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NFL Preseason News and Notes: Final Job Battles, Zeke Holdout Continues, Hunt On The Mend

All 32 NFL teams were in action Thursday night, as the NFL put on its annual exhibition finale marathon. As is usually the case, the games featured a barrage of players competing for spots on the latter portion of depth charts. There were also other news and notes around the league unrelated to Thursday’s games, so without further ado, let’s delve into the latest!

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NFL Preseason News And Notes: Notable Injuries Blemish Start Of Most Relevant Week Of Exhibitions

The third week of preseason usually brings at least a slight uptick in interest, considering many teams have traditionally let their starters play longer than in the first two exhibitions. That held true to an extent Thursday, but with starters on the field for longer stretches, there were actually some notable injuries as well. We’ll take a closer look at the latest on those developments, as well what teams look most ready for the regular season.

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NFL Training Camp/Preseason News And Notes: Plenty Of Projected Starters See Game Action

The second full week of preseason kicked off Thursday night, and unlike last week’s rollout, there was more playing time for front-line starters. Additionally, high-profile rookies Kyler Murray and Dwayne Haskins were both in action again, making it a particularly intriguing night of exhibition play. With 10 teams in action, let’s dive right into some of the notable developments of the evening!

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NFL Training Camp/Preseason News and Notes: Murray, Gaskins Log First Game Action

The first multi-game night of preseason unfolded Thursday, providing plenty of news around the league. Notable rookies such as No. 1 overall pick Kyler Murray and Ohio State alum Dwayne Haskins took the first official game snaps of their pro careers, while a number of other players made their initial cases for jobs or moves up the depth chart. With plenty to discuss, let’s dive right in!

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NFL Training Camp News and Notes: Thursday, July 25

The first NFL training camps kicked off eight days ago, but Thursday was an unofficial “second grand opening” of sorts. A total of 18 teams hit the practice field for the first time, making it a momentous day by NFL summertime standards. There is already a smattering of both the good (the last of first-round signings, previously ailing quarterbacks now healthy, first-round picks hitting the field) and the bad (one new holdout, a couple of notable injuries), along with a variety of other news and notes.

With plenty to delve into, let’s take a quick spin around each conference!

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AAF Week 8 Barometer

Welcome to the Alliance of American Football (AAF) Week 8 Barometer, a column in which I’ll strive to take a pulse on the week-to-week state of the league by highlighting some of the best performers on each team. With the AAF now in the stretch run of its inaugural season and the postseason fast approaching, the strengths and weaknesses of each team are now well-established for the most part.

The same applies to individual player performances to a significant extent. With its role as a developmental/second-chance league, the AAF’s depth charts are admittedly a bit more fluid than one would see in the NFL, including at the skill positions. However, there are certainly multiple players on each team that have secured established roles and volume through their play.

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