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Super Bowl 52 Observations

I lost some cash on this game, but enjoyed it nonetheless. There weren’t too many penalties, they got the catch rule right for once, it was well coached and for the most part well played. I was actually planning to watch the 40-minute version of it this morning, but took an afternoon nap and powered through until 3:30 am in real time. I’m a little sluggish today, but I don’t regret it.

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Division Round Observations

I don’t even remember what happened Saturday. The Jags-Steelers was an insane game, and then the Vikings-Saints possibly the most insane I’ve ever watched. It also knocked me out of all my playoff pools and cost me against the spread. I couldn’t fall asleep after it, I was so stunned. It helped to imagine the outcome would have been the same had Drew Brees simply failed to complete the 4th-and-10 pass to Willie Snead, three drives – an eternity – earlier.

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Wild Card Observations

It was the first time I saw commercials all year as I had been on the red-zone channel during the regular season and watching the condensed version of standalone games. I’ll just say once you’ve watched commercial and stoppage free, it’s hard to go back to the old way of consuming the product.

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