Chronicles of a Rotowire Staff Keeper League Champion

On Tuesday night, April 3, 2018, I joined 17 other Rotowire staff members for the annual Staff Keeper League auction. The draft began at 7pm EST and typically lasts 6-7 hours, so I made the decision in advance to call off work the next day since it was going to be a late night. I wake up for work everyday at 5:30am and can’t imagine being productive after only 4 hours sleep. Rotowire’s Chris Liss would probably say a “real man pulls an all nighter” which is exactly what he did starting the draft at midnight Western European time. You can read Chris’s recap here.

A quick run-down of the league for those who aren’t familiar: 18 teams, $260 auction/keeper budget, you can keep up to 15 major leaguers and 10 minor leaguers. $100 in-season FAAB budget. The in-season salary cap is $360, which gives you flexibility to add pieces via FAAB or trade after the auction.

As the defending champion, let’s recap my history in the league and some of the notable trades that put me in position to win last season:

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RotoWire Staff Keeper League

It’s hard to get 18 people to agree on an auction date, so much so it had to be a week into the season. Moreover, the start time of the auction – and subsequent minor-league and reserve draft – was 7 pm ET, also known as midnight Western European time, i.e., I knew I was pulling an all-nighter.

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RotoWire Baseball Championship – 1st Qualifier

Welcome to the 2018 Major League Baseball season and also another edition of the RotoWire/FanDuel Fantasy Baseball Championship.

This is the first of six qualifiers that will run from April 4 through June 13, giving you six opportunities to land a spot in the championship round, which takes place on June 27 – where you’ll compete for an extra $2,000 in cash prizes plus RotoWire subscriptions. If you finish in the top-25 on the overall leaderboard, you are as good as in the championship contest. Inquiring minds can learn more by clicking here.

Meanwhile, the experts will compete against each other for a separate championship. We will keep track of the results here and come back before each contest to see how you fared against the experts.

When it comes to DFS strategy, why not take advantage of some of RotoWire’s gifts this season? Use tools like the lineup optimizer in conjunction with our daily lineups and weather reports in order to take home the gold. As of this morning, there was a chance of rain in the Seattle at San Francisco game.

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