hold him out longer to ensure he’s go-time for playoffs.

LeSean McCoy: I’m going to discuss McCoy’s concussion recovery because it serves as a good way to explain the process of return to play from concussions that the NFL has adopted.  According to Zach Bowman of the Philadelphia Inquirer, McCoy is now in "Phase 3" of the concussion recovery protocol.  To help you understand what “Phase 3” means, it’s important to provide you with some background information.  In Zurich, Germany in 2008, a group of specialists met for a 3rd time to draft a set of guidelines titled “Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport” in which they outlined a gradual return-to-play protocol after a player suffers a concussion.  These guidelines state that after an athlete is  completely symptom-free at rest, they can gradually increase their activity level with each 24-hour period increasing in intensity as long as they remain symptom free in which they can return to sport by the time they graduate to the 5th phase.  These phases include:                                                    

                               Phase 1: light aerobic exercise

                               Phase 2: sport-specific exercise (running at full intensity, etc) 

                               Phase 3: non-contact training drills

                               Phase 4: full contact practice, participate in normal practice activities

                               Phase 5: return to sport

It’s important to note that if symptoms return during any of the phases, the athlete should return to the previous asymptomatic phase and resume the protocol again.

Therefore, McCoy has been able to participate in non-contact drills right now without any symptoms but has yet to attempt full contact practice which is obviously a big step when returning from a head injury.  Keep an eye on his status throughout the rest of the week.

What does all this mean for your fantasy football team?  It’s still hard to predict if McCoy will make a return this week and my gut tells me he will miss Sunday’s game but we’ll see if he progresses in practice later this week.  There’s one thing for sure, the Eagles season is over so there’s no rush for McCoy to rush back.

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Wishing all your players quick recoveries,


Rotowire Injury Analysis: Fantasy Football Week 12

It’s time for the Week 12 Injury report as we get close to playoff time and each spot in your lineup could mean the difference between making a run for your league’s title and sitting on the couch watching the rest of the games from home.

Matt Forte: Forte left last week’s game after suffering an ankle injury to the same right ankle he injured earlier in the season forcing him to miss a game. Although he was spotted practicing today, it was on a limited basis and I wouldn’t get my hopes up for him to be ready to start come Sunday. Of course he may be in the lineup and after all may even get the formal start, but I would predict that Bush would get a larger portion of carries and would ultimately be the workhorse. 
What does all this mean to your fantasy football team? This is something that will further develop as the week continues and we’ll see the true extent of his injury by how Forte is able to practice. I would of course keep Forte on your lineup but you may want to consider a different RB to start this week if you have anything decent on your roster.

Desean Jackson: Jackson left last week’s game with an injury that later was disclosed at fractured ribs. He was placed on the IR.
What does all this mean to your fantasy football team? You will need to find a replacement for Jackson the rest of the year. This is unfortunate for someone who actually had a pretty solid year despite the miserable season the Eagles have had.


Jonathan Stewart: Stewart was forced out of last weekend’s game with a high ankle sprain. We all dread this injury because the time table for return can be so variable although it pretty much lets us know that you can count on him out of the lineup for at least a couple weeks. Realistically, none of the running backs for the Panthers have been worth a consistent start as a shared backfield with 4 running backs (Newton, Stewart, Williams, and Tolbert) will make it hard for anyone to consistently put up numbers. 
What does all this mean to your fantasy football team? He’s riding your bench for a couple weeks with some potential come fantasy football playoffs although I would not count on it.
Miles Austin: Can this guy stay healthy? He exited last week with a hip injury which appears to be a hip strain and could sideline him for this weekend’s games. We’ll really have to wait and see how he progresses but I would be cautious in starting him even if he does get the go this weekend as he could easily play only a couple snaps or just not be effective at all and be just a waste of a starting lineup spot for you in a potentially huge week for fantasy leagues.
What does all this mean to your fantasy football team?  I would look for a replacement this week with only a slim chance that he plays and is productive. 

