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Erik Siegrist is an FSWA award-winning columnist who covers all four major North American sports (that means the NHL, not NASCAR) and whose beat extends back to the days when the Nationals were the Expos and the Thunder were the Sonics. He was the inaugural champion of Rotowire's Staff Keeper baseball league. His work has also appeared at Baseball Prospectus.

The NFL Has Run Out of Excuses on Colin Kaepernick

With all but the Monday nighter left on the docket, Week 2 produced a lot of compelling stories for fans and media to gab about: Tom Brady not being quite ready for the glue factory, Kareem Hunt’s continued excellence, the Seahawks’ abysmal offensive line, etc.

It also, definitely and conclusively, exposed the last of the excuses for Colin Kaepernick not being in a uniform right now as the sham that it is.

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Training Camp Notes: Zeke Still Stating His Case

The cancellation of Thursday’s Texans-Cowboys game so that Houston players can head home after the flooding caused by Harvey was absolutely the right call by the NFL, but it also underscored just how meaningless preseason action really is — not just in the larger “it’s only a game” sense, but in the “teams can skip games and it won’t impact the product come Week 1” sense. If the league does decide to shorten the exhibition schedule to accommodate a 17th regular-season game and/or a second bye week, it won’t happen too soon.

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Training Camp Notes: No Cause For Alarm With Bell

Wednesday saw some stars return to the field, while others at least gave a date when they would return; some QBs moved closer to winning jobs, while others slipped closer to losing them; and, as always, injured players tried to get back into action as soon as they could (or sooner) before their teams decided they were expendable. In other words, it was a typical day for the NFL as the league hurtles towards Week 1.

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Steak League Auction Recap

Tuesday night, RotoWire’s finest minds gathered for the grand-daddy of all staff leagues, the Steak League. The league takes its name from the side bet riding on it every year, as the second-division finishers have to treat the top clubs to a fancy steak dinner once the season is concluded.

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Training Camp Notes: Fournette-Me-Not

The preseason schedule is in full swing, but this early in August teams are still mostly resting their starters, making the results and performances somewhat less than predictive for fantasy purposes. When trying to suss out sleepers and busts, what happens on the practice field is still at this point more important than what some second-string RB does against third-string defenders in the second half of a relatively meaningless game.

With that in mind, here’s the news of note from Wednesday:

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