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Erik Siegrist is an FSWA award-winning columnist who covers all four major North American sports (that means the NHL, not NASCAR) and whose beat extends back to the days when the Nationals were the Expos and the Thunder were the Sonics. He was the inaugural champion of Rotowire's Staff Keeper baseball league. His work has also appeared at Baseball Prospectus.

Anatomy of a Zero-RB Auction

Tuesday afternoon, a number of RotoWire staff and friends held the auction for the latest season in the Steak League — a name that stems from the fact that the GMs who finish at the bottom of the standings end up buying steak dinners for those at the top. As you might expect, it’s got some big-time internal bragging rights associated with it, and it’s a league I last won in 2013, when an unproven young pup named Le’Veon Bell hurt his ankle a few days before we auctioned and I was able to land him dirt cheap.

It’s a 14-team league with standard scoring (non-PPR, although this might be the last year we stick to the Old Ways) that starts one QB, two RB, three WR, one TE, one Flex (RB/WR/TE), one K, and three IDP (one each DL/LB/DB) with five bench spots. We’ve got a $200 auction budget, and it tends to go quickly. The competition is fierce — other GMs in the league include Chris Liss, Jeff Erickson, Mike Doria, Scott Jensted, and plenty of other names you’d recognize from around the site.

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