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Marc F Roberts writes about fantasy sports for RotoWire. He has won no fantasy awards, but his mom thinks his writing is "fantastic".

Fantasy Basketball: Rest-of-Season H2H Rankings

I was walking through a department store, minding my own business, sometime ago when a small child, who I’d never met before, whirled around a clothing rack, lifted his hand in the air to me, and declared with the cadence and fervor of a carnival director, “I present to you the tallest man in the world!”.

It is with that same childish excitement that I present to you the RotoWire Head-to-Head Rest-of-Season Rankings. As we discussed in the preseason, our recommended strategy for head-to-head leagues is to focus on being as dominate as you can in the six positive counting categories (points, rebounds, three-pointers, assists, steals, and blocks), even if that means you aren’t competitive in the other three categories (field goal percentage, free throw percentage, and turnovers). These rankings are meant to capture a player’s value in this format from today through the rest of the season and are based on the RotoWire Player Projections. For custom rankings go here.

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How Does Rajon Rondo’s Injury Affect His Fantasy Value?

The Boston Globe is reporting that Rajon Rondo broke his hand on Thursday as a result of a fall at his home. They are also reporting that he had surgery to repair the injury on Friday. It’s expected that Rondo will miss six to eight weeks. With the Celtics’ first regular season game just over four weeks away, it’s all but certain that his injury will cause him to miss some regular season games.


Fantasy Impact

As with most fantasy basketball questions, the impact of this injury on Rondo’s value depends on the type of league you play in, Rotisserie or Head to Head. We’ll first examine the impact to his rotisserie value.


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2014 NBA Rookie Projection: Marcus Smart

This is part six in a series of articles evaluating the fantasy value of players in the 2014 NBA Draft. Each article in this series will focus on a different rookie. In this article, I’ll take a look at the sixth overall pick, Marcus Smart. Here are links to parts 1-5 of the series:

Part 1: Andrew Wiggins (and Introduction)

Part 2: Jabari Parker

Part 3: Joel Embiid

Part 4: Aaron Gordon

Part 5: Dante Exum

The idea behind this series is that rookies have the potential to be valuable fantasy options but also the potential to disappoint. To understand the range of potential fantasy values that these players represent, I’ve developed a reasonable best, average, and worst-case scenario for each rookie based on comparable players’ rookie-season stats. These comparable players either had similar college careers (as identified by, or are generally given in the media as comparisons for each rookie (e.g. Aaron Gordon is often compared to Shawn Marion).

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