Monday Night Observations

It seemed like there were more reveals in the Monday night games than most of Sunday. We know who the Jets No. 1 target likely is, that the Lions still can’t run the ball or play defense, that Kenny Golladay is ready to break out, that Brandin Cooks should have a much bigger role than Sammy Watkins did last year, that Isaiah Crowell is a good fit for the Jets and that Jared Cook is going to be a featured weapon in the Raiders passing game, among other things.

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Week 1 Observations

You know before the season things won’t go your way some of the time, and you also know it will arouse unpleasant thoughts and emotions, but it’s not until Week 1 kicks off that you truly reconnect with the frustrations, disappointments and outright rage the NFL experience so reliably elicits.

Where to begin? In the high-stakes Stopa league, my two expensive backs are Le’Veon Bell and Leonard Fournette. Luckily, I was able to land a cheap Marquise Goodwin though. And it would be no problem having Sam Bradford as my QB-flex while waiting for Jameis Winston.

In the RotoWire Steak League, I lost Marqise Lee for the season, but I had Doug Baldwin as my No. 1 WR at least and Fournette as a steady running back. Good thing I started Nick Foles on Thursday night over Tyrod Taylor. And thankfully I invested heavily in IDPs like Joey Bosa, given my other weaknesses.

And that’s not getting into my two shares of Delanie Walker, high-stakes share of Greg Olsen picked up Friday and various other examples of valuable draft capital now lying in ruin. But fantasy teams are – unless you lost David Johnson last year – largely fixable, and the season is long, i.e., the torture has just begun, and it’s torture for everyone, not just you.

So the real calamity yesterday was losing three of four survivor entries in one fell swoop. Really, 40 points wasn’t enough against Ryan Fitzpatrick? Every time I think Sean Payton has things figured out, he astounds me. It’s bad enough Mike McCarthy has only one Super Bowl in the Aaron Rodgers era – more on that game below – but at least McCarthy’s teams are always in the playoffs when Rodgers is healthy. Payton has lost much more often than he should with peak Drew Brees. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been so cavalier about assuming the gains the Saints made on defense were sustainable.

A couple good things happened too. I have a few shares of Adrian Peterson and George Kittle, my supercontest picks went 4-1 ATS, I have two shares of Saquon Barkley and Odell Beckham (both of whom did well against arguably the league’s best defense), three of Jarvis Landry and two of Mike Evans, who was steeply discounted from last year’s price. But the bad outweighed the good as it usually does. Survivor is permanent, and I also write the column for the site, about which I feel worse than I do for my own entries.

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The Vampire (Football) Diaries

So what do vampires and fantasy football have in common?

Nothing according to Google (though if you accidentally run that search without the word “football” included, there are a surprising number of results with varying degrees of intrigue/terror).

In the not-too-distant future, however, I expect the word vampire to become quite commonplace among the fantasy football community. Or at least I should say I hope that it does. Only time will tell if doing a Vampire format fantasy football league lives up to the real thing.

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2018 Rotowire FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship – Week 1

Football is back! After the NFL decided to simply show a rerun of last season’s NFC Divisional Round matchup between Eagles and Falcons in lieu of the traditional Thursday night opener, we’re hopefully in line for 12 new and original episodes to binge all Sunday afternoon.

With the return of the NFL season comes the return of the RotoWire FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship. The format is straightforward. We’re running a $10 contest in each of the first 10 weeks of the season, where the top 150 users double their cash. You’ll compete against fellow RotoWire readers as well as three experts: Kevin Payne, Jeff Erickson and Derek Van Riper. Beat all three experts in one week and you’ll earn entry to Week 11’s Free Play championship round. The top 120 players in that round will win a prize, with the first-place contestant coming home with $1,000 and a two-year subscription to RotoWire.

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Thursday Night Observations

Unlike last year where I made the mistake of watching the game live – and saw myself bounced from Survivor and immediately proven wrong for doubting Kareem Hunt – I caught this one via the 40-minute edited version this morning. While last year’s was an exciting game, filled with reveals about the upcoming fantasy season, this was a punt and flag fest, with a lesser impact on player values. Still, there’s always something to take away from an NFL game – my observations are below:

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