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Endgame Streamers

With just one weekend left in the regular season, many fantasy teams are closing in on a league championship. However, pitching options are becoming scarcer now that teams have less to play for. As such, one way to overcome this obstacle and win a championship can be to grab a pitcher off waivers and stream him to close out the season. With that in mind, here are some inexpensive pickups for the final weekend of the year.

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Residual Trade Deadline Beneficiaries

As is the nature of trades, there are usually winners and losers in each transaction, whether one side’s return completely flops or if there’s an unexpected uptick in production following the deal. However, most people forget that every action has a reaction associated to it. In the case of trades, one player’s departure frequently opens up newfound opportunities for another player. Here are a few players who will land increased roles thanks to a few trade deadline deals.

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One-Category Contributors

With the trade deadline looming in most fantasy leagues, most leagues have been divided into buyers and sellers already. It’s also likely that each team has definite strengths and weaknesses, whether it be a lack of power or an absence of strikeouts. In some instances, one player can make a huge difference in making up ground in a single category, even if it comes at the slight detriment of another category. With this in mind, here are a few under-the-radar players whose contribution in a single rotisserie category can be the difference between a league championship and a second-place pat on the back:

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