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RW Tutorials: MLB DFS Lineup Optimizer Tutorial
May 11, 2021
Erik Halterman shows you how to use all the cool features of our MLB DFS Lineup Optimizer.
RW Tutorials:  NBA DFS Lineup Optimizer Tutorial
April 20, 2021
Alex Barutha walks fans through all the wonderful features of the RotoWire NBA DFS Lineup Optimizer.
RW Tutorials: MLB Fantasy Draft Kit
February 15, 2021
Enjoy these tutorial videos to learn more about our MLB Draft Kit features, which include deep dives into Custom Rankings, Custom Auction Values and more. Learn how to dominate your draft or auction.
RW Tutorials: NBA Fantasy Draft Kit
November 30, 2020
The following videos try to address any questions you might have about our Draft Kit features. We've created a playlist to explain all the cool features to help you draft (or auction bid) a winner!
RW Tutorials: How To Manage Your Team with My Leagues
November 13, 2020
Get started with our My Leagues feature with the help of these quick tutorial videos, and make it easy to manage your fantasy football team all season long.
How To Use Our NFL DFS Lineup Optimizer
November 11, 2020
This quick video guide will teach you how to use all the features of our NFL DFS Lineup Optimizer.