Michael Vick and LeSean McCoy: These two Eagles are still battling concussions and their weekend status is up in the air. I think Foles really played bad enough that I would expect when Vick is healthy that he will be inserted back into the lineup. Regarding McCoy, there was not really any doubt that he’d be the starting running back once he recovered but his replacement Bryce Brown actually had a pretty impressive night on Monday…..until he had two awful fumbles to taint a rookie-record setting evening. McCoy also seems to still be dealing with some post-concussive symptoms which may give Brown a chance to redeem himself in the “holding onto the ball” category.
What does all this mean to your fantasy football team? Both players will likely be starting once they recover and while it seems Vick is closer to recovery, McCoy appears to still be dealing with symptoms. Given that the Eagles aren’t going to the playoffs, the Eagles were surely give McCoy the appropriate time to recover and be conservative with him rather than rush him back for a meaningless game. He’s too good for that.

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Wishing all your players quick recoveries,



Rotowire Injury Analysis: Fantasy Football Week 11

It’s time for another week of injury analysis….Thanksgiving edition.  Thanksgiving has always been a great holiday in that you get to see family and friends and eat amazing food but now it has gotten even better as we not only get some classic football games….there are 3 of them! 

Let’s breakdown a few of the key injuries that occurred in last weekend’s games starting with the biggest fantasy football league shakeup…..Gronkowski’s injury.   We will also reveal how the Eagles discovered how to cure someone from a concussion!

Rob Gronkowski: In the Patriots’ recent game against Andrew Luck and the Colts, Gronkowski injured himself as he made an incredible leaping catch in the final 10 seconds of the game and dove into the endzone for the game-winning score to send the Patriots to the Superbowl!  Actually, as we all know it wasn’t this dramatic.  In the 4th quarter of a game in which the Patriots were blowing out the Colts, Gronkowski broke his forearm blocking on the PAT to give the Patriots their 59th point of the day.  While the Patriots have not said which bone in his forearm is actually broken (ulna or radius), it doesn’t really matter at this point.  He has already undergone surgery and bone is not one of those things that you can really do much to make it heal faster….it’s pretty much your standard 6-8 weeks.  The fact that it was surgically corrected can sometimes mean that the bone was significantly displaced and wouldn’t heal in the correct position if left alone, or that it was broken in many places (unlikely while just blocking on a PAT), or that the Patriots want to help speed up the process in which Gronkowski can return to action.  Is it possible that he could technically return to play in 4 weeks?  I guess so.  But have you seen their division?  I don’t think there’s any reason that Patriots will try to get Gronkowski back in the game prior to the playoffs unless they actually need him somehow in the final week of the season.  When you’re a Patriot fan, you’ve realized that what really matters is having your whole team ready to roll come playoff time (ask them how the Super Bowl went with an injured Gronk last year). 

What does all this mean for your fantasy football team?  I don’t think we should expect Gronkowski to be back in the regular season.  He was once again having a great fantasy season and this will certainly be a blow to the title hopes of any Gronkowski owner but you know what they say, a team’s success is not defined by one player…..although in this case I’ll let you use it as an excuse to your fantasy league opponents.


Willis McGahee– McGahee has had a surprisingly productive fantasy season this year and I think we all know who we can thank for that one.  Peyton Manning once again continues to prove why he is such a unique player as he makes everyone on the team around him better with his unselfish play and ability to call plays at the line of scrimmage that will give his players, especially running backs, the best chance of succeeding.  In last week’s game when the Broncos showed the Chargers why keeping the status quo with the return of A.J. Smith and Norv Turner for “one more go at it” was a terrible idea.  Unfortunately for Broncos’ fans, McGahee injured his right knee forcing him to leave the game and did not return.  Initially reports were that he had an MCL injury and would be sidelined 6-8 weeks.  When I saw the 6-8 weeks, I thought this was a very odd timeline for an MCL injury as usually they can return to play sooner and that also is the timeline we usually see when there is some bony involvement.  Well, it now is reported that he has a compression fracture in his knee as well.  Basically what this means is that when he injured his MCL, his femur and tibia banged into each other and compressed the bone down (think of it like if you were to push down on a Tempurpedic mattress).  It is for this other reason that McGahee’s injury is a bit more complicated and will cause him to miss the rest of the regular season.

