RotoWire & FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship – Week 10

We have reached the final week of the RotoWire and FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship qualifying rounds. Man, time sure does fly. It feels like just yesterday that we were debating whether or not Kareem Hunt’s explosive start to the season was worth buying into. Well, I guess we are still pondering that following his recent slump, huh? Well, this is awkward….. Anyways! This is the last opportunity to get your hands on an entry into the $1,000+ Week 11 RWFC Championship Free Play! In case you’ve been living under a rock, here are the rules and how to get in on the action this week:

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First Pitch Arizona — Baseball, Food & Beer

Baseball season doesn’t have to be over the day after the final pitch of the World Series.

Thanks to the hard work of Brent Hershey and Ray Murphy of Baseball HQ, it isn’t.

Once again, we were spoiled by a great finale to the MLB season with the Astros’ seven-game triumph over the Dodgers. In the wake of last year’s incredible Game 7 between the Cubs and Indians, and now three years removed from Madison Bumgarner’s Game 7 heroics to push the Giants over the Royals in 2014, it seems impossible that baseball could give us more, and yet somehow, it does.

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The Weekly Stream

Three weeks down, 23 weeks to go.

So far, the season has thrown in a few surprises, some injuries, and a handful of breakout performances

This piece will glance into the future, taking a look at some statistical streaming options for you to consider to try and boost some of your numbers, as well as a few games to make sure you keep an eye on. I didn’t say to prioritise your life around these games, but I didn’t not say it either.

So let’s have a look at some players that might be available on your waiver wire. I’m going run through some names that you could take a look at if you are in need of a particular statistic. I’ll cover the main categories; points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, and three-pointers.

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Week 9 Observations

What horrible day of football. The afternoon games were so boring until the tail end of Seattle-Washington, I could barely stay focused during the four-hour block. Even the end of the Redskins-Seahawks was drawn out to the point where I lost interest – how long can you make us wait for a likely doomed-to-fail Hail Mary?

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