Monday Night Observations

I had the Saints ATS and in Survivor, so I’m not complaining, but what a difference a couple ticky-tack penalties made, extending the Saints first two would-be failed drives and turning them into touchdowns. After that, the Saints were off to the races, looking sharp on both sides of the ball, but you have to wonder how the game flow changes had they gone three-and-out twice and fallen behind.

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The Vampire (Football) Diaries: Let the Feeding Frenzy Begin

Nothing else matters.

That’s the feeling I had all last Sunday watching my teams. In six different leagues I lost because I played either the highest or second highest scoring team when I was the third highest, or because I took too many injuries. Heck, in one league I benched Corey Davis for Sammy Watkins and had O.J. Howard at tight end. That was a beautiful point swing. So, it was generally an ugly week for me.

But like I said, nothing else mattered. After Jared Goff got me out to huge head start in the Thursday game, I was going toe-to-toe with the No. 1 team in my Vampire league. It was all I cared about. I knew if Count Chocula could eat again, the league could be mine.

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2018 Rotowire FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship – Week 5

We’re on to Week 5 of the NFL season. FitzMagic is gone, none of last season’s conference championship contestants lead their divisions and Patrick Mahomes is now ambidextrous. If you think you’ve got a handle on this week’s craziness, come prove it by entering the RotoWire FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship!

A quick rules refresher: we’re running a $10 contest in each of the first 10 weeks of the season, where the top 150 finishers double their money. Compete against fellow RotoWire readers as well as three experts: Kevin Payne, Jeff Erickson and Derek VanRiper. Beating all three experts in one week earns you a ticket to Week 11’s championship round, where the top 120 scores earn a prize and the top score gets $1,000 and a two-year RotoWire subscription. Sign up for this week’s contest here.

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Thursday Night Observations

There was plenty of scoring in this one, but unlike last week’s Rams-Vikings matchup, it still had the feel of a Thursday night game. There were several drops, mostly by the Colts, but Julian Edelman had an egregious one on the second series, and Chris Hogan had one bounce of his hands for a pick. Tom Brady missed some open receivers too, throwing at their feet for no good reason.

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NFL Offensive Line Overview: Quarter Poll Edition

From pass protection to run blocking, every aspect of the modern NFL offence runs through the O-line. Aside from skill position players themselves, nothing has a larger impact on the outcome of a play call than the battle up front. In the Offensive Line Overview series, the ebb and flow of all 32 offensive line groups around the NFL is analyzed and relevant fantasy implications are uncovered.

With a fourth of the regular season under our belt, let’s take a look at which offensive lines trending upwards or falling heading into Week 5:

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A Quick Look at MLB Counting Stats

I’ve spent a lot of time and thought into investigating global MLB counting stats, focusing mostly upon homers, stolen bases, and saves – and how those rates dictate how we plan for our fantasy drafts. Now that the regular season is finally concluded, it’s time to look to see what happened in 2018. The last couple of seasons featured such tectonic shifts in favor of more homers and less speed – was it more of the same this year? For now, I just want to identify the results – I need more time to decipher the causes and fantasy implications. Let’s dig in.

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