What does all this mean for your fantasy football team?  If you own McGahee, might as well drop him now because he may be able to come back for the playoffs but that isn’t going to help you in your fantasy league.  As far you are concerned, he is just a body on your roster taking up space and you need to try to pick someone up who can help you down the stretch.

Michael Vick: As I have stated in previous weeks, concussions are something you just have to monitor and the player needs to progress over the course of several days so if they still aren’t practicing by midweek, it’s unlikely they’re going to be cleared to play.  So use this information and apply it to Alex Smith and Jay Cutler in order to determine if they are players you can insert into your lineup.  I do feel obligated to re-discuss Michael Vick because it appears that the Eagles have found the “Concussion Cure”.  I was extremely skeptical when Reid said that Vick’s concussion was severe and he may miss the rest of the season……ok I wasn’t extremely skeptical, I basically said it was a lie and not based on any medical fact.  Well, it appears that the Eagles may have found the cure to concussions and that is……get ready….it’s going to be a shock…..Play your backup quarterback and realize he may not really be the answer and you may not want him to play the rest of the season.   As I had said in last week’s report, the Eagles were clearly up-playing (opposite of down-playing) Vick’s injury so that they could have an excuse to play Foles for the rest of the season.  This was before they realized that Foles would play one of the kindest defenses to quarterbacks and still post a sub 50|PERCENT| completion percentage along with 204 yards, 0 TDs, and 2 INTs.  Suddenly, the Eagles realized that Vick may still be the better option and so miraculously his concussion has gone from severe to, maybe not so severe.  Right now the Eagles are deciding whether his concussion is “severe enough” to give Foles one more chance to redeem himself which will come on Monday Night Football this week.

What does all this mean for your fantasy football team?  I of course believe that concussions need to be taken seriously and Vick may in fact still be having symptoms in which he should not be rushed back to play, but we cannot predict whether he will be able to play this week or in 2 weeks or the rest of the season.  What I will say is that if Vick returns to practice and is progressing but still is not cleared to play in the MNF game this week, his season will rely solely on the performance of Foles.  If Foles has a great game, Vick’s concussion may keep him out the rest of the season.  However, if Foles once again performs poorly, the moment Vick truly recovers from his concussion he will be right back in the lineup as the starting QB and still worth a roster spot if you’re looking to catch him on one of those “video game” kind of days for your fantasy football title run.

LeSean McCoy– McCoy sustained a concussion last week and so as I mentioned above, we will have to really monitor his progression.  What he has going for him is that the Eagles don’t play until Monday this week, but it’s already not looking too great in that he still hasn’t returned to practice and we’re already at the midpoint of the week.

What does all this mean for your fantasy football team? It’s not looking good for McCoy to play this week as he is still having concussive symptoms as of Wednesday.  He’ll need to become completely asymptomatic and progress flawlessly to play on Monday.  I would bank on Bryce Brown getting the start this week with McCoy on your fantasy bench.

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Wishing all your players quick recoveries,


Rotowire Injury Analysis: Fantasy Football Week 10

Welcome to the week 10 injury report.  Multiple players suffered concussions in last weekend’s games which will be discussed in this edition along with Ben Roethlisberger’s status after suffering a game-ending shoulder injury.

