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FMLS Week 6 Price Changes

Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s debut couldn’t have gone much better for the LA Galaxy, as he bagged a brace, including the match winner, against LA FC on Saturday. Thanks to his production, Ibrahimovic saw a $400K price increase in the league’s official fantasy game, nearly a max increase despite taking only two shots in 19 minutes.

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New DraftKings Soccer Scoring Rules

DraftKings opened their Copa America and European Championships contests Wednesday and at the same time released new scoring and roster rules for their soccer games. After using 11-man rosters, the site is now back to an eight-man group, made up of one goalkeeper, two defenders, two midfielders, two forwards and one utility.

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Training Camp Notes – RG3 Out Again

Jeff Stotts, RotoWire’s injury expert, wrote a piece last week about the plethora of hamstring injuries that we’ve seen during training camp this year. Players like Emmanuel Sanders and Dez Bryant have dealt with them recently, while Odell Beckham was plagued by an issue there last season. Nevertheless, as the preseason rolls along it appears all the hamstring issues will be cleared up by Week 1, though some players could be falling on their respective depth charts with each day they miss.

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Welcome to the Group of Death

The World Cup draw has finally been completed and the United States finds itself in a group with Germany, Ghana and Portugal. The early reaction is that it’s the Group of Death and reviewing the other groups pretty much confirms it. Group B isn’t exactly a cakewalk, with Spain, Netherlands, Chile, and Australia, while Group D is also tough with Uruguay, England, Italy and Costa Rica. Had the United States been drawn into any of these groups, we’d surely be calling that one the Group of Death.

Here’s the full breakdown:

Group A
1. Brazil
2. Croatia
3. Mexico
4. Cameroon

Group B
1. Spain
2. Netherlands
3. Chile
4. Australia

Group C
1. Colombia
2. Greece
3. Cote d’Ivoire
4. Japan

Group D
1. Uruguay
2. Costa Rica
3. England
4. Italy

Group E
1. Switzerland
2. Ecuador
3. France
4. Honduras

Group F
1. Argentina
2. Bosnia-Hertzegovina
3. Iran
4. Nigeria

Group G
1. Germany
2. Portugal
3. Ghana
4. United States

Group H
1. Belgium
2. Algeria
3. Russia
4. South Korea

Sports Illustrated’s Grant Wahl noted that the U.S. has the longest travel possible for any team in the World Cup at 8,866 miles. It’s certainly not an ideal situation for the Americans.

That being said, if Jurgen can get us out of the group stage, it wouldn’t be the biggest surprise in World Cup history. Ghana and Portugal are beatable and a draw with Germany should be enough to get us through.

My picks for each group:
Group A: Brazil, Croatia
Group B: Spain, Netherlands
Group C: Colombia, Cote d’Ivoire
Group D: Uruguay, Italy
Group E: France, Ecuador
Group F: Argentina, Bosnia-Hertzegovina
Group G: Germany, United States
Group H: Belgium, Russia

Now we just have to wait seven months to see what happens.