Led by former Fanball co-founders Rob Pythian and Paul Charchian, Fanball.com has returned as a daily fantasy platform. With the introduction of the Fanball Number, Fanball aims to bring a level playing field to the daily fantasy landscape.

Sports Offered

Fanball offers games for NFL, with MLB, NBA, NHL and more coming soon.


NFL   QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, WR/TE, FLEX (RB/WR/TE), D/ST  ($55,000 Salary Cap)
MLB   Coming soon  
NBA   Coming soon  
NHL   Coming soon

Game Offerings

Tournaments (GPP – Guaranteed Prize Pool)
50-50 contests
Double Ups


In Fanball salary cap contests, entrants create a lineup by using players listed in the Player Pool to fill each defined roster requirement. All players have an assigned salary, and a valid roster will not have a salary cap that exceeds $55,000. In addition, the Player Pool will consist of all players expected to be on the active rosters for any team listed in the contest's event set.

Every contest has a defined Fanball Number (FBN) range. All users are tagged with a FBN that evolves as you play, and allows you to compete in contests reserved for similarly skilled players. You can always challenge yourself and play in a higher FBN tier, but players cannot enter a contest if their FBN exceeds the defined range. Contest results will be determined by the total points accumulated by each individual lineup entry based on the scoring system detailed below.


Fanball accepts Debit and Credit Cards for deposit payments. ($10 Minimum Deposit)

The Fanball Number

The Fanball Number is central to everything they do; they've leveled the playing field so you don't have to play in contests against highly experienced DFS players if you don't want to.

The Fanball Number is a numeric rating assigned to every Fanball user. The rating scale ranges from 0-100, and is updated every day after users play a Fanball contest. Much like the player rating system on a video game franchise, the higher your Fanball Number, the more skilled a player they consider you to be.

The Fanball Number is derived by their super computer analyzing game play data for each user with emphasis on which sport you play, winning percentages, size of contests, entry fees and other key variables.


Contests are also assigned a numerical rating, which can limit players with certain Fanball Numbers from entering some games. Fanball is attempting to level the playing field while allowing casual and novice DFS players to seek games with their ilk, while allowing the more advanced DFS players to play in different games where they can test their might and become the best of the best.


Football (NFL)

Scoring for NFL games is divided into two categories, Offense and Defense. * Bonus points for total yards (passing, rushing, receiving) are only awarded once. For example, a receiver with 155 yards will only get 4 bonus points for yards between 150 - 199; they will not get the 2 bonus points for yards between 100 - 149.

Offense Defense
Passing Yard = 0.04 pts Sack = 1 pt
Passing TD = 4 pts Interception = 2 pts
300-349 Passing Yards = 2 pts Interception Return TD = 6 pts
350-399 Passing Yards = 4 pts Fumble Recovery = 2 pts
400+ Passing Yards = 6 pts Fumble Return TD = 6 pts
Rushing Yard = 0.1 pts Safety = 2 pts
Rushing TD = 6 pts Blocked Kick = 2 pts
100-149 Rushing Yards = 2 pts PAT/2-Point Conversion return for a score = 2 pts
150-199 Rushing Yards = 4 pts
200+ Rushing Yards = 6 pts
Receptions = 1 pt
Receiving Yard = 0.1 pts
Receiving TD = 6 pts
100-149 Receiving Yards = 2 pts
150-199 Receiving Yards = 4 pts
200+ Receiving Yards = 6 pts
Kick/Punt Return TD = 6 pts
2pt Conversion Pass = 2 pts
2pt Conversion Score = 2 pts

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