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NFL Draft: Fresh Baked Mock

Happy Draft Day Eve, football fans!

Last year was one of the most enjoyable drafts I can ever remember covering and this year has been the exact opposite. Nevertheless, on the eve of my favorite day of the year, I’m as excited as ever.

I particularly enjoyed studying last year’s class for the exceptional top-end talent and depth at running back, and while this class is quite similar in that regard, completing a mock draft has proven painstaking because of the quarterbacks ruining all the fun. Some may say the speculation over the top five quarterbacks enhances the draft build-up and adds excitement, but I find it tiresome. I just can’t get on board with this crop of signal callers being what they’re chalked up to be.

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2017 NFL Season Predictions*

Okay, okay. So it’s cheating a bit, especially given the result of Thursday’s game. But here we are anyways, hence the asterisk in the title. For six years I’ve posted my season predictions for the standings, the playoffs and the yearly awards, and generally I’ve managed to complete them and post them within an hour or two of the Thursday kickoff. A last-minute 3:00 PM draft on Thursday derailed that tradition, but the show must go on. Admittedly, the predictions are tainted since I originally had New England at 15-1 and in the Super Bowl and Kansas City at an underwhelming 8-8 and on the outside of the playoffs looking in. Now my skeptical overreaction to one game has me going down a different path to pit elite defense versus elite offense in a matchup that I think would please many people. See (and decide) for yourself:

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Top 10 Keeper WR’s

A couple weeks ago I covered my top 10 keeper RB’s, an endeavor that was made more difficult by the sensational rookie crop that I also detailed. The same, unfortunately, cannot be said of this year’s rookie receivers. Nevertheless, it was no small task to wade through the best of the best in a league loaded with amazingly athletic and gifted ball catchers.

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Top 10 Keeper RB’s

Back in my days of heavier offseason blogging one of my favorite topics to discuss was always ranking keepers by position. In recent seasons, I’ve often referred to my favorite home league during the fall, a Simpsons-themed keeper league that is entering its 10th season. It’s the first keeper league I joined and the format we use for it, which puts no restrictions on how long someone can be kept or costs a draft pick for the kept player, quickly made me become obsessed with finding ascending talent.

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