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Erik Siegrist is an FSWA award-winning columnist who covers all four major North American sports (that means the NHL, not NASCAR) and whose beat extends back to the days when the Nationals were the Expos and the Thunder were the Sonics. He was the inaugural champion of Rotowire's Staff Keeper baseball league. His work has also appeared at Baseball Prospectus.

Looking For The Next Surprise SP

If you play in deep, competitive fantasy leagues, you know that one of the commodities you can never get enough of is pitching. No matter how stacked your staff is coming out of your draft or auction, injuries and under-performance always create holes over the summer, and that’s before you factor in strategies like streaming SPs.

As such, it’s always helpful to know where to look to find pitchers who may not be on the fantasy radar in March but could wind up being key contributors in June. By now, the statistical markers for pitching sleepers are well known — strikeouts good, walks and home runs bad — but there’s one area that doesn’t get a lot of focus that has produced some gems in recent years.

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The NFL Has Run Out of Excuses on Colin Kaepernick

With all but the Monday nighter left on the docket, Week 2 produced a lot of compelling stories for fans and media to gab about: Tom Brady not being quite ready for the glue factory, Kareem Hunt’s continued excellence, the Seahawks’ abysmal offensive line, etc.

It also, definitely and conclusively, exposed the last of the excuses for Colin Kaepernick not being in a uniform right now as the sham that it is.

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