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A Baker’s Dozen of Initial Impressions From Week 1

It was a great week one, wasn’t it?? Here are 13 early impressions I have after watching the games this weekend.

1. Where the heck did Cam Newton come from? I know Arizona’s defense is not stout, but dude is a rookie quarterback on a bad team, and he looked downright polished out there today. Either Rivera and the new coaching staff did an amazing job getting him ready for week 1 (and he will come back to earth next week), or this kid is Michael Vick but bigger. And he showed some legit touch on those touchdown throws to Smith, didn’t he? Sure wish I had taken a flier on him!

2. I am similarly flabbergasted by the Bengals win today, and that another rookie quarterback did not look terrible. Dalton certainly wasn’t fantastic, but he threw his first TD, and Gradkowski helped finish what he started and threw the first TD pass of A.J. Green’s career. I know it was the Browns, but I really expected the Browns to drub them today.

3. What on earth was up with the Falcons? I started Julio Jones in a couple leagues (and since they were PPR it wasn’t too terrible), but it appeared like Matt Ryan just wasn’t himself. Perhaps the Bears defense is legit, but Michael Turner did have 10 yards per carry, so I think it was either that Ryan just didn’t show up or they got down early and the Bears were sitting back in prevent mode. Either way, it’s concerning for those of us who invested early picks in Falcons.

4. The Steelers looked downright terrible. Being in the Baltimore area, I watched the whole game and was shocked by how poor Roethlisberger’s decisions were. He was not forced into his picks; he just made bad reads. With his history, I am sure he can turn it around, but the run game looked similarly terrible. I own several Steelers so I have serious concern this may be an 8-8 type of year. However, they will certainly face softer defenses than the Ravens and will get it going at some point offensively, even if they don’t win too many games. It was just an ugly start.

5. The Colts and Chiefs stink. At least the Colts have the Peyton Manning excuse (although it doesn’t say too much for their overall talent that they were that terrible without him). The Chiefs have no excuse. They were terrible in the preseason, and they were terrible on Sunday. They got SMOKED-by the Bills! I’m now glad I only own Jamaal Charles on two teams, and no other Chiefs. I think this team will be playing from behind all year, so maybe Dwayne Bowe gets some catches in comeback mode, but I don’t think Matt Cassel is good enough to throw even when he needs to, at least not on this team. He was able to do it in the Pats system, but there is something about the Chiefs offensive scheme that makes him look like Derek Anderson-or worse.

6. The 49ers can win the division, without breaking a sweat. You saw the impact of a good coach immediately in San Fran. Harbaugh got those guys to play, and even though offensively they didn’t do much, the special teams and defense came through. Harbaugh is an offensive mastermind, so eventually these guys could get going on that side of the ball, and it doesn’t hurt that Seattle and St. Louis looked pretty bad. Arizona got a win, but they were playing a bad team with a rookie QB and barely squeaked it out. I think San Francisco, based on what I saw today, wins the division by two games.

7. Houston is the real deal. I heard Mel Kiper Jr. say the other day he had Houston ranked as the # 3 team on his preseason power rankings, and he got all sorts of negative feedback. These guys held back against the Colts and started eating clock early, and they still won 34-7. If they need to score points, they will. Stock up on your Houston offensive players now.

8. I wasted an early pick on Shonn Greene AGAIN. I swear this is the last time. The Jets just don’t use him except to run straight ahead into the line, and the guy is very talented and quick laterally. He could be a top back in this league if not fettered by the Jets offensive system.

9. I was right about Chad Henne. He had a couple bad-looking throws, but he looked far superior to Kyle Orton Monday night. He was accurate, zipped his passes in there, and even pulled it down and ran effectively several times. I think he could be a very good replacement for Peyton Manning this year. .Likewise, his teammate Reggie Bush had an understated Dolphins debut, but in PPR leagues he still had a nice night, and he got into the end zone. He should be a solid starter all year long, as he will catch plenty of passes even when he doesn’t score.

