Trending Team of the Week

This week, let’s take a look at some players who have been trending upward over the last couple of weeks.

I’ll highlight one player at each of the five positions who has played well of late and could continue that trend in the coming weeks.

A few quick notes:

  1. While someone like Derrick Favors has excelled recently, he’s benefited from the absence of Rudy Gobert, and his value doesn’t appear sustainable, especially after Gobert returned to action Monday night. The list below does not include players who have seen an obvious bump in production due to an injury.
  2. The players that I will discuss are owned in most formats, so they are not guys you can go running to the waiver wire to pick up. They are players who, if you own, you could try to sell high on. Alternatively, you could try and buy low on these players if you suspect that their owner is not as high on them as they should be.
  3. Finally, I’ll list the players as a team — one player at each position. This way, it is easier to insert them in a position-for-position trade offer.

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Week 13 Observations

It was the first Sunday in nearly 20 years that neither Manning was starting at quarterback. Good riddance to both – I always disliked Peyton and his pitch perfect interview tone, both calculatingly self-deprecating and slyly in on the joke. The embarrassingly sycophantic media slobbering over him only made it worse. Let his great play speak for itself, Joe Buck, no need to act like he’s a genius for snapping the ball while the 12th defender still has one foot on the field.

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Thursday Night Observations

I had Washington at pick ’em in this game, and for the first three quarters I really thought they’d come back and win. But the Cowboys offensive line took over the game, mowing down Redskin tacklers and showing it didn’t matter much whether it was Alfred Morris or Zeke Elliott. The Cowboys defensive line also dominated, putting Kirk Cousins under constant pressure.

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