Steamer Hitter Rankings With NFBC ADP

Like last year, I ran the Steamer Projections through my imperfect dollar-value formula to generate rankings and dollar values. This year, the NFBC ADP is in the Steamer spreadsheet so it was easy to include that for comparison. A few caveats are in order: (1) The ADP doesn’t line up with the order of the hitters because it’s the NFBC’s overall list, and that includes pitchers; (2) The dollar values reflect a 12-team NFBC style format and my using a 67/33 hitter/pitcher split; and (3) I made no adjustment for positional scarcity, i.e., players are simply valued on their stats whether they’re catchers or designated hitters. (I’ll do subsequent posts at some point with catchers adjusted and pitchers included.)

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Super Bowl 52 Observations

I lost some cash on this game, but enjoyed it nonetheless. There weren’t too many penalties, they got the catch rule right for once, it was well coached and for the most part well played. I was actually planning to watch the 40-minute version of it this morning, but took an afternoon nap and powered through until 3:30 am in real time. I’m a little sluggish today, but I don’t regret it.

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Early MLB Rankings

I finished my baseball rankings early this week, and before I tinker with them any further, I wanted to post this early snapshot. Every time I read other’s people’s opinions on Twitter or discuss why I have a player where I do it forces me to re-think my initial instincts, and I’m sure as we get closer to March I’ll have acquired all kinds of new beliefs and habits that are take me farther from where I started.

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The Big Winner of Lorenzo Cain to the Brewers

Let’s assume the Brewers get above-average defense and an infusion of OBP atop the order from Lorenzo Cain. They will come away happy, even at $80 million over the next five years.

There is another immediate winner following Cain’s decision to sign with Milwaukee.

In early January, the Rangers were linked to Cain.

The move made sense as a great potential landing spot for the free-agent outfielder, as Texas seemingly needed a solution in center field after squeezing 2.3 WAR out of Carlos Gomez in 105 games on a one-year deal last season.

Perhaps they already had their solution on the roster.

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Beat Todd Zola League Draft Recap

To be the best, you have to beat the best. That’s a major philosophy that drives what I do in life, so I thought I should also apply that to my fantasy baseball portfolio. Just before the new year turned, I joined a “Beat Todd Zola” league that slow drafted over the course of roughly two weeks. With 15 teams, 50 rounds and no trades or drops during the season, this was certainly going to be a change from other drafts I had done before.

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