The Concussed Athlete:  I will group four athletes together since they all suffered concussions in this past weekend’s games and include Jay Cutler, Alex Smith, Michael Vick, and Fred Jackson.  If you haven’t been paying attention over the last couple years, concussions have been the hot topic in the NFL and really in all sports because our awareness has greatly increased over the past few years.   Words such as “dinged” or “bell rung” were previously used to describe these injuries in the past but we are now recognizing that these are in fact brain injuries that are leading to symptoms lasting for days and sometimes even longer.  Usually symptoms last 4-7 days and then resolve with an athlete being able to return to play using a graded protocol of slowly increasing their exercise intensity until they are back to full contact.  It is difficult to determine the “severity” of concussions especially if the players are able to walk off the field under their own power.  Even if they are experiencing symptoms in the first couple days, this is expected and still does not determine if they are going to have prolonged symptoms that would potentially keep them out of multiple games.  Of course, having a concussion history would also make it more likely that they will need more time to recover although this has not exactly been proven with studies, it is believed that recurrent concussions lead to lowering threshold for sustaining future concussions and prolonged recovery.  Example: Jahvid Best.  This is why Jay Cutler who has a concussion history may be treated more on the conservative side while Alex Smith who does not have a concussion history may be able to play in the MNF game.  Fred Jackson’s situation is a little different because they have a short week so he will in all likelihood miss this Thursday’s game with the following week uncertain.  Michael Vick’s case is interesting as I believe the Eagles are playing some politics with his injury.  Usually coaches downplay injuries, but instead Coach Reid has "up played" the injury and stated that Michael Vick’s concussion is a severe one which I’m not really sure how they can really make this statement at this time.  If they want to say they think he will miss 1 game at this time, that’s fair enough.  However, to be able to state that he has a severe concussion that will force him to miss several weeks and possible the rest of the season is completely impossible to really be able to say from a medical standpoint.  I guess they don’t really want Vick to be QB afterall and this is a perfect excuse for them.

What does all this mean for your fantasy football team?  Most likely each of these players will miss 1 game although Smith does have a legitimate chance to play next weekend if he doesn’t have any setbacks and is asymptomatic with progression to full contact.  Fred Jackson is out this Thursday and we’ll have to wait and see how he does regarding missing more time.  Michael Vick could also potentially play soon but it sounds like the Eagles have other plans and so this “severe” concussion may mean Vick just played his last game as an Eagle.


Ben Roethlisberger: In the Monday Night Football game, Roethlisberger exited early after sustaining an injury to his throwing shoulder.   Given the mechanism of the injury, a clavicle injury or the joints that it helps to comprise were the likely suspects.  We are used to hearing about a shoulder sprain which refers to the AcromioClavicular (AC) joint, however, Roethlisberger suffered an injury on the other side of the clavicle were it articulate with the sternum.  This injury to the SternoClavicular (SC) joint is not as common but usually does not require surgical intervention.  Ultimately, it depends on how severely the joint was sprained as it could be anywhere from a 1 week injury to a 3 week injury.  Of course, the fact that it is in his throwing shoulder makes it more likely that he will miss 1-2 weeks at a minimum as usually if it’s the non-throwing shoulder, pain is the only limiting factor and be can more easily controlled.

What does all this mean for your fantasy football team?  Let’s keep an eye on how he progresses and when he starts getting back to practice.  I assume he will miss at least 1 game, probably 2 and will give it a shot by the 3rd game.  I don’t foresee him missing more than 3 games though due to this injury so all is not lost.


Jordy Nelson:  Just want to update you all on his status following the bye week which he went into with an old hamstring injury and a new ankle injury that forced him to leave the Packers’ last game.   It appears that he does not have a high ankle sprain as he was back at practice this week already which means he likely had a medial (inner) ankle sprain which are usually pretty quick to bounce back from so this is indeed consistent with his return to practice. 

What does all this mean for your fantasy football team?  As long as he continues to do well with practice, I would feel comfortable with Nelson being successful come Sunday.  The only thing that is still in the back of my mind is how his hamstring is doing.  We didn’t really get to see him test it in the game he got injured and so although he has had now a couple more weeks to rest the hamstring, it is possible he may reaggravate it.  If he is a full participant in a couple practices this week then I would go ahead and put him in your lineup especially with the great matchup against the Lions this week.

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Wishing all your players quick recoveries,