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Will be released from UFC
Light HeavyweightPFL
August 13, 2018
Lawlor (suspension) will be released by the UFC, reports.
Lawlor's two-year suspension for doping ends in just two months, making the timing of this a bit odd since he's openly asked for his release multiple times from the UFC throughout the suspension so he can pursue other organizations. Nevertheless, it seems that he will end his MMA career at 6-5, although he still intends to carry on with some form of mixed martial arts, and potentially even pro wrestling.
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Suspended for two years following positive drug test
Light HeavyweightPFL
February 24, 2017
Lawlor was suspended from the UFC for two years Friday for testing positive for the banned substance ostarine back in October, Marc Raimondi of reports.
Lawlor became the seventh UFC fighter to be given a two-year ban, and since the flagged test occurred back in October, he will be eligible to return to fighting in October of 2018, as the ban is retroactively placed. Lawlor last fought in the UFC in March of 2016, when he lost to Corey Anderson by unanimous decision.
Tom Lawlor: Victim of poor judge's call Saturday against Corey Anderson
Light HeavyweightPFL
March 5, 2016
Lawlor lost to Corey Anderson via unanimous decision (27-30, 27-30, 28-29) at UFC 196 on Saturday in Las Vegas.
Lawlor deserved a far better fate. You might be able to make a case that Anderson won the fight 29-28, but the 30-27 scores are laughable. Lawlor clearly won the first round and he probably took Round 2, too. Lawlor once again looked far better than anyone could have expected, but he also spent the entire final round getting dominated and judges, for better or worse, tend to reward the fighter who throws a lot of punches, even if they aren't landing many. Lawlor looks more comfortable at light heavyweight than middleweight, which is a surprise considering he is going to be at a size disadvantage against pretty much everyone he faces. RotoWire scored the bout 29-28 in favor of Lawlor, but the judges decision is the only one that matters and Lawlor got the short end of the stick there.
Light HeavyweightPFL
March 2, 2016
Lawlor (+245) is a big underdog for his light heavyweight fight against Corey Anderson that will take place at UFC 196 on Saturday in Las Vegas.
Lawlor returned in July for the first time in two-plus years and although he landed a massive shot that immediately finished Gian Villante, Lawlor looked fairly sluggish for the five-plus minutes that the fight took place. After fighting at middleweight for virtually his entire career, Lawlor moved up to light heavyweight for the Villante fight and now he is remaining at 205 pounds against a guy who is going to be far bigger than he is and far more athletic than he is. It seems like a recipe for disaster, although Lawlor was able to defeat Villante, another fighter who has far more natural athletic ability than he does. It’s easy to see why Lawlor is such a heavy underdog. The odds of him pulling off back-to-back upsets against considerably better fighters is small.
Tom Lawlor: Expected to face Corey Anderson at UFC 197
Light HeavyweightPFL
January 11, 2016
Lawlor is expected to face Corey Anderson at UFC 197 on March 5 in Las Vegas, reports.
Lawlor's management team deserves some credit here. Lawlor really has no business fighting a quality prospect like Anderson at this point in his career, but his team somehow got Anderson to apparently accept the fight. Lawlor's last fight was his shocking KO of Gian Villante in July. Lawlor was due to fight Fabio Maldonado in November, but he had to withdraw due to injury and was oddly enough replaced by Anderson.
Tom Lawlor: Gets Fabio Maldonado In Brazil In November
Light HeavyweightPFL
August 18, 2015
Lawlor will fight Fabio Maldonado at UFC Fight Night on November 7 in Sao Paulo, reports.
Lawlor is coming off a surprising knockout win over Gian Villante last month in Chicago. Lawlor moved to light heavyweight for the fight and it seems to have resurrected his career. Maldonado is aging and lacks athleticism, so Lawlor will have a good chance to win his second straight here.