10. Tom Brady is amazing. Always finds the open guy, always accurate. If you have him, don’t trade him. If you don’t have him, you aren’t getting him. I think he’s worth a first round pick as much as Aaron Rodgers and more than Michael Vick, because he probably won’t get hurt and is incredibly consistent.

11. Brandon Marshall is a beast. It looked like he might have hyperextended his knee at the end of the night, so listen for any injury reports.

12. Kyle Orton was not very good Monday. The crowd was chanting for Tebow; that is never a good thing.

13. However, Eric Decker is going to make some noise this year if Orton stays the QB. He looked good out there, and in my opinion brings better physical tools than either Brandon Lloyd or Eddie Royal. Grab him off the waiver if he’s available in your league, because if he establishes a close connection with Orton he could really explode (a la Lloyd last year).

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Guys I Will Be Watching – Wide Receiver

Today, as the season fully kicks off in earnest, I want to direct your attention to a few guys who probably won’t get any face time on SportsCenter, but whom I’ll be watching very closely in the stat lines this weekend. If they show signs of life, I will certainly claim them off waivers because I think there are already indications they could play big roles this year. This post will focus on wide receivers; in no specific order, here are a few players that I will be watching:

Emmanuel Sanders – Pittsburgh This guy was overshadowed in the preseason by Antonio Brown, but I stuck with him in several leagues and already have him rostered. Sanders is probably owned in most leagues, but if he is available you may want to grab him even before lineups lock Sunday. He is extremely speedy and Ben Roethlisberger loves to throw to his third wide receivers (see Mike Wallace in his rookie year). Sanders is apparently a better route runner than Brown and more polished, so he could play a huge role on a prolific offense this year. If he puts up even four catches this week, I’d grab him quickly.

Dezmon Briscoe – Tampa Bay Briscoe is a talented No.3 on the Bucs – a young, up and coming team that showed promise last year. With Mike Williams and Arrelious Benn on the outside and Kellen Winslow also gaining attention, this quick slot receiver could gain a lot of targets. If he shows signs of life early on I would add him because the opportunities will likely be there.

Harry Douglas – Atlanta This kid has a ton of talent and has flashed it at this level, but he has struggled with injuries in his first couple of years. But don’t overlook him, because he is in a great situation with an emerging QB in Matt Ryan. Douglas is also quick and showed it with a long touchdown in the preseason. With Roddy White and Julio getting all of the attention, he could have a huge year.

Jabar Gaffney – Washington Gaffney was just named the No.2 in Washington. Obviously I’m not wild about Rex Grossman as starter, but if he somehow pulls off even a decent year, Gaffney could be a player. He has always been underrated; he has good hands and decent speed and is a good route runner. I could see him catching 65 balls in the Redskins offense if Grossman shows up.

Cecil Shorts – Jacksonville Cecil who?!? This is a deep sleeper, but this rookie out of Mount Union has gotten rave reviews in Jaguars camp. Garrard was loving him before he got cut, but if the kid is talented I see no reason why he can?t thrive with Luke McCown (especially since many think McCown has to be better than Garrard). If he has a big week 1, don’t overlook Shorts.

Bernard Berrian – Minnesota I could see Berrian either stinking it up like last year or developing some great chemistry with McNabb and having a rebound year. If he has lots of targets or McNabb goes to him in big situations, let that be a sign to grab this guy. There aren’t too many options in Minnesota and McNabb has always been a great thrower. Give him a look if you are thin at wide receiver, and watch his stats this week…

Arrelious Benn – Tampa Bay I mentioned Briscoe earlier, but I also have my eye on Benn. He was a fellow rookie with Mike Williams last year and was picked ahead of him in the draft. He is a big body who is also strong and fast; he reminds me of Braylon Edwards, only a little faster and stronger. If he shows an early chemistry with his studly young QB, grab him!

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