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FanDuel NHL: Wednesday Targets
Jason Chen suggests plugging in a Canucks stack Wednesday against St. Louis as part of a four-game FanDuel offering.
FanDuel NHL: Tuesday Targets
Jordan Mazzara tees up Tuesday's FanDuel slate, which features four Game 1s and plenty of high-end players to choose from.
FanDuel NHL: Sunday Targets
3 days ago
St. Louis goalie Jake Allen has a nice matchup against the Blues in Sunday's FanDuel NHL action.
FanDuel NHL: Saturday Targets
4 days ago
With just two round-robin games on the docket Saturday, Jason Chen delivers his recommendations for building a winning FanDuel lineup.
FanDuel NHL: Friday Targets
5 days ago
Jason Chen dives into Friday's FanDuel slate, which is packed with plenty of excitement in the form of six potential elimination games.
FanDuel NHL: Thursday Targets
6 days ago
Jason Chen is back with his insights for Thursday's five-game FanDuel offering, which features the Flames push to eliminate the Jets.
FanDuel NHL: Wednesday Picks
7 days ago
Jason Chen likes the look of a Blackhawks stack in their Game 3 on Wednesday against Edmonton.
FanDuel NHL: Tuesday Targets
8 days ago
Jason Chen tees up Tuesday's six-game slate, recommending a Flames stack in Game 3 against Winnipeg.
FanDuel NHL: Monday Targets
9 days ago
Jason Chen gets into his analysis for FanDuel's five-game Monday offering, which includes a pivotal Game 2 between Edmonton and Chicago.
FanDuel NHL: Sunday Targets
10 days ago
Sasha Yodashkin tees up Sunday’s five-game slate, which includes three Game 1s and two round-robin contests. Hockey is back!
FanDuel NHL: Saturday Targets
11 days ago
Edmonton is expected to produce plenty of fantasy points Saturday, which is why Leon Draisaitl could be a popular fantasy play.
FanDuel NHL: Wednesday Targets
154 days ago
Jason Chen delivers his best picks for Wednesday’s FanDuel slate, which features five games.
FanDuel NHL: Tuesday Targets
155 days ago
Jordan Mazzara makes a rare Detroit stack recommendation Tuesday against Carolina.
FanDuel NHL: Monday Targets
156 days ago
Jason Chen is looking toward an Oilers stack Monday against the Golden Knights.
FanDuel NHL: Sunday Targets
157 days ago
Sasha Yodashkin previews Sunday’s FanDuel offering, rolling with an Avalanche stack against the Sharks.
FanDuel NHL: Saturday Targets
158 days ago
Sasha Yodashkin is all over a Rangers stack Saturday against rival New Jersey.
FanDuel NHL: Friday Targets
159 days ago
Jason Chen is stacking against the Red Wings with a trio of Blackhawks forwards Friday.
FanDuel NHL: Thursday Targets
160 days ago
Jordan Mazzara is going back to the well with a Bruins stack, this time against Florida on Thursday.
FanDuel NHL: Wednesday Targets
161 days ago
Jason Chen looks over Wednesday’s slate, recommending a Coyotes stack against the Canucks.
FanDuel NHL: Tuesday Targets
162 days ago
Jordan Mazzara delivers his best picks for a sizable 10-game Tuesday FanDuel slate.
FanDuel NHL: Monday Targets
163 days ago
Jason Chen recommends loading up on Avalanche skaters in a matchup with lowly Detroit on Monday.
FanDuel NHL: Sunday Targets
164 days ago
Eric Staal makes up part of a Wild stack recommendation by Sasha Yodashkin on Sunday against Washington.
FanDuel NHL: Saturday Targets
165 days ago
Sasha Yodashkin recommends a Penguins stack Saturday out in San Jose.
FanDuel NHL: Friday Targets
166 days ago
Jason Chen delivers his insights for building a winning FanDuel lineup Friday.
FanDuel NHL: Thursday Targets
167 days ago
Jordan Mazzara takes stock of Thursday’s 10-game slate and delivers his best recommendations for a winning FanDuel lineup.
FanDuel NHL: Wednesday Targets
168 days ago
Jason Chen delivers his insights for a three-game Wednesday FanDuel slate.
FanDuel NHL: Tuesday Targets
169 days ago
Jordan Mazzara tees up his FanDuel recommendations for a loaded Tuesday slate.
FanDuel NHL: Sunday Targets
171 days ago
A Golden Knights stack against Anaheim highlights Sasha Yodashkin’s Sunday FanDuel recommendations.
FanDuel NHL: Saturday Targets
172 days ago
Sasha Yodashkin is loading up on Avalanche for Saturday’s FanDuel slate, this time against Los Angeles.
FanDuel NHL: Friday Targets
173 days ago
Jason Chen checks in with his Friday FanDuel insights, recommending a Predators stack against Chicago.