NFL O-line Overview: Week 3

Injuries can derail a team’s season like nothing else. Aside from losing a starting quarterback (the early favorite for “Narrative of the 2019 season”) injuries to the offensive line can be particularly tricky to overcome. That’s namely because of the general gap in quality between starters and backups, but also because the ol’ swap-guys-around trick rarely works out.

Without further ado, let’s check in at which O-lines around the league are looking up and which are holding their team back.

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Tweets from the Weekend: NFL Roster Cutdown Day

As much as I love a long-winded argument, I’ve increasingly come to accept that very few of my opinions require more than 280 characters of the English language. My sweet spot is somewhere between 140 and 280, so I’m eternally grateful (slight exaggeration) for Twitter’s expansion of their limit.

But that’s enough about me — the point here is brevity. And with that, I bring you the story of roster cut-down weekend in the NFL as told through tweets from RotoWire’s football writers:

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