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Josh is a fantasy basketball writer for as well as for his own website, Josh also hosts the Red Rock Fantasy Basketball Podcast and currently resides in Melbourne, Australia. You may also Josh hear as a guest or host on the RotoWire Fantasy Basketball Podcast.

Box Score Breakdown: Onuaku Flow

There are two days left, and unfortunately, these last couple days feel like we are watching a different sport. A sport when a guy called Arinze Onuaku may become the player who decides a fantasy championship. Strange times indeed. With teams either packing up for the season, or preparing for the next phase, there are basically one or two games each night that have any relevance and that is reflected in the box scores. And if, as J.J. Calle put it yesterday, RotoWire is resting their starters and he is a sixth man, then you are stuck with RotoWire’s Arinze Onuaku today, for my final Box Score Breakdown of the season.

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Box Score Breakdown: Manimal House

One week to go. That’s it. Moves here will make or break your season, but beware the dreaded rest. We had John Wall, Rudy Gay and DeMarcus Cousins all sit Wednesday due to the dreaded ‘R’ word, but all that does is open some more opportunities for others. Oh, and yeah, Giannis Antetokounmpo was benched and we still don’t know why. The last week of the season, ladies and gentlemen.

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Box Score Breakdown: The Jordan Rules

Well, you made it! Championship week is here and if your league isn’t in championship week, you need to have a long discussion with your commissioner because no league should extend past this Sunday. That is beside the point. Rookies are blooming, players are going down and you need to respond by making hard decisions. Own Jeff Teague? Bye-bye. Rudy Gay on your roster? As Andre Snellings¬†and the Beastie Boys would say…

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