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Jeff Erickson is a co-founder of and the only two-time winner of Baseball Writer of the Year from the Fantasy Sports Writers Association. He roots for the Reds, Bengals, Red Wings, Pacers and Northwestern University (the real NU).

Early NFL FAAB results

I have four leagues that have free agent runs on Yahoo on Tuesday night, two of which are FAAB-based, and another one that’s on I’m going to post quick blogs each week revealing the results from the FAAB leagues, so that hopefully you’ll get some value in composing your bids for leagues that run on Wednesday night or during the day on Thursday. This week, I went big on the Redskins’ Terry McLaurin in a couple of leagues:

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NFFC Classic: 14-team Dynamics

On Saturday morning I participated in the NFFC Classic tournament, a league in a series of 14-team leagues. My league drafted live in Las Vegas at 10:00 a.m. local time, already aware that LeSean McCoy had been released by the Bills, but not yet signed by the Chiefs. By that point the Texans had traded away Jadeveon Clowney to the Seahawks, but not yet acquired Carlos Hyde or completed their blockbuster deal with the Dolphins. Adam Schefter had just tweeted out 15 minutes prior to the draft that the Cowboys and Zeke Elliott were close to a deal. It hasn’t happened yet, but it was a welcomed tonic from the doom-and-gloom ensuing from Jerry Jones’s comments on Friday.

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Beat Jeff Erickson 2

On Thursday night I competed in the second of two “Beat Jeff Erickson” drafts in the RotoWire Online Championship, as part of the NFFC’s package of leagues. As a reminder, this is a 12-team league with an overall contest that has a $200,000 grand prize. It’s a PPR league, we start three wide receivers and a flex, and have 10-man benches. It’s also a 3RR (third round reversal) draft, meaning that the draft order flips in the third round so that the 12th slot picks first in the third round. We use a KDS (Kentucky Derby Style) system to determine draft order – I got the ninth draft slot, which was my 7th preference.

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Beat Jeff Erickson Draft

Saturday night was my first “Beat Jeff Erickson” draft for the NFFC’s RotoWire Online Championship. If you’re unfamiliar with the format, the draft is part of an overall contest, where we’re competing in 12-man leagues. It’s a PPR league, with third-round-reversal in the draft format. Passing touchdowns are worth six points, and we start three wide receivers and a flex spot. The rosters are 20-deep. I drew the second draft slot, meaning that my picks were 1.2, 2.11, 3.11, 4.2, etc … Here are the results.

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Trade Deadline FA Rankings

I’m in two leagues with Thursday night FAAB deadlines, which this year coincides perfectly with the trade deadline concluding on Wednesday. Here’s my quick set of free agent rankings for players affected by the deadline deals – not just those players traded, but also the ones that inherited bigger roles or were called up in the wake of those trades.

But first, let’s pour one out for the teams that were mostly silent Wednesday:

I probably should have put the Dodgers in the poll in lieu of the Red Sox – their fans, according to my horribly unscientific sample, were mostly numb to their team’s inaction. I think that’s largely because they either expected that result due to the team’s luxury tax constraint, or were satiated with last year’s World Series victory. Meanwhile, after losing the last two World Series, the Dodgers have conditioned their fans to expect a title or nothing this year, and their subsequent failure to add bullpen help, namely Felipe Vasquez, had them howling. Honorable mentions go out to the Twins, Tigers, and surprisingly to me, the Blue Jays. I think that they believed the front office didn’t maximize Marcus Stroman and Aaron Sanchez, and the quotes from their GM Ross Atkins (“… we turned 14 years of control into 42 years …”) were, once again, cringe-worthy.

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Taking Stock – XFL

The XFL is a quasi-dynasty, mostly industry (but most often won by the few non-industry guys) league that I play in. We freeze 15 players (including minor leaguers – not in addition to minor leaguers), auction at First Pitch Arizona, and then have a March reserve draft to fill our rosters up to 40 players. We do have salaries that escalate by $5 for players either purchased in the auction or acquired as major leaguers in any of our supplemental drafts, and by $3 for those acquired as minor leaguers, with a pretty tight limits to qualify as minor leaguers (50 ABs for hitters, 20 IP for pitchers). You can read the full rules of the league here.

I’ve struggled in this league, often making my move to contend too soon after having a couple of good months. By “too soon,” I mean that the good start was more of a mirage rather than a reflection of the overall strength of my roster. Then I’d try to make a “go for it” deal and trade away one of my prospects or cheap “+$3’s” before it was time, and then have to start the cycle all over. Typically I fall somewhere in the range of fourth to eighth in this 15-team league, though I began towards the bottom of the league. I’ve seen the likes of Steve Moyer and Doug Dennis slowly build their team through some lean years to eventually emerge as champs, whereas Don Drooker and Jeff Winnick are perennially at the top. Perry VanHook won the league last year, too.

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Week 18 FAAB Results

This was a busy free agent week in advance of Wednesday’s trade deadline. In most of my leagues, Bo Bichette is either already taken or still ineligible, having only been called up on Sunday without any previous major league experience. The biggest movers were closer speculations and catchers, especially Will Smith of the Dodgers. I was doing my bids while packing up to go home from Hawaii (yes, total non-humble brag) or from the airport, but I don’t think I missed out too much in the process. Let’s take a look.

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