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Frozen Fantasy: Do Whatever It Takes to Win
265 days ago
Janet Eagleson says that sometimes you have to make tough fantasy decisions late in the season, like dropping a star blueliner or adding a suddenly-hot netminder.
Frozen Fantasy: Fit is Everything
273 days ago
Janet Eagleson evaluates some of the deadline deals while sneaking in a couple players for late-season fantasy use.
Frozen Fantasy: Ditch the Drama
280 days ago
No matter how hectic your favorite NHL team may make you feel, Janet Eagleson urges you to forget about that and concentrate on enjoying the fantasy side of the game.
Frozen Fantasy: Injuries Galore
287 days ago
A bunch of big names have recently been sidelined. Janet Eagleson suggests a few players who can fill in.
Frozen Fantasy: Bias is Real
293 days ago
There's a tendency to dislike certain players - even stars - based on long-held personal beliefs. Janet Eagleson is here to let us know those beliefs may ultimately hurt you in fantasy.
Frozen Fantasy: Watching History
301 days ago
Justin Williams is back and Janet Eagleson is taking notice. And so should you.
Frozen Fantasy: Revisiting Past Drafts
307 days ago
In addition to her standard waiver fare, Janet Eagleson reexamines recent NHL Drafts to see which players have performed the best.
Frozen Fantasy: Raise or Fold?
315 days ago
Janet Eagleson examines the proper time for waving the white flag on a fantasy season. And she looks at several players who could help fantasy teams, like Montreal's Phillip Danault.
Frozen Fantasy: Leverage is Everything
322 days ago
Janet Eagleson gets us prepared for the next wave of analytics, but her focus here is on who can help you now.
Frozen Fantasy: Best Time of the Year
329 days ago
Janet Eagleson promotes WJC prospects on semifinal day while taking her usual look at some underappreciated fantasy performers.
Frozen Fantasy: Antidote for Boredom
336 days ago
Janet Eagleson is keeping her fantasy hockey teams competitive through trades, but she's also got suggestions for a few widely-available players.
Frozen Fantasy: Digging Into Bad Weeks
343 days ago
There's no simple situation to fixing a sudden fantasy slump, but Janet Eagleson offers a few players who can help.
Frozen Fantasy: 31 Wish Lists
349 days ago
What does your team need? Janet Eagleson explores those possibilities while picking a few fantasy-ready gifts.
Frozen Fantasy: Data or the Eye Test?
357 days ago
Janet Eagleson advises us to dig deeper when making fantasy decisions - you just might find the right player.
Frozen Fantasy: Look Past Assumptions
364 days ago
Did you know the Oilers' D is really solid? Janet Eagleson will tell you about that and also go through a few of her recommendations.
Frozen Fantasy: Change… or Else
November 23, 2019
As in life, you must adapt in fantasy. Read what Janet Eagleson has to say about that in addition to her picks of the week.
Frozen Fantasy: November Is a Cold Month
November 16, 2019
It's cold in many places around North America, but Janet Eagleson has a few hot player tips to get you moving in the right direction.
Frozen Fantasy: Tracking Predictions
November 9, 2019
Janet Eagleson provides an update of her preseason predictions and takes a look at a few underowned players - including a veteran who may not be finished contributing.
Frozen Fantasy: Buff Stuff?
Frozen Fantasy: Buff Stuff?
November 3, 2019
November 3, 2019
Janet Eagleson weighs in on the latest in the Dustin Byfuglien saga while approving a few more names for fantasy purposes.
Frozen Fantasy: It’s Early, But…
October 26, 2019
Janet Eagleson recaps the early action and separates the hockey reality from the hockey fantasy, while also offering up a new handful of recruits.
Frozen Fantasy: Drop Eric Staal. Now.
October 20, 2019
Janet Eagleson means what she expresses in the subject header, while also warning about other thirty-somethings.
Frozen Fantasy: Panic or Pause?
October 12, 2019
Janet Eagleson urges you to stay active in fantasy right from the start while offering up a nine-pack of available performers.
Frozen Fantasy: Fearless Predictions
October 5, 2019
Janet Eagleson puts her early money where her mouth is to forecast major hockey events this season, while slipping in a few underowned NHLers for good measure.
Frozen Fantasy: Best Game in the World
September 28, 2019
Janet Eagleson is excited about hockey and even more so about the fantasy side as she lists a few of her top lower-owned players.
Frozen Fantasy: Change Things Up
March 29, 2019
Don't judge players by their reputation, as they could win you a title. Janet Eagleson concludes her column for the season with some of her observations and a few last-minute fantasy recommendations.
Frozen Fantasy: Going All In
March 23, 2019
Janet Eagleson provides some late-season recruits who can help for that final push, including a few former achievers who have started score again.
Frozen Fantasy: No Time to Waste
March 16, 2019
Janet Eagleson lists a few player picks based on category needs during the final few weeks, while giving advice to Thomas Chabot owners in non-carryover leagues.
Frozen Fantasy: Seismic Shock
March 9, 2019
Janet Eagleson warns about big names possibly being rested down the stretch and sheds light on a couple surging Ducks, including Jakob Silfverberg.
Change Should be Constant
March 2, 2019
Switch up your fantasy style. Try different things to see what works. Janet Eagleson gives this advice while highlighting her latest batch of pickup candidates.
Small Victories
Small Victories
February 23, 2019
February 23, 2019
Regardless of your league placement, stay active until the end. That's the message Janet Eagleson has for you, while also providing her weekly player picks.