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The Vampire (Football) Diaries: The End Is Near

With barely an hour to the Sunday kickoffs, we’re going stream of consciousness style with this edition of The Vampire (Football) Diaries. Considering my Count Chocula squad has taken over the league and built and unstoppable starting lineup, it seems pretty fitting to go this route. After all, there’s not much to say about strategy or player thoughts or anything around trying to win a league as a Vampire.

I’ve already won.

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The Vampire (Football) Diaries: Adams Family

Last week I tried relentlessly to trade for Saquon Barkley. This week I’m just going to claim as my next meal.

After Mitchell Trubisky, Tarik Cohen and the Colts’ Defense carried me to the third highest score in the league and a critical W last week, I’m finally rolling out an elite wide receiver. Davante Adams – unable to be protected because of his bye week – became my third victim, as Count Chocula improved to 3-4.

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The Vampire (Football) Diaries: Let the Feeding Frenzy Begin

Nothing else matters.

That’s the feeling I had all last Sunday watching my teams. In six different leagues I lost because I played either the highest or second highest scoring team when I was the third highest, or because I took too many injuries. Heck, in one league I benched Corey Davis for Sammy Watkins and had O.J. Howard at tight end. That was a beautiful point swing. So, it was generally an ugly week for me.

But like I said, nothing else mattered. After Jared Goff got me out to huge head start in the Thursday game, I was going toe-to-toe with the No. 1 team in my Vampire league. It was all I cared about. I knew if Count Chocula could eat again, the league could be mine.

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The Vampire (Football) Diaries: Goff It Feels Good To Be A Vampire

Let me tell you a story about how I may have prevented Count Chocula from going on a feeding frenzy.

Last week I ran through a litany of mistakes that cost me from potentially starting 2-0. Even more soul-crushingly, I can point to three small decisions leading up to and during Week 3 that kept the Vampire from eating again and claiming Odell Beckham as his second victim.

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