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FAQ - iOS App - Football Assistant 2012

Please check out our list of frequently asked questions below.
If you still have questions, please call us at (608) 310-4278 or email us
  • How do I import my team to the watchlist?
    You'll be able to sync your league by going to the MyRotoWire section, creating a watchlist, and then selecting "Connect League" and follow the simple instructions. Once that's done your watchlist will sync to your teams, and update accordingly every time the watchlist is updated to address any roster changes you may have made.
  • Why isn't my league being imported?
    Make sure you are putting in the numerical league I.D. and not the league name. Also choose either to enter the league I.D., or the league URL, but not both. If a user name or password is required it needs to be case sensitive.
  • What is the Lineup Chooser?
    The Lineup Chooser will tell you which players are best to start in your league. This is based on our default scoring settings.
  • Why is the Lineup Chooser crashing?
    Be sure to update to the latest version of the app - a fix was applied for this feature.
  • How do I input my league's scoring settings?
    You can do this by going to Edit League Info, which is available after you import your watchlist. There you can adjust the scoring and roster settings for your league.
  • What are the weekly rankings and why are they different from the cheatsheet?
    The weekly rankings are based upon the games for that week and takes into account both opponent and matchups. The cheat sheet is based on season-long projections.